Think Outside the Candy Box: 8 Creative Ways to Use Milk Chocolate

While we at Fannie May strongly believe in celebrating each and every day with a little bit of sweetness, there are some extra special occasions that just call for chocolate! National Milk Chocolate Day 2014 is July 28, and in honor of this oh-so-sweet holiday, we’re celebrating with these creative ideas for using milk chocolate.

Sweet Ways to Use Milk Chocolate:

chocolate-dessert-cocktailGrated and used to rim cocktail glasses. Wet the outside rim of a glass with fresh fruit or berry juice. Then, sprinkle the grated chocolate onto the wet area to create an extra sweet effect like did with their Chocolate Dessert Cocktail.

Melted, and drizzled over your favorite appetizers. Chocolate drizzled mahi mahi bites? Now that sure sounds like a mouthful of elegance and flavor! Sample different appetizer + chocolate combinations and serve your favorites.

On a kabob with fruits. Build your own kabob with delicious summer fruits and melons, adding a chocolate square to the pattern every 3-4 places or so.

Paired with an assortment of cheeses. The irresistible combination of salty and sweet just screams sophistication! Make an activity out of this flavor experience; create your own assorted cheese bar (with labels) and pair with a chocolate tasting sampler or flight.

To decorate foods and dishes. Take a plastic bag, cut a small hole in one of the corners, and fill with melted chocolate. Then, slowly use the bagged chocolate to create unique designs on your foods and serve ware. Alternatively, you can dip new, unused stamps into melted chocolate and stamp a sweet pattern onto your plates or flat foods.


Coated over your favorite fruits and desserts. From grapes to cake pops, by simply dipping your favorite dessert into melted chocolate, you’ve turned your sweet into a brand new creation! Our favorite combination? Chocolate covered strawberries.

Make Chocolate Vodka. Take a vodka bottle and pour a bit out (into a water bottle or similar) to make room for the chocolate. Add in chocolate pieces or morsels into the vodka bottle. Let sit for 2-3 weeks until the chocolate is fully dissolved; now you have your own homemade chocolate vodka!

Drop into batter for a sweet surprise! Once your cupcake or muffin batter is distributed in the tin, plop a chunk of milk chocolate in the middle; those eating it will be treated to a delicious burst of chocolaty decadence!

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