How to Wow Mom with Chocolate

Mother's Day Chocolate Covered StrawberriesGrowing up, Mom woke us up every morning to the smell of fresh breakfast while making sure we were prepared for the day’s hurdles. While at college, Mom sent care packages full of healthy foods to make sure we weren’t completely living off of pizza and cookies. After moving out and starting our own family, Mom called every day to share advice and wisdom while planning new ways to surprise and spoil the grandkids.

Now that it’s Mom’s special day, wow her with gifts and sentiments she truly deserves for being the amazing Mom, woman, and friend she is and always was. What better way to spread the love than by showering her with her favorite sweet treat in the world? If you haven’t guessed, we’re talking about chocolate! While a two-pound chocolate tower oozing with decadence is always fool-proof, this year take your gifting above and beyond by pairing your traditional chocolate gifts with one of these not-so-traditional chocolate Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Creative and Sweet Chocolate Ideas:

Fill the Air with Chocolate Flair
Ensure the home smells like intoxicating chocolate when Mom steps through the door. Some ideas for making your home smell like chocolate include baking a chocolaty treat, lighting a chocolate scented candle, or adding some chocolate essential oil to a humidifier or potpourri.

Take Her to a Chocolate Making Class
Research local chocolatiers and dessert hotspots for chocolate making classes! Or, if you’re in the Ohio Area, why not swing by the Fannie May Factory for a free tour of our chocolate paradise followed up a free chocolate tasting?!

Say “Cheers” with a Chocolate CocktailChocolate Truffle Cocktail
Mom could certainly use a break, so invite her to kick back, relax, and indulge in a decadent chocolate cocktail. Our recently-introduced chocolate truffle liqueur Crave, is a great starter, and we’ve even provided 2 mouth-watering cocktail recipes Mom is sure to love.

A Sweet Spa Experience
Chocolate gifts come in all shapes, sizes! Take her spa experience above and beyond by adding chocolate into the mix. Research local spas that offer these services or look for DIY recipes from the web. Choose from treatments such as chocolate pedicures, chocolate facials, and even chocolate massages!

Chocolate Tasting for Two
Invite Mom to indulge her sweet tooth in a unique chocolate tasting experience. Set up a buffet-style table with small bites and pieces of different chocolates and truffles. Our Artisan Collection includes a variety of tasting flights and unique chocolate assortments for more flavor fun. Be sure to label each variety with small note cards so she can take note of her favorites. If you really want to make this a celebratory activity, why not provide a few wine pairings to choose from as well?

Fondue Fun for Dessert
End the Mother’s Day fun with a mouth-watering fountain of melted chocolate. Set up a chocolate fondue area with skewers as well different fruits and desserts for dipping.

Chocolate Covered Fruit = More Fun
Surprise Mom with her favorite fruit or berry, expertly dipped in decadent milk, white, or dark chocolate. Any choice from our collection of chocolate covered strawberries is sure to put a big smile on Mom’s face.

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