10 Gifts for the Perfect Last-Minute Easter Basket

Happy Easter BasketIt’s Good Friday, and the Easter bunny is mere hours away from making his big appearance. Haven’t filled up those Easter baskets yet? Hop to it! To help you get your last-minute Easter gifts ready in time, we’re extending our Fannie May store hours today and tomorrow, from 9 am to 9 pm. Plus, we’ve put together this quick gift guide so you can pick the perfect basket-stuffers for the whole family!

Extra Large Chocolate Nut Fudge EggExtra Large Chocolate Nut Fudge Egg

This gigantic half-pound Easter egg is filled with silky smooth chocolate and nuts, and then dipped in scrumptious Fannie May milk chocolate. The Easter bunny is gonna need an extra-big basket to carry this oversize treat!

Jelly Bird EggsJelly Bird Eggs

Pair up your jumbo chocolate eggs with these mini egg-shaped jelly beans. Small, colorful and deliciously chewy, they’re perfect for sprinkling into your spring basket as sweet, edible confetti.

Chocolate Easter Bunny PopsChocolate Easter Bunny Pops

Just the right size for little hands to hold, these lollipops make a great gift for kids. But chocolate-loving adults will fall for their luscious chocolatey taste too! No one can resist that cute little bunny smile!

Summer Present BundleSummer Present Bundle

Spice up your Easter basket with these sweet-and-salty pretzel treats, which are covered in velvety milk chocolate and then drizzled with Fannie May’s sugary white confection. They’re all dressed up in spring’s brightest colors, ready for the celebration.

Milk Chocolate Foil Wrapped EggsMilk Chocolate Foil Wrapped Eggs

One of the best childhood Easter memories is peeling off that shiny, colorful foil to reveal the yummy chocolate egg inside. Share that same excitement with your friends and family, and drop a canister of foil-wrapped eggs into their basket.

8 Piece Cream Egg Box8 Piece Cream Egg Box

Know someone with eclectic taste in Easter chocolate? We have just the right treat for their gift basket! This box is packed with eight different flavors: vanilla buttercream, pink fruit and nut, peanut butter, chocolate nut, dark vanilla buttercream, dark coconut, raspberry and Trinidad.

Spring Mint MeltawaysSpring Mint Meltaways

What could make a better Easter basket addition than Fannie May’s world-famous Mint Meltaways, dressed in their Easter Sunday best? A bright pastel coating covers a silky chocolate center with just a hint of mint.

White Chocolate BunnyWhite Chocolate Bunny

Of course, no Easter basket is complete without a chocolate bunny! Add a classic touch to everyone’s gift with a with this pure white chocolate bunny. But hurry up and catch him before he hops away!

Milk Chocolate BundleMilk Chocolate Bundle

Still can’t get enough Easter bunnies? The Milk Chocolate Bundle satisfies every chocolate lover’s craving with three 6-ounce chocolate rabbits! Perfect for everyone’s Easter basket, young and old alike.

10 Gifts for the Perfect Last-Minute Easter Basket

Milk Chocolate Foil Wrapped Bunnies

Want to mix things up this year? Delicious milk chocolate bunnies festively wrapped in foil make for the perfect addition to any Easter Basket.

Don’t have enough time to put together your own Easter basket? We’ve got you covered! The Happy Easter Basket already has our top Easter gifts, beautifully arranged in a personalized crate.

What else will you be filling your last-minute Easter baskets with this holiday?

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