Sweet Scoop: Real Chocolate vs. Mystery Chocolate

If you haven’t noticed by now, we at Fannie May LOVE chocolate. Not all chocolate, just the real stuff – the 100% untainted decadence bursting with rich, melt-in-your-mouth flavor.

Real Fannie May ChocolatesWithout even realizing, you may have been the victim of fraudulent chocolate. That is, confections that look and smell like chocolate, but just aren’t quite what you have come to expect with your favorite sweet treat. But how do you know when you’re being fooled? Chocolate versus “chocolaty” may be just one letter apart, but we chocolate aficionados know that this small change makes a big difference.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty cocoa beans – what’s the real difference between real chocolate and mystery chocolate? Read on and never risk having to fool your taste buds again!

Cocoa Butter vs Vegetable Oil. Cocoa beans are the heart and soul of chocolate.  Chocolate aficionados know the key to the best chocolate is in the bean! However, this has not stopped some chocolate companies from attempting to lower costs by replacing cocoa butter with vegetable oil, resulting in a chocolate sometimes referred to as “mockolate”.

Watch the Wording. Before you purchase your decadent chocolate treat, read the label! Make sure it says chocolate, real chocolate, or 100% chocolate. The Food and Drug Administration has specific rules and regulations as to what can and cannot classify something as “real” chocolate. Mystery chocolate sellers use terms such as “chocolate candy”, “chocolaty”, or “made with chocolate” to mislead your mind – but these fake ingredients won’t mislead your mouth!

What’s the real difference?

We’ve given you ways to spot the fake chocolate, now you’re probably wondering “why bother”? Mystery chocolate is mostly cheaper and tastes similar enough, so why all the fuss? Here are some benefits you may miss out on when choosing fake over real chocolate:

The flavor. No big surprise here – real chocolate not only tastes better, but has a much more enjoyable consistency. No waxy feeling here!

fannie-may-chocolate-assortmentThe health benefits. Chocolate sure does have a lot of benefits for such a deliciously sweet treat! Real dark chocolate can not only help lower cholesterol levels, improve brain functions, and protect skin against the sun’s harmful rays, but it can also help regulate blood pressure and even prevent stroke! The real health highlight is the large amount of antioxidants found in this decadent dessert. In contrast, chocolate bars that contain certain oils instead of cocoa butter can actually have negative effects on your health such as raising your bad cholesterol levels. Get the full scoop on the benefits of chocolate here.

So why eat fake chocolate when you can eat the real thing?! And remember, just a little bit of chocolate can make the day seem so much sweeter.

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DIY Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar

Valentine’s Day may be the holiday of love and romance, so rather than sending the traditional rose bouquet and chocolate box, get a little bit creative with your gift presentation to make your special someone really feel special.


Rather than gifting your sweetie with one box of chocolate, turn this celebratory treat into a 14 day activity of love! Gift these to your Valentine February 1st, and share a special sentiment paired with a savory piece of sweetness every day leading up to February 14.

Here’s how to make your own DIY Chocolate Box Countdown Calendar:

What You’ll Need:


1 Fannie May 25 Piece Artisan box of chocolate
White cardstock
Restickable glue stick
Regular glue stick
Red Marker
Old Newspaper

Directions for DIY Countdown Calendar: 


Step 1: Using your ruler, measure the individual sections of chocolate. On days where there are 2 pieces, measure those two together. For the Fannie May Artisan Box, the measurements are as follows: days 1-5: 1.75” X 1.75”, days 6-13: 1.75”X3”, day 14: 3”X3”.


Step 2: Using your measurements and a ruler, create your mini cards on the cardstock. You will need to double length to create a foldable card in that size. Using the measurements of the Fannie May Box, you should create cards in the following sizes: 5 cards 1.75”X3.5”, 8 cards 1.75”X6”, and 1 card 3”X9”.

Once you have your cards cut out, fold and set aside.


Step 3: Using your original measurements (not doubled), cut out those same sized squares out of newspaper for the hearts.


Once your squares are prepared, fold in half and cut out a semi-heart shape. When you unfold it you will have a perfectly symmetrical heart.


Do the same to the rest of the newspaper squares.


Step 4: Glue your newspaper hearts to the front of the card.


Step 5: Use your red marker to number 1-14. Numbers 1-5 will be the smallest squares, Number 6-13 will be the long rectangles, and number 14 will be the largest square card.


Step 6: Open your cards and fill each one with a sentimental message! Once filled out, use your restickable glue stick to seal the card shut. Hold for 90 seconds to seal. This unique adhesive allows the card to be easily reopened without damaging the paper or message.


Step 7: Now it’s time to apply the cards to the chocolate box! First, trim the cards if necessary. You can either simply lay them down in the appropriate spot, or carefully cover the very edge of the card with restickable glue.

Now you have a creative and fun DIY countdown calendar the two of you can enjoy together!

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Get Ready to Celebrate National Cheesecake Day on July 30!

Fannie May Trinidad CheesecakeGrab your forks and get ready to celebrate one of the richest, creamiest and most irresistible desserts known to mankind: cheesecake! Mark your calendars: July 30 is National Cheesecake day!

The History of Cheesecake

This sinfully delicious confection layered with decadent cream cheese and a crunchy graham cracker crust has been a sweet favorite since long before our time: Back in 776 B.C., the ancient Greeks believed that cheesecake (their version of it, at least) was a source of energy, so they served it to Olympic athletes. Later on down the road in the 1870s, a dairy farmer named William Lawrence from Chester, N.Y., made the accidental discovery of modern-day cream cheese. Then once Arnold Reuben, the German-American restaurant owner who also invented the famous Reuben sandwich, created the first recipe for New York–style cheesecake in 1929, the rest was history.

Types of Cheesecake

Today, there’s an endless variety of cheesecake all over the world, including Europe, Asia, Latin America and, of course, the United States. Here in the U.S., there are two types of cheesecake that have captured everyone’s hearts … and appetites:
Fannie May Pixie CheesecakeFirst is the richer and heavier New York–style cheesecake, and then we have the lighter and fluffier Philadelphia-style cheesecake. They each come in every flavor imaginable, from classic strawberry to exciting peanut butter cup. Our favorite: none other than the Fannie May chocolate- and coconut-flavored Trinidad cheesecake, and the caramel-, pecan- and chocolate-flavored Pixie cheesecake. Inspired by two of our world-renowned chocolates, these two exquisitely luscious treats don’t require any difficult baking; they’re ready to devour as soon as they hit your doorstep!

So how do we celebrate National Cheesecake day, you ask? Joining the festivities is easy: Just grab one (or both!) of your favorite Fannie May cheesecakes and gobble it up with family and friends!

Which cheesecake flavor do you love most?

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Fun Ways to Fundraise in the Summer

Fannie May ChocolatesKnow a school that could use some help raising funds for its students? Want to donate a little something extra to your church or a charity? If you’re looking for a fun way to raise some money for a good cause this summer, show your friends and family how sweet giving can be: Team up with Fannie May Chocolates to start the ultimate sunny-day fundraiser!

The Fannie May Fundraising Program gives you two great options to support the organization of your choice. With the Chocolate Bar Program, you can make a whopping 50% profit when you sell the unforgettably indulgent Fannie May chocolate bars. You can pick from any or all of these five rich milk chocolate flavors: classic, peanut butter, caramel, roasted almonds, and crisped rice. For just $1 per mouthwatering bar, your friends and family members will be lining up to contribute to your charity benefit … and enjoy some out-of-this-world chocolate! Here’s a sneak peek at how much money you could raise when you sign up for the Chocolate Bar Program:

Potential Earnings for Fannie May Chocolate Fundraising Program

If you want to give your donators the choice to pick and buy their chocolates themselves while still supporting your fundraiser, try the Gift Card Program instead! Our fundraising gift cards come in $5, $10 and $20 amounts, and they can be redeemed online or at any Fannie May store. Plus, your family and friends will love the fact that they can use their gift cards any time of the year! Here’s how the Gift Card program can help you make a 30% profit for your next big fundraising event:

Potential Earnings for Fannie May Gift Card Fundraising Program

Have a fundraiser coming up this summer? Tells us all about your cause!

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Artisan Summer Collection: Your Guide to Summer’s Most Perfect Flavors

Fannie May Artisan Summer CollectionWhen the mercury starts rising, nothing cools you down and reinvigorates your senses like the juicy flavor of fruit and the smooth deliciousness of chocolate. So when you’re lounging in the sun and find yourself craving a sweet escape from the heat, reach for a batch of Fannie May’s Artisan Summer Collection. These ultra-premium handcrafted chocolates are the perfect combination of summer’s most delectable fruits and the world’s finest chocolate. Here’s a guide to the rainbow of 12 revitalizing flavors that’ll turn a hot and sticky midsummer day into a day in paradise!

Fannie May Artisan Berry Yogurt ChocolateBerry Yogurt

These delectable summer berries are smothered in creamy vanilla yogurt and then dipped in smooth white chocolate.

Fannie May Artisan Pear Caramel ChocolatePear Caramel

Fresh crisp pear is draped in salted vanilla caramel and then covered in sweet milk chocolate.

Fannie May Artisan Cherry ChocolateChocolate Cherry

Just like a chocolate-dipped cherry, this bittersweet chocolate shell holds a sweet and tart cherry filling.

Fannie May Artisan Peanut Butter and Honey ChocolatePeanut Butter & Honey

A golden combo of creamy peanut butter drenched in sweet honey, all wrapped up in decadent chocolate.

Fannie May Artisan Orange Passion Fruit ChocolateOrange Passion Fruit

The fresh tanginess of orange and passion fruit collides with the sugary sweetness of Madagascar vanilla and white chocolate.

Fannie May Artisan Apricot ChocolateApricot

A sunny blend of fresh pureed apricots, a hint of vanilla, and buttery ganache, topped with luscious Swiss white chocolate.

Fannie May Artisan Roasted Pineapple ChocolateRoasted Pineapple

The exotic flair of fresh pineapple slowly cooked with brown sugar, cinnamon and butter, then enveloped in pure gourmet chocolate.

Fannie May Artisan Brown Sugar Banana ChocolateBrown Sugar Banana

Tropical bananas, cream and brown sugar are all dressed up in mouthwatering milk chocolate.

Fannie May Artisan Key Lime ChocolateKey Lime

Everyone’s favorite summer dessert captured in a heavenly chocolate truffle, with tart key lime shrouded in sweet Swiss white chocolate.

Fannie May Artisan Black Raspberry ChocolateBlack Raspberry

Ripe and juicy black raspberries are swathed in cream ganache before they’re plunged into a dark chocolate shell.

Fannie May Artisan Dark Chocolate LemonDark Chocolate Lemon

Fresh and zesty lemon harmonizes with swirls of creamy white chocolate ganache and a sweet dark chocolate coating.

Fannie May Artisan Strawberry Mint ChocolateStrawberry Mint

Red, succulent strawberries spiced up with a touch of fresh mint and encased in a velvety dark chocolate shell.

Tell us which summer flavor is your favorite … if you dare to pick just one!

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10 Gifts for the Perfect Last-Minute Easter Basket

Happy Easter BasketIt’s Good Friday, and the Easter bunny is mere hours away from making his big appearance. Haven’t filled up those Easter baskets yet? Hop to it! To help you get your last-minute Easter gifts ready in time, we’re extending our Fannie May store hours today and tomorrow, from 9 am to 9 pm. Plus, we’ve put together this quick gift guide so you can pick the perfect basket-stuffers for the whole family!

Extra Large Chocolate Nut Fudge EggExtra Large Chocolate Nut Fudge Egg

This gigantic half-pound Easter egg is filled with silky smooth chocolate and nuts, and then dipped in scrumptious Fannie May milk chocolate. The Easter bunny is gonna need an extra-big basket to carry this oversize treat!

Jelly Bird EggsJelly Bird Eggs

Pair up your jumbo chocolate eggs with these mini egg-shaped jelly beans. Small, colorful and deliciously chewy, they’re perfect for sprinkling into your spring basket as sweet, edible confetti.

Chocolate Easter Bunny PopsChocolate Easter Bunny Pops

Just the right size for little hands to hold, these lollipops make a great gift for kids. But chocolate-loving adults will fall for their luscious chocolatey taste too! No one can resist that cute little bunny smile!

Summer Present BundleSummer Present Bundle

Spice up your Easter basket with these sweet-and-salty pretzel treats, which are covered in velvety milk chocolate and then drizzled with Fannie May’s sugary white confection. They’re all dressed up in spring’s brightest colors, ready for the celebration.

Milk Chocolate Foil Wrapped EggsMilk Chocolate Foil Wrapped Eggs

One of the best childhood Easter memories is peeling off that shiny, colorful foil to reveal the yummy chocolate egg inside. Share that same excitement with your friends and family, and drop a canister of foil-wrapped eggs into their basket.

8 Piece Cream Egg Box8 Piece Cream Egg Box

Know someone with eclectic taste in Easter chocolate? We have just the right treat for their gift basket! This box is packed with eight different flavors: vanilla buttercream, pink fruit and nut, peanut butter, chocolate nut, dark vanilla buttercream, dark coconut, raspberry and Trinidad.

Spring Mint MeltawaysSpring Mint Meltaways

What could make a better Easter basket addition than Fannie May’s world-famous Mint Meltaways, dressed in their Easter Sunday best? A bright pastel coating covers a silky chocolate center with just a hint of mint.

White Chocolate BunnyWhite Chocolate Bunny

Of course, no Easter basket is complete without a chocolate bunny! Add a classic touch to everyone’s gift with a with this pure white chocolate bunny. But hurry up and catch him before he hops away!

Milk Chocolate BundleMilk Chocolate Bundle

Still can’t get enough Easter bunnies? The Milk Chocolate Bundle satisfies every chocolate lover’s craving with three 6-ounce chocolate rabbits! Perfect for everyone’s Easter basket, young and old alike.

10 Gifts for the Perfect Last-Minute Easter Basket

Milk Chocolate Foil Wrapped Bunnies

Want to mix things up this year? Delicious milk chocolate bunnies festively wrapped in foil make for the perfect addition to any Easter Basket.

Don’t have enough time to put together your own Easter basket? We’ve got you covered! The Happy Easter Basket already has our top Easter gifts, beautifully arranged in a personalized crate.

What else will you be filling your last-minute Easter baskets with this holiday?

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How to Make a Thanksgiving Place Card Holder With Chocolate-Covered Cherries

How to Make a Turkey Place Card Holder for Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day, everyone! In honor of our favorite Thanksgiving bird, we’ll show you how to create handsome little turkeys out of Fannie May chocolate-covered cherries … and use them as a place card holders for your guests! They’re easy and fun to make, and your friends will gobble them up within seconds.


One box of Fannie May chocolate-covered cherries
One box of fudge-striped cookies
One bag of chocolate-covered malted milk balls
One bag of candy corn
One bag of chocolate chips


How to Make a Turkey Body Using Chocolate-Covered Cherries

  1. Lay one chocolate cookie down on a plate, fudge side up. Melt chocolate chips in the microwave and stir. Using the melted chocolate as “glue,” attach one Fannie May chocolate-covered cherry to the top of the cookie.How to Make Turkey Tail Feathers for Place Card Holder
  2. With the melted chocolate, attach about five pieces of candy corn along the top rim of another cookie, with the pointy part of the candy corn facing in toward the center of the cookie. Cool the cookie off in the refrigerator until the chocolate has hardened. The fan-shaped candy corn will act as the tail feathers of the turkey.How to Make Turkey Heads for Thanksgiving Place Card Holder
  3. Create the head of the turkey by using the melted chocolate to “glue” a piece of candy corn to the face of the malted milk ball. Cool the malted milk ball off in the refrigerator until the chocolate has hardened.How to Attach Tail Feathers to Turkey Body for Place Card Holder
  4. Stand up the ring-shaped cookie, with the feathers at the top, so that it creates a 90-degree angle with the cookie beneath the chocolate-covered cherry. With melted chocolate, attach the cookie to the back of the chocolate-covered cherry. Let it cool in the refrigerator.How to Attach the Turkey Head to the Chocolate-Covered Cherry
  5. Once the body of the turkey has cooled, use the melted chocolate to attach the head of the turkey to the top of the chocolate-covered cherry.How to Make Feet for Turkey Place Card Holder
  6. Cut two pieces of candy corn in half, horizontally. With melted chocolate, attach two halves of the candy corn at the bottom of the chocolate-covered cherry to create the turkey’s feet. Let the whole turkey cool in the refrigerator before serving.
  7. Place the finished turkey at the center of a guest’s dinner plate. Print out a name card, or draw one yourself, and stand it up next to the turkey.

And there you have it: an adorable little gobbler to welcome your guest to the Thanksgiving dinner table!

What other kinds of Thanksgiving crafts will you make with Fannie May chocolates?

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10 Sweet Hostess Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Holiday Reindeer Gift TowerNow that the countdown to the 2012 holidays has officially begun, your calendar is steadily filling up with plans for family gatherings and dinner parties with friends. With so many hosts graciously opening their doors to you this season of giving, there’s no merrier way to show them your appreciation than by giving them the perfect thank-you present. If you’re in need of some wow-worthy hostess gift ideas, we have just the solution for you: Deck the halls with boxes of chocolate! Here are 10 hostess gifts that will make everyone’s holiday a little sweeter.

Peace Love Joy Advent CalendarStart the celebration early! With the Peace Love Joy Advent Calendar, your hostess can start her own countdown—and treat herself to a delicious piece of Fannie May chocolate—each day leading up to her big bash.

Holiday Sharing Create Your Own GiftGive your bighearted hostess something she can pass out to all of her guests. The Holiday Sharing Create Your Own Gift lets you pick your own combination from more than 40 different classic Fannie May desserts, from Mint Meltaways to chocolate-covered orange peels.

FM Artisan Gift TowerFor the hostess who knows how to throw a splendidly extravagant soiree, only a lavish gourmet gift would do. The FM Artisan Gift Tower features an abundance of ultra-premium handcrafted chocolate truffles filled with the finest ganache.

Festive Gathering Gift BasketIf the lady of the house has eclectic taste and likes to reuse her gifts time and again, the Festive Gathering Gift Basket has a little bit of everything she loves: 10 different chocolate holiday treats to satisfy her every craving, and a beautiful winter-themed tin basket that can be used for anything from serving champagne to storing magazines.

Chocolate Novelty AssortmentFilled with festive foil-wrapped solid milk chocolate Santas, snowmen and Christmas tree ornaments, the exclusive Chocolate Novelty Assortment makes the perfect gift for any hostess with small children. Her little helpers deserve some holiday sugar too!

Holiday Berry BundleBring your hostess back to her own childhood memories of the holidays by presenting her with the Holiday Berry Bundle. With traditional flavors like sweet caramel, creamy eggnog, spicy gingerbread and minty-fresh candy cane, these irresistible chocolate-covered strawberries will make your hostess nostalgic for the homemade treats she loved as a kid.

Sea Salt CaramelsJust like your hostess will indulge you with a holiday feast fit for a queen, spoil her with a treat that has a little bit of sweet, a little bit of spice, and a whole lotta nice. These brand-new Sea Salt Caramels are made with Fannie May’s famously delicious caramel, covered in rich dark or milk chocolate, and dusted with flavor-enhancing salt flakes.

Drinking Chocolate TrioAnother way for the mistress of the household to nosh on her chocolatey gift? Sipping on it, of course! Mix things up with the Drinking Chocolate Trio, the perfect drinkable confection for filling up those holiday mugs.

Eggnog CreamsOn the flipside, rather than drinking one of her favorite holiday beverages, your hostess can enjoy it as a bite-sized truffle that will melt in her mouth. These sinfully smooth Eggnog Creams are coated with snowy-white pastel and sprinkled with nutmeg. It’s like giving her 28 steaming cups of eggnog in a box!

12 Months of Giving ClubWho says the gift-giving has to end on the night of the party? For the hostess who’s always there for you, opt for the 12 Months of Giving Club and show her how special she is the whole year through. Each month, she’ll be surprised with a delectable Fannie May treat, like the 12-piece champagne truffles or the mini pretzel trio.

Which gifts would you like to shower your hostess with this holiday season?

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Introducing: Fannie May Chocolate-Covered Strawberries!

Fannie May Chocolate Covered StrawberriesHere at Fannie May, we know chocolate is a gift of pure love. Dip a few mouthwatering strawberries in our decadent chocolate, and you have a divine treat that will make any day a luxurious and unforgettable occasion for you and your loved ones. If you’d like to bring a touch of delicious elegance to any celebration—or if you’re looking for the perfect way to say “I love you,” just because—Fannie May Berries are the ultimate indulgence.

We only use the largest, freshest strawberries and hand-dip them in 100 percent real dark, milk or white Fannie May chocolate. Plus, to make sure your strawberries are at their ripest when you receive them, we deliver them to your doorstep overnight. We have a wide array of delectable chocolate-covered strawberries, so you can pick your favorite!

Fannie May Decadent Chocolate Covered StrawberriesOur simple, classic chocolate-covered strawberries make a great present for those with traditional tastes. Choose from white chocolate-covered strawberries drizzled with dark or milk chocolate; milk chocolate-covered strawberries drizzled with white or dark chocolate; and dark chocolate-covered strawberries drizzled with white or milk chocolate. The combinations are endless!

Fannie May Bliss Strawberries

Celebrating a black-tie affair? Our tuxedo strawberries are dressed for the occasion with both dark and white chocolate. You can even customize the color of the drizzle to make your gift even more personal. Color varieties include red (the ideal gift for your Valentine), blue and pink (a sweet welcoming present for a new baby boy or girl).

If you want to jazz things up a little, our line of extravagantly decorated strawberries is guaranteed to be the life of your party. Chocolate lovers will melt over our dark chocolate strawberries topped with dark chocolate chips. Want a different topping? No problem! We can add a little flair to your hand-dipped strawberry by capping it off with toasted coconut, almonds and more.Fannie May Deluxe Chocolate Covered Strawberries

You can also show your loved ones how unique they are by giving them a box of our specialty strawberries. Make a toast to your anniversary or the New Year with the Champagne Celebration collection. (The white chocolate is infused with real bubbly!) Our one-of-a-kind sea salt caramel chocolate strawberries satisfy any sweet-and-savory craving; break them out on your next movie night, or share them with guests at your next party. Fannie May Champagne Collection Strawberries

Finally, our true-blue fans will love the Fannie May Favorites collection. These sugary concoctions are inspired by our most famous chocolates, which you all know and love: Pixies, Trinidads, and Mint Meltaways. Pixie Berries are hand-dipped in real caramel-infused milk chocolate and covered with deliciously crunchy pecans. Our Trinidad Berries are dipped in real milk chocolate and topped with scrumptious toasted coconut, and the Mint Meltaway Berries are doubly dipped in real mint-infused white and milk chocolate.Fannie May Favorites Chocolate Covered Strawberries

No matter which kind you choose or what the occasion is, anyone who opens a timeless red box of Fannie May chocolate-covered strawberries is sure to be wowed. Once you’re done spreading the love, don’t forget to treat yourself to your favorite flavor too. You deserve it!

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