Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Mom

May 1, 2014

Gigantic Fortune Cookie for Mother's DayMaking Mom feel special on Mother’s Day is an absolute must, but sentimental holiday isn’t just about celebrating your own Mom. In fact, Mother’s Day is a celebration of all the different types of Moms – from the ones that help keep your local PTA running to the ones who have made it their mission to adopt every stray kitten and pup they find on the street.

Here are some creative Mother’s Day gift ideas for all the different types of moms and relationships out there. And remember, even the simplest sentiment can make a dramatic difference, so surprise all your favorite Moms out there with a Mother’s Day Card delivered straight to her inbox! has a collection of free and premium cards you’re sure to love.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas:

For The Mother
No matter what else is on her plate, being a Mom is a full-time job. There’s no doubt that can she use a little bit of R&R, so surprise Mom with a spa gift basket to melt the worries away!

For The Grandmother
Does Grandma spend her days gardening? Or Perhaps she likes to relax spend her free time experimenting with new recipes and fawning over her favorite pet. Send grandma a gift to cater to her likes – she’ll be touched with the extra thought you put in!

For The Step Mother
The sweetest sentiments are ones you can share, so surprise your stepmom with a gift the two of you can enjoy together! A wine gift basket is the perfect celebratory sentiment that will bring you closer together; consult with Dad on whether she prefers white or red to really show you care!
A-Dog-Able Arrangment
For The God Mother

Sometimes just knowing they are only a phone call away is enough to make a difference, so be sure to show gratitude to those who are outside your immediate family. A sweet “thank you” comes in the form of a phone call, letter, or gigantic fortune cookie!

For the Animal Mother
Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, as do children! This Mother has devoted herself to her pets, making sure they grow healthy, strong, and smart. Send this Mom a creative assortment of Mother’s Day Flowers beautifully arranged into an adorable dog!

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Unique Administrative Professionals Day Gift Ideas for Every Recipient

April 16, 2014

Administrative Professional is more than just a title; it comes with the responsibility of paying attention to every detail big or small, and even requires the psychic ability to know what the boss needs before he or she even knows it’s needed. Although we celebrate Administrative Professionals Day on April 23rd, bosses everywhere have recognized the true importance of these supporting roles, and have dedicated a whole week – starting on April 20th and ending April 26th – to celebrate the unsung heroes of the office.

Administrative Professionals Day Gifts for Men

From martinis to meats, send a man-approved gift for them to enjoy on their next day off. Think about your recipient’s likes and hobbies when choosing a gift to really show appreciation. If he’s known for his skills on the grill, send a hearty package full of savory steaks. If his idea of an ideal Saturday night includes a wine tasting at the local vineyard, surprise him with a wine gift basket. Get personal with your selection and you’re sure to wow your recipient! Meat and Cheese Basket

Scented Soaps for Men Fisherman Gift Basket Glass Jar with Jumbo Cashews




From left to right:

Epicurean Meat & Cheese Baskets
Muir Woods Scented Soaps for Him
Fisherman’s Favorite Snacks
Vintage Pressed Glass Jar with Jumbo Cashews

Administrative Professionals Day Gifts for Women

Your favorite administrative professional could certainly use some extra relaxation and fun, so gift her with something that will make her weeknights a bit more enjoyable. Include a bonus gift in the card message such as the rest of the afternoon off or maybe even a three-day weekend!

1800baskets Thank You Deluxe Balsam Basket 1800baskets Party On Margarita Box 1800baskets Warm Vanilla Spa Basket

1800baskets Ultimate Coffee Break Basket




From left to right:

Thank You Deluxe Balsam Basket
Party On Margarita Market Box
Warm Vanilla Relaxation Spa Basket
Ultimate Coffee Break Basket

Administrative Professionals Day Gifts for the Whole Office

Show the whole office appreciation by surprising the whole office with a bountiful basket filled with sweet snacks and treats, sized for sharing. Send a company-wide invitation (or one to just the administrative professionals in the office) for the staff to join you for a much needed mid-day break. It’s the smallest sentiments than can make a big difference, and really, who doesn’t just love food? Now you’re on your way to earning that “#1 Boss Mug” you’ve been using for years.

1800baskets Popcorn Factory Great Big Thank You Snack Tin 1800baskets Orchard Indulgence Basket 1800baskets Flower in Bloom Gourmet Fruit and Nuts 1800baskets Mrs. Beasley's Ultimate Dessert basket




From left to right:

Flower in Bloom Gourmet Fruit & Nuts
Orchard Indulgence Fruit Gift Basket
The Popcorn Factory Big Thank You Snack Tin
Mrs. Beasley’s Ultimate Dessert Basket


Festive Easter Gifts for all Ages

April 2, 2014

Whether you’re five years old or fifty, the anticipation and excitement over Easter celebrations and traditions never really dwindles. Spread the joy of Easter by surprising friends and family members with a unique and fun Easter gift, delivered right to their door step! Sending an Easter gift is especially important to those who forfeit their spot in the yearly egg painting party because they can’t make it home for the holiday.

Here are some creative and fun Easter gift ideas your recipients are sure to love:

Easter Gifts for Kids:

Spring Chicks Tower

A festive three-story tower houses a collection of Easter-inspired treats spring chicks will chirp loudly for! This adorable Easter gift idea includes sweet snacks such as Harry London® Butter Cream Eggs, The Popcorn Factory ® Very Berry Popcorn, and colorful jelly beans, to name a few.

Happy Easter Baby Chick Tower

What’s adorable, sweet, and irrefutably delicious? Our Baby Chick Tower, of course! Send one today before this cute baby chick flies away.

Easter Bunny Tote

An adorable bunny tote filled with the season’s most festive candies is sure to put a big smile on any child’s face. They are sure to be the coolest kid in school when they reuse the tote bag to carry their school books!

Belgian Chocolate Covered Oreo® Tin

America’s favorite cookie gets a makeover just in time for Easter with this irresistibly adorable dessert gift! Each tin comes with 16 beautifully decorated Oreo® cookies – perfect for sharing!

Easter Gifts for All Ages

Easter Gifts for Adults:

Gourmet Chocolate Easter Basket

If your recipient loves chocolate but passes on the chocolate bunnies, send them an Easter basket that’s just as sophisticated as it is sweet! This gourmet chocolate basket features products from Lindt, Harry London®, and Ghiradelli ®.

Spring Wine & Chocolate Escape Gift Basket

A delicious Merlot paired with irresistible chocolates and candies, all wrapped in a festive purple bow for spring makes for the perfect Easter basket for adults.

Spring Splendor Tea & Sweets Gift Basket

If your recipient prefers water to wine, surprise them with a dainty and delicious tea basket, perfect for enjoying during Easter brunch! They’ll love looking at the spring-inspired personal teapot while snacking on delicious Cheryl’s chocolate chip cookies.

Festive Fruit basket

An Easter celebration calls for a tray full of the season’s freshest fruits and pickings. Surprise your special someone with a bountiful gift basket, full of apples, oranges, pears, and more with one of our succulent and satisfying fruit baskets.

Easter Gifts for All Ages

Easter Gifts for All Ages:

Some Bunny Loves You Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are a favorite at any age. There’s just something irresistible about the delicious crunch paired with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate that we can’t seem to get enough of. Add some sweetness to their Easter celebration with this cookie jar filled with delicious mini-chocolate chip cookies, packed into a reusable jar!

Spring Has Sprung Gift Basket

Surprise your giftee with a beautiful spring-inspired basket on Easter they’ll ooh and aah over! Bold in color and packed with delicious treats, this gift basket idea will wow any recipient.

Rich Easter Egg-Shaped Mini Brownie Cakes

Can you think of anyone who doesn’t just love brownies? Neither can we! That’s why the perfect gift for any recipient are these decadent egg-shaped brownie cakes, beautifully decorated by hand with classic Easter egg styles.

Easter Gifts for All Ages

Gift Baskets

Unique Engagement Gift Ideas

March 21, 2014

The joining of two lives into one love-fueled family is certainly a reason to celebrate! Congratulate the happy couple on their engagement by surprising them with a creative gift full of delicious treats, beautifully packaged and sure to wow.

Here are some fun and unique engagement gift ideas sure to impress any recipient. Colossal Fortune CookieColossal Fortune Cookie

Such an exciting announcement deserves a major gift to match. Our gigantic fortune cookies are delicious, fun, and can be personalized with your own message, so you can send well wishes or even advice from your years of experience! Once the happy couple is done enjoying the irresistibly crunchy bites of cookie, the newlyweds-to-be can even reuse the accompanying box to store things like memories and photos of dream vacations! Isn’t love just grand?! Wine GiftA Wonderful Wine Gift for Two

Toast to a perfect pairing with a wonderful wine gift. These baskets come expertly paired with the irresistible snacks and treats to turn a regular glass of wine into an unforgettable experience. If you’re unsure whether the recently engaged prefer white or red wine, opt for a basket that features both to satisfy all tastes.


Essence of Italy Market Essence of Italy

Treat the happy couple to a mini trip to one of the most romantic countries in the world with the Essence of Italy Market Box. Filled with wine from Tuscany and gourmet snacks infused with the flavors of Italy, this engagement gift idea is almost as good as a honeymoon in beautiful Italia! Take it a step further by including a greeting in the romantic Italian language; “Congratulazioni per il vostro fidanzamento” translates to congratulations on your engagement. Meat and Cheese BasketMeat and Cheese Picnic Basket for Two

There’s something just so charming and romantic about a picnic for two. Send the newly engaged couple a beautiful picnic basket filled with deluxe meats and cheeses for them to enjoy together. Pair this one of our wow-worthy wine gift baskets for a complete date-in-a-box! Lavender Spa Gift

Spa gift

All the excitement of wedding and life planning can sometimes be stressful. Treat the happy couple to a night of relaxation with a luxurious lavender spa gift basket.

Valentine's Day

How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day Weekend

January 22, 2014

Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year. Rather than making reservations at your go-to spot, whisk your special someone to a romantic getaway – all from the comfort of your own home!

We’ve put together some of our favorite romantic gift baskets, so you can have the staycation of your dreams without all the prep work.

valentine-spa-basketAfter a long day of work, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as kicking off your shoes and cozying up to your special someone. Surprise your sweetie with a romantic dinner for two, complete with their favorite bottle of wine and savory cheese pairings.

After a light dinner, treat your sweetie to a spa treatment at home. Set the mood with elegant candles, while treating your Valentine to a well-deserved massage with one of our romance-ready spa baskets. Meat and Cheese Basket

Did you know that February is also Creative Romance Month?! With the weekend ahead of you, here’s the time to put a fun spin on your time spent together. Skip the Netflix marathon and plan a romantic celebration you can still do within the comfort of your home!

Plan a picnic at home
It may be a bit too chilly to do the traditional picnic in the park, so why not turn your living or dining room into the picnic area of your dreams?! Dazzle your date by filling the room with fresh flowers and a prepared picnic basket for two. Light a candle or two – you’re not outdoors so there’s no risk of forest fires!

fannie-may-chocolate-covered-strawberries-valentines-dayDancing and Dinner
Create your very own romantic scene with some dim lighting and bubbly for a one-of-a-kind date night at home. Don’t go out, rather order in and leave the rest of the world at the door as you focus on falling in love with your sweetie all over again. Before finishing up with dessert, take your sweetie out on your own personal dance floor and dance as fast or slow as you’d like. Prepare you playlist beforehand with some of her favorites as well as a few of the classics. Finish your meal off by indulging in decadent chocolate strawberries paired with a champagne toast to the two of you.

Sunday, lazy Sunday.

Wake your Valentine up to the smell of buttery pancakes and maple syrup with a savory breakfast (or brunch) for two. Spend today lounging around and day dreaming with your significant other. Get to know each other all over again. Ask how work is going and really take the time to listen. Make today not just about romance, but also about friendship. After all, she is your best friend!


A Thanksgiving Gift Basket Worth Being Thankful For

November 8, 2013

It’s finally that wonderful time of the year – the beginning of the Holiday Season. The artfully colored leaves are saying goodbye to the branches; pumpkin flavored everything is still in full bloom (yum!), and the chill of Chicago’s late-autumn breeze reminds us that Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

What’s so pleasant about Thanksgiving is that it’s a time of togetherness. It’s a time to sit down and share stories, memories, laughs, and maybe some happy tears, over a hot home-cooked meal.

In addition to it being a family holiday, what I adore about Thanksgiving are the warm neutral tones, gold trimmings and deep reds accent on decorations; they really play up the festiveness of this Autumn Holiday. They’re a lovely sendoff into the winter months.

When creating a gift basket appropriate for this holiday, we really wanted to capture the essence of Fall in its color and design. Another aspect we kept in mind is making it a lovely “non-gift,” gift since Thanksgiving is not your typical gift-giving holiday.

This particular gift basket works on many levels. It’s luxurious, festive, and Godiva; one can never go wrong with Godiva. It’s a thoughtful gift to send someone as a simple gesture of holiday “thank you’s,” or bring over to the host of the party as a gesture of your gratitude. Which ever direction you decide to go, this gift, much like you, will be genuinely adored.

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Sit Back, Relax and Indulge in the Many Benefits of Aromatherapy!

July 31, 2013
Denarii Lavender Spa Gift Basket

Denarii Lavender Spa Gift BasketA spa gift basket filled with fragrant lotions, soaps and more isn’t just a cute decorative item for your bathroom. It’s also a gift of wellbeing! Research suggests that aromatherapy products boast tons of physical and emotional health benefits. So when you surround yourself with those mesmerizing scents, you’ll feel not only pampered, but healthier too. Here’s everything you should know about aromatherapy, from its history to how different scents affect your mood and health.

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils—that is, oils extracted from the roots, leaves, seeds or flowers of plants—in a therapeutic way. The healing aroma of these oils can be inhaled directly from the oil, or it can be inhaled indirectly when spa products are applied to the skin. It is said that these fragrances stimulate sensory receptors in the nose, which in turn send pleasing messages through the nervous system and straight to the parts of the brain that control emotions and memory. Because each essential oil has different ingredients from different plants, each has a different affect on the body.

The History of Aromatherapy

The practice of using scented oils to improve quality of life has been around for ages—almost 6,000 years, to be exact. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and Chinese used essential oils in everyday items like perfume, medications and cosmetics. But the official science of aromatherapy as we know it today wasn’t founded until 1928, when French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé discovered the healing power lavender oil has for treating burns. Health care professionals all over the world became more and more interested in aromatherapy by the 1950s, and the craze finally reached the 1980s.

Muir Woods Scented Soaps for HimEmotional Benefits of Aromatherapy

Because the sense of smell is so closely tied to the center in the brain that’s in charge of memories and emotions, using aromas to relax and unwind can make a positive change in how we feel. When it comes to emotional benefits, aromatherapy:

  • Helps you balance your emotions and boost your mood, making you feel more positive and happy
  • Increases your confidence
  • Calms your nerves and reduces tension
  • Triggers positive memories and past emotions
  • Improves focus and concentration
  • Reduces feelings of anxiety and depression

Physical Benefits of Aromatherapy

The effects that aromatherapy has on our wellbeing aren’t just limited to our emotions. The positive signals sent to the brain through the sense of smell make some positive changes to our body too. Physically, aromatherapy:

  • Relaxes muscles and eases pain
  • Balances skin moisture levels and helps minimize conditions such as acne
  • Stimulates blood circulation, enhancing your immune system, energy levels and more
  • Soothes an upset stomach
  • Helps fight conditions such as hair loss, constipation, insomnia, psoriasis and more
  • Battles bacteria and helps remove toxins from the body
  • Promotes rest and encourages deep sleep

Aromatherapy Benefits of Different Scents

Because every scent affects you differently, the soothing spa aroma you choose for your day of relaxation really depends on what problem area you want to target. Here’s a list of a few popular fragrances and how they help you:

Lavender: Treats insomnia and headaches; relieves stress; promotes feelings of positivity and happiness; helps improve cognitive performance

Rosemary: Relieves muscle pain; increases blood circulation, boosts feelings of happiness; reduces stress

Cherry Blossom: Calms and rejuvenates

Spearmint: Aids digestion; eases nausea and vomiting

Citrus: Decreases feelings of depression; reduces stress; enhances mood

Peppermint: Improves memory; increases alertness

Jasmine: Balances hormone levels; nourishes skin; relieves anxiety, depression and muscle tension; brings out feelings of love

Ylang-Ylang: Promotes calmness; reduces stress; enhances memory and information processing; eases upset stomach

Sandalwood: Relieves congestion and nausea; reduces inflammation; alleviates depression; quenches dry skin

Which aromatherapy scent do you and your friends love to unwind with at the end of a stressful day?

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Take a Look Inside Our #1 Gift Basket!

July 17, 2013
Deluxe Balsam Gift Basket

Deluxe Balsam Gift BasketLooking for a special way to say “Happy birthday,” “Get well soon” or “Thank you” to that very important person in your life? Our #1 gift basket is the champion of presents: With its gorgeous packaging and delectable treats, it’s no wonder the Deluxe Balsam Gift Basket is our customers’ top pick! Take a sneak peek inside to see what makes this our most popular gift for every occasion.

The elegant hand-woven basket, made from natural willow and tied with a customized satin ribbon, makes a thoughtful statement for any life event—from birthdays to the loss of a loved one. Just pick the sentiment that best fits the occasion. There are five to choose from: Just Because, Happy Birthday, Thank You, With Sympathy, and Get Well. Everyone will love the basket’s simple and graceful design, which fits in perfectly with any home décor.

Gifts Included in the Deluxe Balsam Gift BasketBrimming with an abundance of sweet and savory snacks, this gift basket doesn’t just complement your loved one’s decorative tastes; it satisfies their every food craving too.  The smoky mozzarella mini baguettes, Otis & Betty’s Original Snack Mix, and crispy pretzel sticks included in the basket are perfect for anyone looking for a salty fix. On the flipside, the velvety Ghirardelli double chocolate cocoa, richWalker’s chocolate chip hazelnut biscuits, crunchy Amaretti Virginia Italian cookies, creamy Debeukelaer Pirouline wafer rolls, and tasty Perugina Capri citrus and berry Italian candies will make anyone with a sweet tooth smile ear to ear.

So if you’re in search of a gift for your #1 friend or family member, look no further. Give them the gift that all of our customers are raving about, and you’re sure to make a big impression at your next important event!


The History of the Fortune Cookie

July 11, 2013
Personalized Gigantic Confetti Fortune Cookie

Personalized Gigantic Confetti Fortune CookieJuly 20 is National Fortune Cookie Day!

These crispy golden cookies are without a doubt the best part of eating at a Chinese restaurant: There’s just something thrilling about breaking open the cookie at the end of your meal and reading your fate on that tiny slip of paper. But did you know that fortune cookies aren’t really fromChina? To celebrate the upcoming holiday of big fortunes in small packages, here’s a brief history of everyone’s favorite takeout cookie.

Fortune cookies as we know them today aren’t Chinese at all: According to popular opinion, they’re actually American, inspired by the Japanese. They were first made in the early 1900s inCalifornia. But who is responsible for inventing the idea has been a topic of great debate over the years. As the history books have it, two people have tried to lay official claim to the fortune cookie’s fame: Makoto Hagiwara and David Jung.

Hagiwara, a Japanese immigrant, said he started serving them at the Japanese Tea Gardens inSan Franciscobetween 1907 and 1914. They were his version of Japanese rice wafers called “senbei,” and inside they held thank-you notes for the public rather than fortunes. Jung, a native ofChinawho immigrated toLos Angeles, founded the Hong Kong Noodle company in 1916 and claimed he invented the fortune cookie in 1918. He said he handed them out to poor, joblessCaliforniamen as a way to inspire them, but there was never any official record that the idea was his.

In an attempt to get to the bottom of things, the San Francisco Court of Historical Review hosted a mock trial to sort out the cookie’s past. After a long and quirky trial, the court finally ruled in favor of Hagiwara and announcedSan Franciscoas the home of fortune cookies. And yet despite the court’s decision, many people continue to credit Jung as the mastermind behind the fateful golden cookie. Still others argue that the fortune cookie has completely different origins. Up to this day, the question “Who invented the fortune cookie?” is very much an open case.

But no matter where they came from, fortune cookies are—and always will be—a staple of Chinese-American cuisine. Today, their popularity has reached such larger-than-life proportions that giant fortune cookies have become one of the hottest gift items for every occasion, from birthdays to Valentine’s Day. So on July 20, go ahead and celebrate by cracking open a humongous fortune cookie with an equally huge good fortune inside!

What’s the best fortune you’ve ever gotten after opening a fortune cookie?

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The Perfect Father’s Day Gifts for Your Dad’s Personality

May 30, 2013
#1 Dad Snack Bowl

For as long as you can remember, your dad has been your hero. Whether you took long weekend fishing trips or went to baseball games together, what you remember most about spending time with Dad as a kid is that you wanted to grow up to be just like him. His strong, steady confidence and his passion for his hobbies were your inspiration, and they helped shape the person you are today. So this Father’s Day, which is coming up on Sunday, June 16, show your dad how much you still—and always will—look up to him. Give him a basket full of gifts that perfectly fit his personality and his interests. Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas for every kind of dad:

#1 Dad Snack BowlDad Personality #1: The Sports Fanatic

Father’s Day Gift He’ll Love: #1 Dad Snack Bowl

Your dad is the definition of a true blue fan. He loves his team, and he made you part of the family sports tradition long before you were even born! For the man who never missed a chance to share every big game with you, give him something that’ll make him feel like the MVP he really is. This bucket is filled with the most delicious game day snacks, like kettle popcorn, seasoned pub mix, caramels, peanut butter barrels, and strawberry jam shortbread. Perfect for the captain and his rookie to share while cheering from the stands!

Classic BBQ Grill Gift SetDad Personality #2: The Top Chef

Father’s Day Gift He’ll Love: Classic BBQ Grill Gift Set

No one knows how to flip a burger quite like your pops does. Rain or shine, he loves heading outside to fire up the grill and cook up a good meal for his family. And what’s not to love about hanging out with your father, enjoying some good food and great conversation over the BBQ? This Father’s Day gift makes quality grilling time even better. It’s packed with grilling tools, gourmet snacks, and Pork Barrel Original Barbecue Sauce so Dad can sear the perfect barbecue dinner … with you right by his side.

Fisherman's Favorite SnacksDad Personality #3: The Outdoorsman

Father’s Day Gift He’ll Love: Fisherman’s Favorite Snacks

Dad’s idea of a great family vacation is heading out to the lake and sitting in a boat with nothing but a couple of fishing poles … and you! He taught you everything he knows about reeling in the big fish, and those lazy summer days you spent with him are still your most cherished childhood memories. Help Dad pack up for your next big fishing trip together with this authentic fishing creel basket, filled with delicious gourmet snacks like cheese spread, mozzarella baguettes, smoked salmon and more. It’s the perfect catch for the perfect fish-loving dad.

Starbucks Break Time Gift BasketDad Personality #4: The Businessman

Father’s Day Gift He’ll Love: Starbucks Break Time Gift Basket

Your dad might have worked long hours, but he never forgot to take a break and spend time with one of his favorite people: you! He also told you plenty of fun stories at the dinner table about his job, and he even brought you to the office a few times to show you off to his co-workers! A caring and hardworking dad like him deserves to kick up his feet and enjoy a fresh hot cup of coffee. This Starbucks gift basket comes chock full of Pop’s favorite coffee, hot chocolate, tea, biscuits and more, complete with two mugs for you to enjoy break time together!

What’s your dad’s personality like, and what kind of gift basket would he love to get on Father’s Day?