National Pecan Day

Welcome back Fannie May Chocolate fans!

Today is National Pecan Day! Why are we excited about a random nut? Well, pecans play a pivotal role in one of our absolute favorite candy creations: they’re 1/3 of our signature Pixies!

Maybe you think it’s a little strange that pecans would get their own national holiday (then again, there is a national pigs in a blanket day so we’ve all seen weirder days). But did you know that the pecan is the only major tree nut to grow naturally in North America? Since the 1500s, indigenous groups cultivated pecan trees. By the 19th century, pecans were a major industry with large business in Louisiana and Texas.

For us though, pecans break out moment was in 1946, immediately after World War II, when we introduced our famous Pixies. During the war, when supplies for our great confections were low, Fannie May refused to alter our recipes for the sake of more chocolates. Instead, we made lower quantity batches of fine chocolates and closed our stores for the day whenever we had run out of chocolate. So imagine our delight when we could go back into major candy production and create something new for all of our loyal customers. The Pixie was born; they became an instant classic and impossible to resist. We start with crunchy, roasted pecan pieces and add decadently golden, buttery caramel and then cover it all in our rich Fannie May chocolate. They are then hand-packed and gift-wrapped, ready for enjoyment!

For years, our Pixies have been a customer favorite, and with good reason. We can’t get enough of this sweet, fulfilling crunchy treat. We’ve even added it to extra desserts! Our Pixies cake is one of our favorite creations, moist cake mixed with delicious caramel, pecan pieces and a chocolate coating. Of course we would never forget our delectable Pixies cheesecake, and once you try it neither will you! We partner with Eli’s Cheesecake for this Fannie May specialty. We take rich creamy cheesecake and pack it with pieces of Pixies, topped with layers of rich caramel and luscious milk chocolate. It’s a true Pixies fanatic dessert.

You can always add our mouthwatering Pixies to whatever dessert creation you have in mind. Add them to ice cream as a super sweet topping, or make them a top decoration on your cake of choice. Break them up into pieces and use them in part of your baking!

It makes sense to us why this seemingly normal nut would have it’s own day, so we’ll be celebrating National Pecan Day the only way we know how to: by indulging in our famous (and favorite) pecan, caramel and rich chocolate Pixies!

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