Month: February 2011

Mint Meltaways Party! 3 prizes! Chocolate + Mint = Hmmm

Welcome to the Fannie May Milt Meltaway Party! For those of you who love the combination of mint + chocolate + smiling, our Mint Meltaways are indeed the perfect fit. Just look at that delicious looking picture to your left for 10 seconds.  Okay now look away and think about something else. See your mind wandered… Read more »

Chocolate Party! 3 chocolate prizes!

Welcome to the Fannie May Chocolate Party! We love chocolate. You love chocolate. Let’s talk some chocolate! In about a paragraph or two, tell us about your love of chocolate. You can use the picture to your left for inspiration! Also, tell us which of the Fannie May chocolates are your favorite. We will pick 3 winners at random.  … Read more »

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Party (Part 2). 2 Lucky Winners!

Welcome to Part 2 of the Fannie May Chocolate Covered Strawberry Party! As everyone knows, chocolate covered strawberries are a big gift for Valentine’s Day. So for Part 2 of this party we wanted to ask you more about the emotions tied to a gift like Chocolate Covered Strawberries. So in about a paragraph or… Read more »