Think Outside the Chocolate Box: 5 Alternatives Chocolatey Gifts Ideas For Valentine’s Day

A box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day is great, but why not shake things up this year? If you have multiple valentines (your partner, mother, sibling, child, friend), surprise them each with something different on this day of love. Here are 5 chocolaty alternative gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that’s sure to sweeten their celebration.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries. There’s no fruit and chocolate pairing quite as irresistibly classic as a chocolate covered strawberry. Our collection features classic flavors like milk chocolate and dark chocolate, as well as a variety of unique concoctions such as champagne infused or sea salt caramel dipped – now isn’t love just grand?!

Chocolate-Dessert Apples. Strawberries aren’t the only fruits that are getting some love this Valentine’s Day. One of the most popular apple flavors happens to be Granny Smith. How can we make this juicy fruit even more popular? By covering it in chocolate! Enter our Fannie May Pixie Apple, inspired by – you guessed it – our famous Pixies!

fannie-may-fudge-facts-nutsFudge. When in doubt, send fudge! Sure to satisfy any recipient, this sweet confection is sure to make their Valentine’s Day extra sweet.

Re-occuring Chocolate Club. If they love chocolate -no, really love chocolate – they’ll go weak at the knees when you surprise them with a subscription to a recurring chocolate club! Just be sure you’ll be able to outdo yourself next year!

Surprise Them With Chocolate Cocktails. If you’re celebrating together, why not set the scene for a sweet Valentine’s Day by preparing a round of dessert cocktails?! Toast to February 14 in sweet style!

Start the Day On A Sweet Note With Dessert Coffee. Add some sweetness to their morning by surprising them with an assortment of dessert flavored coffee! Better yet? Pair that coffee with another one of the chocolaty treats for a gift that’ll send them head over heels.

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