Skinny Cinco de Mayo Cocktails: Low-Cal Margaritas & Daiquiris


Indulging in some delicious tequila cocktails and chips and salsa is one of the best parts of celebrating Cinco de Mayo. But sipping on a delicious frozen strawberry daiquiri or margarita on the rocks doesn’t have to be diet suicide.

Some of our favorite Mexican-inspired cocktails can easily be made skinny with a few minor adjustments. Cutting back on unwanted sugar and calories not only makes for a lighter drink, but also an easier cocktail to sip on (without the risk of a pesky sugar-induced stomach ache). Although you can easily buy some ready-made low-cal margaritas, such as Skinnygirl’s original or white peach margarita, mixing up your own drink at home allows for some delicious customizations. Take a look at some of our favorite skinny Cinco de Mayo cocktails, and get inspired to make some for you and your besties this year. (Bonus: These taste so good, your guests will have no idea they are low-cal!)

Super Skinny Margarita


A margarita is the quintessential drink of Cinco de Mayo. And if you prefer your lime and tequila beverage on the rocks rather than frozen, then this Super Skinny Margarita recipe from Family Fresh Meals is for you. This simple cocktail is made with fresh-squeezed lime and orange juice, and Sparkling ICE Lemon Lime water for a low-calorie, yet delicious cocktail.

Frozen Strawberry Peach Skinny Margarita


If frozen margs are more your style — and you like a little fruit infusion — then this Frozen Strawberry Peach Skinny Margarita, also from Family Fresh Meals, is the perfect option. The “skinny” in this recipe comes from the frozen strawberries and peaches (easily found at any grocery store), and some sparkling water. Add some tequila and crushed ice, and you’re good to go.

Skinny Strawberry Daiquiri


Another favorite frozen treat is the strawberry daiquiri, which is usually packed with sugar and calories. Luckily the tasty rum-based drink gets a light makeover from bell’alimento, with a little help from Bacardi Light Strawberry Daiquiri Mix and some fresh additions.

Skinny Sunrise Cocktail


A tequila sunrise looks as good as it tastes. But the colorful layers of orange and red come from orange juice and grenadine — two high-calorie cocktail ingredients. Lighten it up with this recipe from Iowa Girl Eats. It uses fresh ingredients diluted with club soda, for a taste that’s delicious but not too sweet.

Skinny Beer-Garita


Sometimes, I’ll order a frozen beer-garita on Cinco de Mayo just because I like drinking a frozen cocktail with a beer bottle sticking out of it. Classy, I know. But you can avoid that diet-killing restaurant version with this Skinny Beer-Garita from Eat Yourself Skinny. It’s made with homemade frozen limeade, light beer (I like Corona Light) and Stevia. Serve in a cute mason jar or tumbler (obnoxious beer bottle not needed).

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