How to Create the Perfect Easter Basket

FM Easter Basket with chocolates and candies

Like a strong home, a well put-together Easter basket can help bring up old memories while making the celebration more festive and fun. Create a personalized Easter basket by filling it with only your favorite goodies for less waste and more flavor fun!

Here are some tips for creating the ultimate Easter basket that recipients will ooh and aah over.

Start With the Foundation

The basket you choose can make or break the Easter basket as a whole. When choosing the perfect basket, keep in mind how many goodies you are planning to add, as you want to choose the right sized basket for your needs. Additionally, there are many different varieties of designs, textures, and even colors for baskets, so be sure to choose the appropriate one for your purpose. If putting together an Easter basket for kids, you may choose to go with a lovely pastel-colored basket; while an Easter basket for adults may call for a more traditional, woven look.

Add the Substance

Once you have the foundation, it’s time to fill it with the decorations and goodies!

Start With The Filling

Fake grass may look great, but that’s not the only reason we use it to fill our Easter baskets! The filler grass actually serves as support for the goodies, making the basket seem fuller while also adding dimension. You may also want to consider skipping the green filler for a light or pastel colored shred to match your basket theme.

Add In The “Heart”

Now for the delicious part, adding the Easter candies! Cater your selection to your recipient for a more personalized touch; add a variety of candies so they have a sweet selection and choose milk or dark chocolate based on their preference. Fannie May has a mouth-watering collection of Easter goodies that would satisfy any recipient!

FM Jelly Bean Eggs FM Easter Cream Eggs FM Chocolate Bunny Pops FM Foil Wrapped Chocolate Eggs

From left to right:
Jelly Bird Eggs
Cream Egg Box
Chocolate Easter Bunny Pops
Milk Chocolate Foil Wrapped Eggs

If you’re looking for even more candy ideas for your Easter basket, check out our post on 10 gifts for the perfect last-minute Easter Basket.

Top With a Festive Touch

Every great gift needs a “ta-da” touch to take it to the next level. Adorn your basket with a festive bow, appropriate stuffed animal, or just an adorable Easter card!

How will you decorate your Easter basket? Share your creative ideas in the comments below!

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