DIY Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar

Valentine’s Day may be the holiday of love and romance, so rather than sending the traditional rose bouquet and chocolate box, get a little bit creative with your gift presentation to make your special someone really feel special.


Rather than gifting your sweetie with one box of chocolate, turn this celebratory treat into a 14 day activity of love! Gift these to your Valentine February 1st, and share a special sentiment paired with a savory piece of sweetness every day leading up to February 14.

Here’s how to make your own DIY Chocolate Box Countdown Calendar:

What You’ll Need:


1 Fannie May 25 Piece Artisan box of chocolate
White cardstock
Restickable glue stick
Regular glue stick
Red Marker
Old Newspaper

Directions for DIY Countdown Calendar: 


Step 1: Using your ruler, measure the individual sections of chocolate. On days where there are 2 pieces, measure those two together. For the Fannie May Artisan Box, the measurements are as follows: days 1-5: 1.75” X 1.75”, days 6-13: 1.75”X3”, day 14: 3”X3”.


Step 2: Using your measurements and a ruler, create your mini cards on the cardstock. You will need to double length to create a foldable card in that size. Using the measurements of the Fannie May Box, you should create cards in the following sizes: 5 cards 1.75”X3.5”, 8 cards 1.75”X6”, and 1 card 3”X9”.

Once you have your cards cut out, fold and set aside.


Step 3: Using your original measurements (not doubled), cut out those same sized squares out of newspaper for the hearts.


Once your squares are prepared, fold in half and cut out a semi-heart shape. When you unfold it you will have a perfectly symmetrical heart.


Do the same to the rest of the newspaper squares.


Step 4: Glue your newspaper hearts to the front of the card.


Step 5: Use your red marker to number 1-14. Numbers 1-5 will be the smallest squares, Number 6-13 will be the long rectangles, and number 14 will be the largest square card.


Step 6: Open your cards and fill each one with a sentimental message! Once filled out, use your restickable glue stick to seal the card shut. Hold for 90 seconds to seal. This unique adhesive allows the card to be easily reopened without damaging the paper or message.


Step 7: Now it’s time to apply the cards to the chocolate box! First, trim the cards if necessary. You can either simply lay them down in the appropriate spot, or carefully cover the very edge of the card with restickable glue.

Now you have a creative and fun DIY countdown calendar the two of you can enjoy together!

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