The Ultimate Trinidad Cake. 3 prizes!

The Ultimate Trinidad Cake

The Ultimate Trinidad Cake

Hi Fannie May Fans. This blog post was actually¬†completely created by one of our Fannie May customers. She (Gretchen Dust) made a cake using Fannie May Trinidads! It actually looks like a giant Trinidad. ūüôā When Gretchen sent us this picture (along with a few others we’ll post on facebook), it put such a big smile on our faces. Ok so let’s get straight to the interesting part, Gretchen’s post that she sent us right before Valentine’s Day.¬† Sorry Gretchen for the delay in getting this post up on the blog. Here it is!

We will be picking¬†3 winners at random from the comments for this post. (take a wild guess what the prize will be…Trinidads!)

Winner #1) Natalie J. Vandenberghe (Post on March 17, 2011 at 1:10 pm)

Winner #2) Barb (Post on March 19, 2011 at 8:26 pm)

Winner #3) Amanda H. (Post on March 23, 2011 at 3:08 pm)

The Ultimate Trinidad Cake

To everyone that is a devout Trinidad fan, like everyone should be, this is the cake for you.¬† Do not fear, it’s a super simple recipe that¬†I have had in my family for generations…a moist delish rich chocolate box cake.¬† Yes, a box mix so here’s the tricky part, select your personal fav and go with it.¬† I suggest a chocolate variety to keep in the theme of the Trinidad.¬† A Dark Chocolate Devil’s Food cake could do the trick and perfect for Valentine’s Day fast approaching. Go to your local Fannie May Chocolates store and pick up 2 pounds of Trinidads, I could only fit close to a pound and 1/2 in the cake so you’ll have some extra for snacking.¬† Go ahead and treat yourself, you are making a wonderful cake for someone so you deserve it!

The next thing on the shopping list is anything that your mix is calling for, a bag of fresh shaved coconut, a package of white chocolate.¬† I’m going to take a break here to say I used the Almond Bark that you can find at any grocery store, it was easy to melt down, you don’t have to use pariffin in the recipe. Back to the list, you need a couple drops of yellow food coloring and a cake pan that is shaped like a dome.¬† You have to scour the internet for a special shop then wait weeks for shipment…kidding here, they are found nearly anywhere and easy to use.

So, you make the cake mix according to directions and use your cake pan to bake the perfect sized dome.¬† Let this rest while you lightly toast your coconut in the oven to a golden brown.¬† You don’t need very much so have a back up use for the rest of it.¬† The melt down the chocolate in a double boiler or my ever so fancy bowl over a pot of water.¬† When it is to a smooth consistancy add yellow food coloring just a drop at a time to make it just the right Trinidad hue.¬† Toss in a little of your coconut for the texture of your Trinidad and stir to incorporate.

Here’s where you have to work fast.¬† Have the remaining Trinidads…hope you didn’t eat too many…ready, fill your cooled cake with the Trinidads, get a plate and place it over the bowl pan with the candies inside, flip fast.¬† When your cake is flipped, you coat it with your coconut white chocolate topping.¬† As it hardens it looks like the tasty treat, the Trinidad.¬† To add that little extra pizazz which you should since you’ve come this far…take construction paper, taped two together, and fan fold it.¬† Remember in school the back and forth, back and forth.¬† Then when the cake is cooled you place it around it to look like the iconic Trinidad.

Helpful hints:

Use a sharp kitchen knife when you are cutting the cake since it’s a hard shell outside.

Do not get frustrated, it’s a fun project and who doesn’t like a cake filled with candy?

If at all possible, make the cake as close to the time of use to keep the wonderful crunch to the Trinidads, the moist homemade cake can take some of the snap out of it.

Be prepared for all of the ooohhhss and aaaaahhhhhsss because everyone will love this cake and you’ll be making them all the time!

Things Needed:

Chocolate Box Cake Mix

Domed Cake Pan

Trinidads, about 2 pounds

Yellow Food Coloring

Shredded Coconut

White Almond Bark

2 Pieces of Black Construction Paper

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