Artisan Summer Collection: Your Guide to Summer’s Most Perfect Flavors

Fannie May Artisan Summer CollectionWhen the mercury starts rising, nothing cools you down and reinvigorates your senses like the juicy flavor of fruit and the smooth deliciousness of chocolate. So when you’re lounging in the sun and find yourself craving a sweet escape from the heat, reach for a batch of Fannie May’s Artisan Summer Collection. These ultra-premium handcrafted chocolates are the perfect combination of summer’s most delectable fruits and the world’s finest chocolate. Here’s a guide to the rainbow of 12 revitalizing flavors that’ll turn a hot and sticky midsummer day into a day in paradise!

Fannie May Artisan Berry Yogurt ChocolateBerry Yogurt

These delectable summer berries are smothered in creamy vanilla yogurt and then dipped in smooth white chocolate.

Fannie May Artisan Pear Caramel ChocolatePear Caramel

Fresh crisp pear is draped in salted vanilla caramel and then covered in sweet milk chocolate.

Fannie May Artisan Cherry ChocolateChocolate Cherry

Just like a chocolate-dipped cherry, this bittersweet chocolate shell holds a sweet and tart cherry filling.

Fannie May Artisan Peanut Butter and Honey ChocolatePeanut Butter & Honey

A golden combo of creamy peanut butter drenched in sweet honey, all wrapped up in decadent chocolate.

Fannie May Artisan Orange Passion Fruit ChocolateOrange Passion Fruit

The fresh tanginess of orange and passion fruit collides with the sugary sweetness of Madagascar vanilla and white chocolate.

Fannie May Artisan Apricot ChocolateApricot

A sunny blend of fresh pureed apricots, a hint of vanilla, and buttery ganache, topped with luscious Swiss white chocolate.

Fannie May Artisan Roasted Pineapple ChocolateRoasted Pineapple

The exotic flair of fresh pineapple slowly cooked with brown sugar, cinnamon and butter, then enveloped in pure gourmet chocolate.

Fannie May Artisan Brown Sugar Banana ChocolateBrown Sugar Banana

Tropical bananas, cream and brown sugar are all dressed up in mouthwatering milk chocolate.

Fannie May Artisan Key Lime ChocolateKey Lime

Everyone’s favorite summer dessert captured in a heavenly chocolate truffle, with tart key lime shrouded in sweet Swiss white chocolate.

Fannie May Artisan Black Raspberry ChocolateBlack Raspberry

Ripe and juicy black raspberries are swathed in cream ganache before they’re plunged into a dark chocolate shell.

Fannie May Artisan Dark Chocolate LemonDark Chocolate Lemon

Fresh and zesty lemon harmonizes with swirls of creamy white chocolate ganache and a sweet dark chocolate coating.

Fannie May Artisan Strawberry Mint ChocolateStrawberry Mint

Red, succulent strawberries spiced up with a touch of fresh mint and encased in a velvety dark chocolate shell.

Tell us which summer flavor is your favorite … if you dare to pick just one!

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