5 Sweet Ways to Make Your Home Smell like Chocolate

Whether planning a romantic night in or prepping the home for out-of-town guests, adding a touch of chocolate scent to the room is a great way to make any home a welcome abode of wonder.

How to Make a Room Smell Like Chocolate:

Chocolate Truffles

Light a chocolate scented candle. Pick up a chocolate scented candle from your local candle or craft store and light it about an hour before expecting guests. For a larger space, it is recommended that you spread 2-3 of them around the room for a more impactful scent.

Add a few drops of chocolate essential oils into your humidifier. If there is a slot for oils in your humidifier, add just a few drops. If there is no separate area for added scents and oils, simply mix a few drops into the water. Start with just a few drops (depending on the size of your tank), giving the aroma about an hour or so to circulate before adding more.

Bake chocolate desserts. Perhaps the sweetest way to add a chocolate scent to your home, surprise your special someone with a burst of chocolaty goodness by filling the air with the aroma of a freshly baked batch of chocolate chip cookies or brownies.

Melt chocolate bar over the stove. Do this about half an hour before your special someone is expected home. On the lowest heat setting, throw a handful of chocolate bits on to a greased pan or pot, making sure to stir slowly. Top with more chocolate gradually until the smell fills your hallways.

Spray a chocolate scented air freshener. While not always easy to find, there are various dessert and chocolate scented air fresheners available for purchase at your local supermarket or drugstore. Pick one up and keep it hidden for special occasions when you want to add some sweetness to the air!

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