Gift Baskets

Delicious Gift Ideas for Special Diets

September 30, 2014

Sometimes the most difficult part of shopping for the perfect gift is making sure to satisfy any special diets our recipients may follow. From gluten-free to simply healthy eating, there are so many dietary restrictions and lifestyle choices to keep in mind. Luckily, has made it easy with their new Special Diets Collection!


Here are a few of our favorite gift ideas to satisfy the dietary restrictions of even the pickiest recipient.

Gluten-Free Gifts


From cakes to cookies to chocolates, there’s no shortage of flavor-packed goodies for the gluten-free guy or gal in your life. If you’re looking for something really extraordinary, surprise them with these Gourmet Assorted Macaroons, which come individually packaged and include 2 fun flavors: original coconut and chocolate chip.

gift-ideas-for-special-diets-gluten-free-cheese-basketCheese Baskets

There’s nothing cheesy about these gift ideas! For a recipient with a sophisticated palette, surprise them with an elegant basket filled with artisan cheeses fresh from California Wine Country! The Premium Handcrafted Cheese Hamper pictured here features Point Reyes Original Blue, Bellwether Farms Carmody, Cypress Grove Chevre Purple Haze Cheese, and Sierra Nevada Classic Aged Goat Cheddar cheeses.

gift-ideas-for-special-diets-fruit-basket-2Fruit Baskets

Fruit baskets are guaranteed to sweeten your special someone’s day. Make it extra special by sending an assortment of the season’s freshest picks. The Premier Orchard Fruit Gift Basket featured is presented in a hand-woven wicker basket and overflowing with fruits including Buerre Bosc, Red Sensation and Imperial Comice Pears, Fuji and Granny Smith Apples, Navel Oranges, Kiwi, and more.

Nut-Free Gifts


Even if your recipient can’t eat nuts, they’ll go nuts over one of our decadent No Nut Nation Dessert trays! Choose from brownies, cookies, cakes, and more, this nut-free gift idea is sure to satisfy their sweet tooth.

gift-ideas-for-special-diets-fruit-basketFruit Baskets

Of course, sending a fruit basket is always a sweet + safe choice. Be sure the fruit tray or basket you choose does not include nuts, a no-fail choice is our Orchard Indulgence Fruit Gift Basket ; 24 pieces of fresh fruit goodness including three different varieties of pears, an assortment of apples, ripe oranges, a pineapple, and more.

Sugar-Free Gifts


Who need sugar when you’ve got chocolate?! Sugar-Free Chocolates from Fannie May are sure to sweeten any recipient’s day – choose from their famous Pixies, Mint Meltaways, or spring for a general flavor-packed chocolate assortment to really make their day.


Sugar-free is not synonymous with flavor-free! Our sugar-free dessert gifts are proof of that. Choose from cookies, brownies, or irresistibly creamy Junior’s Cheesecake (pictured).

gift-ideas-for-special-diets-dipped-strawberriesDipped Strawberries

Juicy, fruity, and oh-so-decadent, there’s few who can resist the pairing of a freshly picked strawberry with chocolate. Our Sugar-Free Chocolate Strawberries are dipped in 100% Real Milk & Dark Chocolate and are sure to wow.

Diet-Friendly Gifts

gift-ideas-for-special-diets-fruit-bouquetFruit Bouquets

When in doubt, send a fruit bouquet! This no-fail gift idea is festive, fun, and full of fruity goodness. As for the parts dipped in chocolate, your special recipient can choose to indulge or share with someone special.

gift-ideas-for-special-diets-nutsNut Assortments

Even the healthiest of eaters need a snack every once-in-a-while! Luckily, nuts are a great option – they’re full of heart-healthy nutrients, can help lower cholesterol, AND are full of fiber. Surprise your recipient with a tray full of this healthy snack!

Back to School

Snack Your Way to Success with Healthy Dorm Room Snacks

August 20, 2014

Walk into any dorm room and you’re bound to find a mountain of snacks for those dorm-room gatherings and late night study sessions. Rather than snacking on empty calories and foods that are filled with flavor but lack in health benefits, stock up on healthy snacks instead!

Here are some delicious yet healthy options for college snacks that will not only keep you fueled, but will leave you feeling good too!

healthy-dorm-room-snacks-fruitStay Fueled with Fresh Fruit

It’s not surprising that fruit makes one of the best any-time snacks to keep the energy going. Filled with natural sugars, vitamins, and antioxidants, fruit make a great start to the day as well as a great midnight snack for those late-nights. While buying fresh fruit is ideal, it is also a good idea to freeze and store them for emergency purposes (like when the 2 A.M hunger hits).


Keep it Cool & Crunchy with Nuts

Did you know that nuts are filled with heart-healthy benefits AND can help lower cholesterol?! This easy-to-store snack is great to keep on hand and mix with other treats for a well-balanced snack.

healthy-dorm-room-snacks-popcornMake Snack Time Poppin’ with Slim, Single Serve Popcorn

If you find yourself craving something with a little more crunch, then you’ll love the sea salt slim popcorn from The Popcorn Factory. At only 80 calories per single serving bag, this on-the-go ready snack is sure to satisfy.

healthy-dorm-room-snacks-dark-chocolateDark Chocolate

Did you know that dark chocolate is packed packed with nutrients and vitamins that are great for your heart and body?! Pair that with the natural caffeine found in dark chocolate, and you’ve got a sweet snack you can indulge in without feeling guilty about!

healthy-dorm-room-snacks-dried-fruitsSnack Your Way to Success with Dried Fruit

Eat with nuts in trail mix or nibble on their own, dried fruits are one of the best snacks to keep stored in your desk as well as at the bottom of your bag; just a few small bites will give you a much-needed boost of energy.

Back to School

A+ Worthy Back to School Gift Baskets for Students

August 5, 2014

Back to school can be a bummer, so make their first day and move-in experiences sweeter with a useful and fun back to school gift!

Once the gift’s content has been used up, they can then reuse the accompanying baskets for storage and organization, sending them on the fast-track to that Dean’s List!

 back-to-school-gift-ideas-coffee-gift-basketFuel their Late Nights with a Coffee & Tea Basket

From early classes to late night study sessions, your scholar may need some help getting through the day. First, find out their caffeinated sip of choice and then choose the perfect Coffee and Tea Gift Basket to satisfy their unique tastes and needs.

Sweeten Their Days with Nature’s Candy

Between vending machines and food trucks, there is no shortage of on-the-go foods and snacks to keep them going. However, it’s because of this easy availability that your scholars may forget to grab the most important snack of the day: fruit! Keep that “apple a day” at the top of their mind by surprising them with a lavishly fresh and festive Fruit Basket filled with the season’s freshest picks.

back-to-school-gift-ideas-spa-gift-basketSend them some R&R with a Spa Basket

Your hard working student could sure use a break! Surprise them with a relaxation-ready Spa Gift Basket for a well deserved staycation after a stressful first week or assignment. Include a crafty message like “wash away those school stresses” or “scrub away that stress.”

Feed Their Mind with Brain Food

Delicious, all-natural, and all around good-for-you, the snack assortment featured in the Brain Food Market Box will keep them focused while fueling their study sessions. Although this gift is more of a box than a basket, they are sure to appreciate this extra burst of fuel for their mind!

back-to-school-gift-ideas-dessert-basketIncrease their Popularity with Snacks Sized for Sharing

Cookies, and brownies, and cakes, oh my! Make them the most popular kid in the class or dorm room with a generous Dessert Gift Basket, sized for sharing with your scholar’s new friends and classmates.

Just Because

Make Today Special: Unique Just Because Gifts under $20

July 23, 2014

From co-workers to friends to family members, life’s moments are filled with people who help shape and influence our moods. They help brighten up a dark day, make a stressful decision a little easier to make, or just put a smile on our faces simply because they care. Show appreciation for those every day sentiments by surprising the special people in your life with a gift, “Just Because!”

These gifts are all under $20 so you can surprise your special friends and still have enough for an exciting night out!

Just Because Gifts: $5-$10

just-because-gifts-cookie-cardsCookie Cards – $5
Browse through the large variety of $5 cookie cards featuring Cheryl’s famous buttercream cookies and surprise your special friend with one that fits their unique personality!

just-because-gifts-canister-celebration-cornCelebration Corn Canister – $5
Add some color in popcorn form to their special day with this canister of kettle corn from The Popcorn Factory! Customize the canister with a message or favorite memory for a sweet gift they can then reuse.

just-because-gifts-celebrating-friendsCelebrating Friends – $5
A collection of quotes, memories, sentiments, and facts, this inspiring book is sure to inspire a touch of warmth and happiness to those who read it.

just-because-gifts-inspiration-cards30 Days of Inspiration – $10
A note of gratitude a day keeps the smiles from going away.. or at least we think so! Add this smile-inducing “30 Days of Inspiration” collection of timeless notes to their study or office desk for a sweet reminder!

Just Because Gifts: $11-$19.99

just-because-gifts-happy-socksHappy Socks – $12.99
Add some smile to their step with these fun and colorful Happy Socks! Stylish, cool, and irresistibly comfortable, this is the perfect “just because” gift for any recipient!

just-because-gifts-message-in-a-bottleMessage in a Bottle “Just Because” – $19.99
Let your well wishes wash ashore with this creative Message in a Bottle gift idea! Fill with your own jokes, memories, or just a sweet message “just because” and we’ll make sure your message finds its way to the rightful owner.

All Smiles Sweets & Treats Gift Basket – $19.99
Your recipient is sure to be all smiles when they are surprised with this vibrant and cheerful sweets and smile-filled gift basket! From cookies to candies, this happy assortment is sure to sweeten anyone’s day.


10 Easy Tips to Take Your Picnic to the Next Level

July 8, 2014

You’ve got your picnic basket all packed and ready for a relaxing day filled with fresh air, delicious foods, and great company. Now, take your picnic above and beyond with just a few extra moments of prep and planning!

fruit-bouquetMake it Sweet with Fun-Shaped Fruits
Grab cookie cutters in varying shapes and turn your fruits into a festive conversation piece and unique snack! Serve it as a fun fruit salad or put them on a stick and create your own one-of-a-kind fruit arrangement!

Pick a Spot with a View
Head to your location a few days prior and scout out a location with a prime view. Be aware of surrounding elements such as lakes and trees when choosing the ideal spot for your picnic.

Use a Festive Blanket
Toss that boring go-to checkerboard picnic blanket and spice up the setting with a blanket or throw that’ll really wow your picnic dates. If you are grabbing a blanket from home, make sure it is something that would not be ruined in case of any accidental spills. The best solution would be to invest in a beautiful throw for the sole purpose of picnicking.

Rather than packing a simple bottle of wine, mix up some cocktails beforehand and seal in mason jars for simple and mess-free transport. Looking for some cocktail inspiration? Check out’s picks for mason jar cocktails.

Decorate the Surrounding Area
Think outside the blanket when decorating for your picnic! Use surrounding trees and benches to hang balloons, ribbons, and signs to spruce up your picnic space.

Make a Picnic Playlist
Put together a picnic-ready playlist ahead of time to keep the mood going. Avoid songs that mat be distracting and opt for songs with a more mellow vibe. Alternatively, you can bring in portable smart device speakers and choose an already-existing playlist from your preferred music streaming service.


Decorated Disposable cutlery
Every picnic needs cutlery, so take your forks and knives to the next level with a little creativity and craftiness! From glitter to washi tape, there are countless simple ways to dress up your picnic utensils!

Bring Citronella Candles & Bug Spray
Nothing puts a damper on an outdoor adventure quite like those pesky party-crashing mosquitoes and other bugs. Avoid this unnecessary annoyance by preparing citronella candles in your picnic gear. Throw in a can of bug spray for good measure; in case those pests do get in your area, they can be easily rid of.

Pack a Book – or Two.
Throw your favorite adventure-themed classic into your picnic gear. Highlight your favorite passages to share with your picnic buddy. Plus, if things get extra windy, that book can be used to hold down blankets or platters!

Pack a Deck of Cards
A simple deck of cards can provide hours of fun with so many popular card games to choose from! Simply throw one in your bag in case of down time – you’ll be glad you did!

What other kinds of things do you pack for your picnic to make it special?
Share with us in the comments!

Gift Baskets

Meet our Market Boxes

June 26, 2014

Have you met our Market Boxes? They’re fun, gourmet, and come in an assortment of varieties!

Caffeinated Collections

Wake up Call! Coffee Market Box
The ultimate gourmet caffeine fix for the coffee connoisseur, our Wake up Call! Market Box takes sipping on a cup of Joe to a whole new level. Included in this sophisticated assortment is a premium French Roast, a variety of flavored coffees including French Vanilla and Chocolate Mudslide, and accompanying edible stirrers including rock candy swizzle sticks and chocolate rolled wafers.


Tea For You Market Box
Tea for you or two for tea? There’s nothing quite as relaxing as an evening spent enjoying a favorite novel in one hand and a steamy cup of rich tea in the other. Our Tea for You Market Box features a variety of teas – including organic Ceylon vanilla, flavored organic green teas, and classic black teas such as English Breakfast and Earl Grey. When paired with the included cookies, this box turns into a night of relaxing indulgence.


The Barista Market Box
Dessert bliss meets caffeinated sip with our Barista Market Box! Filled with choco-inspired flavored drink mixes such as Ghirardelli® mocha mix, organic coconut chocolate tea, and a even a coffee cake flavored ground coffee blend for the ultimate sweet sip.

Napa Valley Bistro Market Box

Tour de Taste

Taste of New Orleans
Got a craving for Cajun, but can’t make it to Louisiana? Our Taste of New Orleans Market Box is packed the most delicious parts of Bourbon Street into a deliverable box for authentic N’awlins flavor, no matter where you are.

Taste of New Orleans Market Box

New York Ristorante Market Box
Craving a bite from The Big Apple’s most popular Italian eateries? Save yourself the airfare and get acquainted with our New York Ristorante Market Box, packed with all the ingredients you need to make a complete Italiano dinner from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Napa Valley Bistro Market Box

Napa Valley Bistro Market Box
It’s not every day you can enjoy a taste of famous Napa Valley! Our Napa Valley Bistro Market Box makes it easy to indulge in the fresh and elegant flavors of this sunny district; complete with savory treats such as chardonnay wine brittle, vineyard cheese spread, and sourdough pretzels which make the perfect complement forthe included Pinot Noir Wine Country Soda®.

Napa Valley Bistro Market Box

Cheers to our Boozy Boxes

It’s 5:00 Somewhere Martini Mixers Market Box
All you need for the ultimate martini-fueled celebration, minus the booze. Start with the Amoretti® Lemon Drop or Cosmopolitan Martini Mix, add a splash of your favorite gin and vermouth, then pair with the amazing martini-approved snacks included in our It’s 5:00 Somewhere Martini Mixers Market Box.

It's 5:00 Somewhere Martini Market Box

Bacon, Bourbon & Beer Market Box
Bourbon and beer fanatic will ooh and aah at the assortment of savory, booze-infused treats included in our Bacon, Bourbon & Beer Market Box. From Fiery Beer Brittle to Maple Bacon Chocolate, this snack assortment is not for the faint at heart.

Bacon, Beer & Bourbon Market Box

Party On Margarita Market Box
It’s always a reason to celebrate when our Party On Margarita Market Box is in town! Grab your cocktail glasses and invite friends and neighbors over for a happy hour full of snacks, drinks, and good company. Products features in this box include The Modern Cocktail® Margarita Mixers, jalapeno cheese straws, key lime cookie straws, and savory chipotle peanut squares.


Market Boxes Tailored for Personalities

Girlfriends Market Box
For the ultimate female-approved gift, say hello to our Girlfriends Market Box! This gift is filled with light and sweet snacks that she’ll love, especially when paired with the included “Girl’s Day Out” chai tea mix; the perfect combination of feminine elegance and fun!

Girlfriends Market Box

Pampered Pooch Market Box
Whether shopping for a pet-lover or for your own pet, our Pampered Pooch Market Box is sure to deliver smiles. Treat the puppy-of-honor to one of the included organic artisan dog treats after an afternoon throwing around the included Paws Claws® doggie tennis balls.

Pampered Pooch Market Box

Father's Day

Make Father’s Day Fun: Dad-Approved Activities for the Whole Family

June 10, 2014

Who do you go to when you need help fixing the car? Dating advice? Sports tips? Dear ol’ Dad is the go-to guy when we need advice without a coating of sugar or when we need someone to show us how to fix things we didn’t even know needed fixing. He’s the one who spent early mornings teaching us how to ride a bike and late evenings waiting for us to come home from a date.

This year, celebrate Dad with the greatest gift you can give him: some uninterrupted quality time together. Here are some creative and fun Father’s Day activities the whole family can enjoy:

Father's Day fishingFather’s Day fishing trip. Pack a picnic and sail away with Dad on a day full of fishing fun and family bonding. Then, head home and turn the spoils of the trip into a delicious dinner for all to enjoy.

Help him organize the tool shed. Help your old man get organized by tackling the mess that is the garage or tool shed. Come prepared with empty drawers, storage boxes, and an abundance of labels.

Play mini golf. Does Dad spend his free time working on his backswing? Let him spend time with his favorite people while partaking in his favorite activity with a family trip to the local mini gold course.

Picnic and playtime at the park. For a simple, but success-guaranteed idea, why not grab a soccer ball and Frisbee and head to the local park for a relaxing day full of family fun? Pack a meat and cheese filled picnic basket for the perfect protein-packed midday snack.

Funny TV Dads Marathon. Does Dad ask himself “what would Al Bundy do” before making a decision? Let him spend the day with his family and his favorite fictional TV dads! Pair this with a meal filled with his favorites for the ultimate Father’s Day celebration.

Teacher Appreciation, Thank You Gifts

Say “Thanks” With These End of School Year Gift Basket

May 28, 2014

While there’s no place quite like home, children spend a majority of the time out of the home. Mom and Dad are the first ones they see when they wake up and the last ones they see when they go to bed, but what about the other authority figures they see in between

Whether it’s learning at school, perfecting their musical talents, or practicing before a big game, there’s always an adult nearby overseeing their progress and acting as a coach and cheerleader. With the school year drawing to an end, it’s time to start thinking about all of those teachers, caretakers, coaches, and other inspirational people that deserve a great big “Thank You!”

End of School Year Gifts for…

Fruit Gift Baskets

School Teachers
From planning to lessons to providing an encouraging environment for children to learn and flourish, the school teacher does it all. And if gifting an instructor with an apple makes you teacher’s pet, then  gift from our Fruit Basket collection is sure to put you in the running for teacher’s best friend!

Filet Mignon

Sports Coaches
Whether he or she is coaching football, baseball, soccer,  or tennis your child’s sports coach is most likely to be a fan both on and off the courts. Surprise them with a gift from our savory steak collection to take their next at-home sports game screening to the next level! Pair it with a favorite recipe or steak sauce if you would like to add a personal touch. Wine Gift

Music Instructors
Music and wine go hand in hand. Thank those inspirational music teachers with a gift they’re sure to appreciation, like an elegant gift from our Wine Gift Basket collection. If you know the music instructor on a more personal level, pair the wine gift with a recording of their favorite classical sonata.

Thank You Snack Gift TinBus Drivers
Does your transportation provider take the time to help your child cross the street? Or maybe they put extra effort into making sure the driving experience is more comfortable and the environment is extra tidy. Thank your stand out bus drivers with a gift from a snack collection; since they spend most of the day on the go they’ll love being able to nibble on snack-friendly treats while making their daily rounds.

Gift Basket with Tea

Private Tutors
Unlike school teachers, private tutors meet students beyond the normal 9-3 time slot. Based on time of year and their client’s schedule, they may have to meet their students anywhere from Wednesday night to early Sunday morning. Keep them going with a basket from our Coffee & Tea Gifts collection. Choose their brew of choice and send a surprise full of their favorite caffeinated beverage paired with a treat or two.

Wonderful You Thank You Gourmet Fruit Gift Basket

Gifts From a Group
Looking for the perfect end of school year gift idea from a group? Gather contributions from the whole class or group and wow your special recipient with a basket or snack assortment from our Thank You gifts collection! From fruit baskets to famous Junior’s cheesecake, you’re sure to find the perfect gift to suit your recipient.


Thoughtful Graduation Gifts for Every Personality

May 13, 2014

After four years of days spent learning, nights spent studying, and weekends spent discovering, it all comes down to this: Graduation Day. Surprise your special grad with a gift worth celebrating; after all, they’ve certainly earned it! While gift cards and cash are always a no-fail way to go, putting thought into your one-of-a-kind grad’s gift idea will not only inspire them but let them know you’ve been paying attention!

Graduation Gift Ideas for…

Stock Yards SteakThe Foodie
They love to cook, they love to bake, and of course, they love to eat! Surprise your special culinary-loving graduate with a celebratory slab of USDA Prime Steaks – the highest quality steaks for the highest honor!

Fisherman Gift BasketThe Nature Lover
Does your grad spend summers hiking up mountains and exploring the seas? Surprise your nature-loving guy or gal with a  beautiful creel basket filled with energizing snacks and savory treats, all packaged and ready for an impromptu fishing getaway with our Fisherman’s Favorite Snacks gift basket. Pair this with a weekend boating + fishing trip to really make them smile!

Wine and Italian Food Tuscany Gift BasketThe Traveler
If your recipient spends their time daydreaming and planning foreign getaways, surprise them with a flavor-packed getaway inspired by the romantic cobblestone streets of Italy with our Tuscany-inspired Wine and Cheese Gift Basket, a beautifully elegant gift basket filled with sophisticated snacks and a bottle of dry yet fruity red wine!

Italian Food BasketThe Big City Dreamer
Your grad has always had larger-than-life dreams. That’s why it came as no surprise to you when they announced their decision to take their dreams to the Big Apple. Celebrate their next step with a market box filled with gourmet goodies from some of New York City’s most famous restaurants. Turn this gift into an activity by having the whole family get involved with the cooking (and eating!).

Tea Gift in Book TinThe Bookworm
Does your graduate value their copy of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road more than they value their wardrobe? If they refer to Shakespeare as Will and are known by the staff of the local bookstore, send them a gift that reflects their interests with a premium collection of teas, beautifully presented in a book-shaped tin! They can enjoy their favorites with a steaming cup of tea, then reuse the tin to store keepsakes and memories.

Spa gift basket with lavenderThe Luxury Seeker
If your grad seeks a life of luxury and splendor, surprise them with a lavish spa gift basket full of soaps, lotions, body scrub and more, these graduation gifts will help melt away the stresses of the past four years for a fresh new start.