Raise a Toast to Today: Reasons to Have a Chocolate Cocktail

Three cheers for chocolate – chocolate cocktails, that is! While mixing up new cocktail recipes for the newly introduced chocolate truffle liqueur, Crave, it really got us thinking..when’s the best time to have a chocolate cocktail? Not surprisingly, the list came easy – because any reason is a reason to celebrate!

Here are 10 every day reasons to say cheers with a chocolate cocktail:

10 Reasons to Have a Chocolate Cocktial

After a successful shopping trip. Trying on all of those clothes can get tiring, a fruitful excursion to the mall certainly deserves a toast!

You finally completed that long project at work. The end of nights spent on-call and extra early mornings? We’ll toast to that!

The kids finished all of their chores without having to be asked. All of that parenting has finally paid off..now it’s time to celebrate!

Your to-do list has finally reached the bottom. A whole night with no tasks nagging at you? Light a candle and treat yourself!

Your favorite show is back on air. It’s been one lonely winter, but now it’s finally time to reunite with your favorite characters… over a drink or two.

Your plans for tonight were cancelled. Now you can kick back, relax, and wind down a cocktail in one hand and a book or the remote in the other.

You finally fit into your jeans from high school. All of that hard work at the gym has finally paid off..time to celebrate!

Your Pinterest-inspired project actually came out looking like the photo. You’re on your way to becoming the DIY queen!

Your favorite band or musical artist is touring in your area. Order tickets, relive your youth, and celebrate with a decadent dessert cocktail!

#JustBecause. The sun is shining, the family is healthy, and life is beautiful…any reason is reason enough!

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