Sweeten Your Celebration with a DIY S’mores Bar

Did you know that National S’mores Day 2014 is on August 10?! We’re celebrating this sweet summer holiday with the most festive snack of the season: s’mores!

In fact, there’s no warm-weather celebration that doesn’t call for s’mores – from summer barbecues to late night bonfires, so take your s’mores experience above and beyond with a DIY s’mores bar! Here’s the how-to for this sweet idea:

How to Set up the Ultimate S’mores Bar:

If you’re planning on having a variety of ingredients and toppings, be sure to label them using DIY signs or flag toppers! That way, guests know just what kind of cracker they are pairing with their chocolate selection.

S’mores Bar Ingredients

Marshmallows to be toasted

The Structure: Crackers
Graham Crackers
Flavored Graham Crackers (such as cinnamon)

The Molding: Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Squares
White Chocolate Squares
Milk Chocolate Squares
Espresso Dark Chocolate Squares
Orange Dark Chocolate Squares
Raspberry Dark Chocolate Squares
Peanut Butter Cups

The Heart: Marshmallows
Large, jet puffed marshmallows

The Decorations: Additional Toppings & Fillings
Dessert Sauce (Strawberry, Caramel, or Hot Fudge)
Peanut Butter
Hazelnut spread
Cookie butter
Crumbled nuts
Mint leaves
Fruit jam

diy-smores-bar-campfire-skewersS’mores Bar Supplies
Disposable dessert plates
Campfire sticks*

*rather than simply using regular bamboo skewers, add a personal touch to your layout with customized campfire sticks! Celebrations.com has the how-to for this DIY idea.

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