How to Set up a Wedding Candy Buffet

You’ve spent countless hours and amounts of energy planning every detail of your big day – from the tiniest napkin rings to the extravagantly stunning centerpieces. Make your celebration even sweeter with a wow-worthy candy buffet table, decorated to fit your theme and personalized to satisfy your taste buds! Whether you’re looking for a formal chocolate tasting or a playful candy buffet full of nostalgia, there are a few tips and tricks for making your wedding candy buffet the life of the party.

Choose A Theme

The first step to compiling the ultimate candy buffet is choosing the theme. Do you want it to have a funky feel or be more formal and elegant? Your theme will aid in presentation style and decorating. You can even go a step further and set a theme to your candy selection! Add a nostalgic feel to your event by choosing candies from the years of your youth, or turn it into a flavor-packed sampling experience by serving strictly chocolate – dozens of different kinds!

Choose the Candies

How to Set up a Wedding Candy Buffet Once you’ve finalized your theme, it’s time to move on to the tastier details. Choosing the candies for your wedding candy buffet is the sweetest, yet most difficult part! You’ll want choices that not only complement your dinner menu, but also satisfy the taste buds of guests of all ages. When choosing your candies, keep in mind how you plan on serving and presenting them. Do you envision dozens of glass bowls scattered throughout? Or perhaps you are dreaming of a large platter showcasing beautifully wrapped chocolates. No matter what you have in mind, Fannie May wedding favors offer over 100 chocolates and wrapped candies to choose from, so you can show off your personal tastes and make your chocolate buffet as unique as you are! Visit one of 100+ retail stores and our chocolate specialist will assist you in choosing the perfect favor for your event.

Decorate the Space

Draw the guests in with wow-worthy decorations that highlight your candy buffet. Start with a bold and eye-catching backdrop, paired with creative signs that accentuate your colors and theme.

Serving Setup

The candy selection may be the most important part, but your setup can make or break the experience. Use unique platters, jars, cake plats, or even marble cheese boards to display your sweet treats. Display them at different heights to not only add dimension, but also to make it easier for guests to get to. Be sure to provide enough serving spoons, tongs, and candy scoops for several guests to use at a time.

Chocolate Pairing

Take your candy buffet to the next level by showcasing a chocolate pairing guide. If you love milk chocolate, pair it with a lovely Moscato, Madeira, or a nice sherry. Your plated dark chocolate raspberry pieces suggest a pairing with your favorite Cabernet.

Personalize the Container

Personalizing your candy buffet containers can instantly turn your regular dessert bar into unique wedding favors! Rather than looking through dozens of boring wedding favor ideas, simply put an extra creative touch into your candy buffet and send guests home with a delicious party favor. Create take home bags or boxes that match the theme with the happy couple’s name printed on them. You can even simply print sweet sayings on them such as “Love is sweet, enjoy a treat!”, or “Let’s end on a sweet note!”

How to Set up a Wedding Candy Buffet

How will you set up your wedding candy bar? Share with us in the comments!

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