Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Inspired Dessert Cocktails


On Valentine’s Day, nothing is as romantic (and delicious!) as a box of chocolate-covered strawberries. Whether you’re planning to send them to your sweetheart or as a little present to yourself, try pairing a tasty chocolate-covered berry with one of these signature dessert cocktails.

Recently I had the opportunity to taste some Fannie May Chocolate-Covered Strawberries. Juicy, huge strawberries dipped in famous Fannie May Chocolate tasted delicious! I got the Love and Romance Box, which has all the best flavors in one.


With so many delicious flavors in one box, I was inspired to create some tasty dessert cocktails to complement the chocolate-covered berries. These cocktails are rich and sweet, which means they are perfect as a dessert drink to enjoy along with your berries!

Strawberry Champagne Martini


One of the prettiest berries in the box was the Pink Champagne-Infused White Chocolate Berries with Gold Sugar. And not only did they look amazing, but they tasted great too. I decided to take the more delicate flavors of champagne and strawberry, and infuse them together in one bubbly, beautiful cocktail. I came up with the Strawberry Champagne Martini, which is light enough to enjoy before or after dinner – with your berries, of course!

White Chocolate Cream Martini


I am a huge white chocolate fan, so it was a no-brainer coming up with a tasty white chocolate cocktail insppired by the White Chocolate Covered-Strawberries with Dark Chocolate Drizzle. The little hint of chocolate syrup was all it took to transform this White Chocolate Cream Martini from good to amazing.

Double Chocolate Swirl Martini


The Tuxedo White and Milk Chocolate-covered berries are always a huge hit because they equally pair the best of both worlds: white chocolate and dark chocolate. Although it’s hard to achieve that perfect contrast in a glass, I mixed white and dark chocolate liqueur together to create the Double Chocolate Swirl Martini. As your pour the drink together, watch the colors swirl in the glass. It makes for a rich, decadent dessert drink!

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