Giant DIY New Year’s Eve Backdrop Letters


Check out these giant NYE letters and use them for your next party backdrop! Use our free letter template to help guide you and make this DIY even easier.

Every party needs a big “wow” type factor, and a cool backdrop is easy to make one of them when you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve Party. This backdrop was built for a family-style pajama party, but you can use it for any sort of New Year’s soiree. Just using the NYE letters makes this a quicker project, and will give your letters a clean, modern appearance to give you extra style points.



Foam core board (You can use whatever color foam core board you choose, depending on what the rest of your display looks like. The pajama party set was going for a white-on-white type look. Just make sure the foam core is clean!)
FREE PRINTABLE letter template


Step 1: After you download the FREE PRINTABLE LETTERS you’ll need to take it to a print shop or office supply store with a print center to have them print your template onto wide paper. Not to worry; this is really inexpensive and shouldn’t cost more than $3 or so. Well worth it for a really good guide for cutting out your letters!

Step 2: You can go about cutting out the letters a few ways. What I like to do is loosely cut around the letters and firmly tape the template to my foam core board where they maximize the use of the board. Or, you could trace the letters on after you have them cut out, or you could tape the whole big template straight onto your foam core.

Step 3: From here it’s pretty simple; you’re just going to cut out the letters. An exacto knife will work just fine, as there aren’t really any curves in NYE to worry with. But if you have one, a hot knife will make the cutting process infinitely easier.

Step 4: After your letters are cut, you can get fancy if you want! Cover them in flowers, tissue poufs, fringe, glue and glitter—lots of creative embellishments are possible. Or take the simple modernist approach and hang them up blank. Both are good choices!


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