Hop to it: 5 Bunny Themed Treats for Easter

Celebrate Easter with festive sweet treats inspired by the holiday’s unsung hero: the Easter Bunny!

Hoppin’ Dirt Cups

Wow guests at your Easter celebration with a fun spin on dessert with a DIY Dirt Pudding Bar! The adorable marshmallow bunnies take this treat to the next level.


Classic Chocolate Bunnies

Of course, there’s always room for a classic Easter treat in the mix, like our solid chocolate bunnies. Choose from milk, dark or white and hop in on the flavor fun!


Chocolate Bunny Pops

These chocolate bunny pops on a stick are the ultimate Easter treat. Not only are they perfect for Easter gifts and baskets, but they can be turned into easy centerpieces with a few simple steps; all you need is a vase, some jelly beans, and of course – the bunny pops. Get the full idea here!


Bite-Sized Bunnies

Love the idea of classic chocolate bunnies but looking for something a bit more bite-sized? You’ll love these individually foil-wrapped milk chocolate bunnies.


You can even put them in a several bowls scattered throughout your spread for a hoppin’ fun touch to your décor!

Bunny Milk Bottles

Looking for the perfect drink to complement your bunny treats? How about a refreshing glass of milk served out of adorable bunny milk bottles? Get the how-to here.


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