Keep it Eggciting: 8 Easter Egg-Inspired Treats


Easter eggs are perfect in many forms; hard-boiled and dyed, colorful plastic and filled with treats, or even ceramic collectibles. But if you were to ask us our favorite way to enjoy Easter eggs, it would be to eat them.

No, not the actual eggs (although peeling off the colorful shells and eat them hard-boiled is certainly plausible); there has been a recent surge of sweets, treats and recipes all inspired by colorful Easter eggs. From frosted cookies to surprise Rice Krispies Treats, we have rounded up our favorite ways to enjoy the best treats of the Easter season – all in egg form!

1. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Dipped in dyed white chocolate and covered in pretty icing designs, our Easter Egg Chocolate-Covered Strawberries make for an impressive Easter treat. Who says chocolate-covered strawberries are just a romantic dessert?

2. Popcorn-Dipped Eggs

Popcorn balls shaped like eggs? How cute is that? These Popcorn-Dipped Eggs from The Popcorn Factory are a mix of salty and sweet with popcorn dipped in sweet confectioners coating and sprinkles with colorful sprinkles.

3. Colorful Kids Easter Egg Punch

Egg treats don’t necessarily have to have an egg shape. This kid-friendly punch recipe is inspired by the tie-dyed colors of Eater eggs, all in one delicious drinkable glass. Serve in a clear cup or mason jar to really show off the layered colors!

4. Egg Carton Cutout Cookies

These buttercream-frosted cookies are sweet enough, but the egg carton packaging just makes them irresistible. The collection of pastel-colored Egg Carton Cutout Cookies from Cheryl’s will make a pretty edition to any Easter celebration.

5. Surprise Easter Egg Rice Krispies Treats

Not only are these Rice Krispies Treats shaped like Easter eggs, they also come filled with some surprise candy, just like the plastic Easter eggs you found as a kid! Drizzle with colored icing and sprinkles for a fun, festive treat.

6. Mini Brownie Cakes

If you aren’t a pro in the baking department, then these Easter Egg-Shaped Mini Brownie Cakes from 1-800 Baskets are right up your alley. Perfectly iced in bright pastel colors and designs, an order of these will really impress your family – and make the Easter Bunny jealous!

7. Chocolate Macaroon Nests with Easter Eggs

Chocolate macaroons are surprisingly easy to make, especially in the shape of nests. Top these chocolate nests with some small candy Easter eggs for the perfect themed and seasonal treat.

8. Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs

Marshmallow and chocolate is a common pairing around Easter, and we can see why. Fluffy marshmallow covered in delicious milk chocolate, what could be better? Order these Milk Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs from Fannie May for a more sophisticated (yet equally delicious) Easter egg dessert.

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