Your Favorite Memories of Fannie May® – 10 Winners!


As we continue to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Fannie May®, we would love to hear stories from you about your favorite memories over the years with Fannie May.

As part of this celebration, we will we giving away 10 boxes of our famous Pixies®! (2 LB. Item # 93207)

Post about a paragraph or two about your favorite memories over the years with Fannie May below and on Monday, 11/08 @ 10 a.m EST we will randomly select 10 winners using! We will post the winners below.

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Winner #1: Chanie Y. (Post on November 6, 2010 at 6:25 pm)
Winner #2: Kathy Rust (Post on October 27, 2010 at 9:28 pm)
Winner #3: Violet Couvillion (Post on October 27, 2010 at 7:59 pm)
Winner #4: Mary Weisberg (Post on October 29, 2010 at 10:03 am)
Winner #5: Alyssa Shumate (Post on October 28, 2010 at 9:57 am)
Winner #6: Barb (Post on October 27, 2010 at 5:03 pm)
Winner #7: Brian (Post on October 27, 2010 at 4:07 pm)
Winner #8: M.Delk (Post on October 28, 2010 at 8:10 pm)
Winner #9: Yen N. (Post on October 27, 2010 at 5:57 pm)
Winner #10: Lori P. (Post on November 7, 2010 at 8:57 am)


1. You must enter a minimum of 2 sentences in your below blog comment on this post, on this blog

2. 1 entry per person.

3. 10 total prizes. Each prize will be Item #93207

4. All submissions must be in by Monday, 11/08 @ 10 a.m EST

5. Winners will be chosen at random

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118 Responses to Your Favorite Memories of Fannie May® – 10 Winners!

  1. Brigitte Fleckenstein says:

    When I was growing up Fannie May chocolates were always a huge necessity for my family around holidays. The holidays were just not right if we did not have our Fannie May candy! However, a couple years back Fannie May was closing in the Chicagoland area. I could not believe it!! What was the family going to do without the joyous tradition of luscious and delicious chocolate! My family and I decided to stock up on chocolate before Fannie May finally closed its doors. We knew it would not be the same once that happened. A few days past after our shopping spree at Fannie May and glorious news overcame my ears! They were open for business again! I had so much joy had filled my heart, I could only do one thing but to eat the chocolates we were stocking up for. It is now several years later and Fannie May now has 90 years under their belts! I can not wait for years and years more of our chocolate tradition to be passed down for generations to come! Happy Anniversary Fannie May!

  2. Anne M says:

    Our family enjoys Fannie May so much, and they always are perfect for gift giving! Every year at Christmas, my in-laws always give my husband and I Pixies! They are our favorite, and who can resist them? Thanks for the delicious treats, Fannie May! –Best chocolate, hands down! :)

  3. jay w says:

    My favorite memory with Fannie May chocolates is taking an entire box of mint meltaways with me to camp and sharing them. Needless to say, I had lots of people stopping by to have one. We went through an entire box in less than 1 week- they were so incredibly smooth & creamy and a huge hit. They are still one of my favorite chocolates today.

  4. Lori Behr says:

    I first experienced Fannie May as a little girl when my mom and grandmom would take me out to Frankford avenue in Philadelphia, Pa. Ahhhh… the sweet mesmerizing smell of Fannie May, is something you never forget and the nice ladies behind the counter would offer you a free sample while you were being waited on, oh I miss that!! My grandmother has long passed, But maybe there is a Fannie May in heaven!

  5. Stefanie says:

    I remember the holiday times! Nothing says the holidays for me like, Fannie May! My family ALWAYS and still does has lots of Fannie May candies around the holidays! I also love to give the teachers at school Fannie May candies as a gift, their eyes light up and are so excited! Nothing puts a smile on your face like the wonderful flavor and smell or Fannie May! I am so HAPPY you have brought some stores back to the Chicago area! :)

  6. Crystal brocious says:

    i was having the worst day ever everything was going wrong and my wonderful huband decided to cheer me up with a box of fanny may chocolates. it was a nice suprise and made my day 100% better.

  7. Aimee D. says:

    Fannie May! What can one say? My favorite memory of Fannie May chocolates is from when I was a little girl. Every year for Christmas, my family bought a 2 pound box assortment for my Great Grandpa Roy. He was the sweetest man I ever knew. I would sit on his lap, help him open the wrapping, and he would give me the first piece. Now that I am 40 years old, and Grandpa Roy has long ago passed, I still think of him when I first open that box and take the first piece.

  8. Brian says:

    I lived early childhood getting Fannie May for Easter in Southern Illinois. As a child I could not appreciate what a treat this was, as we had Pixies regularly because the local drug store carried them. I remember always getting this nut covered egg that I didn’t like (hard to eat, but tasted good).

    When I became an adult I could remember getting those eggs and tried all the pecan logs I could find for 20 years, looking for that pecan covered fudge. My mother didn’t remember what brand they were and Fannie May isn’t available in TX.

    One day I found the Fannie May web site looking for Pixies, since the drug store no longer carried Fannie May. (We used to get them when we would go back to visit family.) It was near Easter and there they were…….Now I order about a half dozen every year along with the bunnies for my kids.

  9. Pamela Graham says:

    I love the pixies and the dixies. They are the best in the world. So rich and buttery.

  10. Robin Beckwith says:

    My fondest memories of Fanny May were when we lived in South Bend, Indiana while my husband was in graduate school at Notre Dame. There were two stores in the area, one in downtown South Bend and the other in Mishawaka. I would go in on a regular basis bringing my daughter with me. By the time she was 18 months old we would walk into the store and she would get all excited and hold her hand out crying for candy. They always had samples and i guess she knew it. I felt a little bad that i had created a candy addict at such an early age but she is 25 years old now and we both still LOVE Fanny May Candies. I just wish we had retail stores here in the Washington, DC area….

  11. Desi says:

    I grew up LOVING Fannie May! I lived north of Chicago until I was 15 years old when I moved down to Georgia. I remember as a kid I would ride my bike to Jewel to get some meltaways or pixies, or my mom worked for a Doctor and I spent a lot of time at work with her and I would always walk to the Fannie May store, oh sometimes 3 times on a Saturday! I loved the caramel suckers they used to carry, or just getting one or two Mint Meltaways or Pixies! I probably broke my piggy bank on that stuff! Even now I always ask my mom to send me a Fannie May Easter bunny at Easter, and I’m not talking the small one, big one for sure! I put it in the freezer and chip pieces off for as long as itll last! Not too long ago my mom came down from Illinois and brought a box of Pixies and Meltaways! They were a little melted (no pun intended!) from the drive down, but just as good! Fannie May is by far my FAVORITE chocolate!

  12. Kathy Torchia says:

    My first experience with Fannie May Chocolates was when I was very young. My Grandfather gave me my first piece. Fannie May Chocolates has since been a very important part of our family get togethers and the holiday seasons. It was a great experience having my Grandfather give each one of my babies their first bite of Fannie May. My Grandfather is now gone, but the memories are strong with myself and my children. I am happy now to be the first one to give my Grandbabies their first bite of Fannie May and will continue the tradition for as long as I can. The Holidays would not be the same without Fannie May Chocolates.

  13. Ann Patton says:

    Fannie May brings back such fond memories for me. Birthdays in our home were always celebrated the same way: the honored birthday boy or girl got to request their favorite meal for dinner, then received gifts and a homemade birthday cake. Gifts were few but meaningful. One gift we could always rely on was our very own personal box of our favorite Fannie May Chocolate. Oh, just the memory of the delectable smell wafting out of that box makes my mouth water to this day. That precious box of candy was squirreled away in secret hiding places to be savored and enjoyed a bit at a time. Candy could also be used with siblings as a bargaining chip, or just to gain favor. Even now, as siblings have spread out across the country, any visit is preceded by a phone call saying, “What would you like from Fannie May?”

  14. Deanna says:

    Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, I looked forward to Easter every year when my parents would go crazy in the Fannie May store for us. They’d buy several bags of the chocolate eggs that would last as long as they hid them from my sister and I as well as one large chocolate bunny for each of us. The pastel animals on sticks were a treat when we downed the bunnies far too quickly to thoroughly enjoy it. 😉 For Christmas, Meltaways were a fantastic treat of which you could never get enough. Now that I’ve lived outside the Chicago area for nearly 10 years, my family always greets me with at least a box of them whenever I come to visit. I’ve managed to spoil my fiancé with the delicately smooth chocolate as well…whoops. 😉

  15. Karla Himpelmann says:

    Fannie May candies were always a special treat when I was growing up. They are a family tradition going back for many decades. I buy them at the holidays. My grown
    “children” love the trinidads.
    I remember when I was a child and figured out the secret marking for the vanilla filled candies!!! Such a great candy!!!

  16. Jill Kerns says:

    I grew up in Northern Indiana. One of the biggest treats we got as kids for holidays was Fannie May Pixies. My grandmother would always bring each of us a box when she visited from Chicago. When I moved away to Houston my sister would send me a box every Christmas for nostalgia’s sake and because – she knew I absolutely loved them. Then, she moved (before the internet became so easy to use!). So it stopped for awhile and I was so sad. I missed by Pixies! When I got remarried and moved to Lubbock my husband surprised me with a box of Pixies, knowing how much I loved them. It was even during peak season when shipping was higher but he didn’t care! I was thrilled. It’s not something we can do often but I sure appreciated it! Now I have grands – and I’ve introduced them to the tradition of Pixies! Yeah Fannie May! You are on your 4th generation – my grandmother, me, my daughter and now, my grands! Thank you!

  17. Cathy Howe Thwaits says:

    I grew up ‘on’ Fannie May candy in the Chicago area — I have not met a Fannie May candy that I didn’t like! The Easter Bunny always brought my sisters and I our very own box of our favorites and trips to the store were always a special treat. I now wait all year for the peppermint and egg nog cremes at Christmas and the buttercreme eggs at Easter. I have spoiled my own children and many friends and co-workers throughout the years and throughout the country with Fannie May and have always supported that there is simply no better chocolate anywhere. I am so very thankful that I can easily order my favorite chocolates online to be delivered wherever I am but I also have been known to make a ‘Fannie May chocolate run’ to the Chicago area to stock up as well. Happy Anniversary Fannie May — and wishes for many more :)

  18. Megan says:

    When I was growing up, I used to visit my grandmother in Illinois, where they had Fannie May stores. Getting to go to the candy store was the thing I looked forward to every year when I went to visit my relatives. My favorites were the mint meltaways, the pink ice, and the trinidads. I’ll never forget the great family memories we had, while sharing amazing Fannie May candies.

  19. Melissa says:

    I’ve actually never had the Pixies, but the mint meltaways are to die for. When we were young, every year for my mom’s birthday we’d get her a box. It was our favorite gift to buy because we always knew she’d share. Thanks for the chance!

  20. Melissa says:

    I love all of the chocolates from Fannie May. The little stocking stuffer sized boxes are the best as you can’t overdo it 😉 I really appreciate getting these little treasures as gifts for myself when I’ve accomplished something great! If there were still local stores, I would be sending dh there to buy them for me :)

  21. Barb says:

    When I was a child my grandmother would by us Fannie May for every holiday. Easter would be a giant cream egg in its waxy green wrapper and little foil milk chocolate eggs, Valentines a small plastic hinged heart filled with milk chocolates, Christmas came and we got peanut brittle, Halloween a selection of solid pieces wrapped in monster foils and my favorite the hollow chocolate turkey for Thanksgiving. So now when I place a Fannie May chocolate in my mouth and let it slowly melt I think back to Grandma and all those special days with Gram and the family.

  22. Carol G. says:

    I fondly remember enjoying Fannie May chocolates throughout the year! Lucky me!! It was a family tradition to bring a 2 lb box of Colonials as a hostess gift for any occasion. Whether it was at our house or someone else’s house, Fannie May was a honored guest! I used to keep a close watch on that box of candy so when it was opened I could grab a Pixie! Happily, the tradition has continued as I receive a box of Fannie May from my uncle in Chicago every Christmas. We also still buy them for a special gift for family members. My father is diabetic now, so I had a box of sugar free Fannie May shipped to him for his birthday. He was thrilled!

  23. sharon newman says:

    we were shopping for my wedding dress me my mother and grandmother and went to fannie may filled up our backseat then went to do more shopping well i was a new driver and parked in a strip mall where they towed — so we had to take a cab to get our car from tow yard and when we got there we found the tow truck drivers had stolen all of our fannie may we were more upset about that than anything else. sherry newman

  24. Louise says:

    I just discovered Fannie May chocolates a couple of years ago, so I’m a NEW Fannie May fan. But I instantly fell in love and now my family is hooked, too!

  25. Crystin Bradfield says:

    My mom used to ask for Pixies for Christmas. She didn’t want anything else but a pound of Pixies. It was always a fight to see who could convince her to give them one of those delicious treasures. A pixie at Christmas may have been worth more than all the presents under the tree. Now that we have all moved to states that don’t have Fannie May, we still find ways to send mom her favorite snack. Even if she expects it by now we still feel on top of the world knowing the joy she is going to get when she bites into one!

  26. April burklow says:

    My memories of Fannie May are when I was a little girl my Dad always gave my Mother and I a red velvet heart for valentines day every year. I always looked forward to it. Now that I am grown and live in Tennessee I still get one every year. It’s awesome!

  27. Yen N. says:

    I remember having a really lousy day…I woke up late cause my alarm clock’s battery died, rushed to get ready, had to skip breakfast, bus was delayed, had to run up flights of stairs to get to my class, all the seats were taken, and then I realized I didn’t purchase a scantron (I had planned on going to my school’s bookstore to purchase one 15 minutes before class) for the quiz. My professor wasn’t understanding at all after I explained what had happened, so I left the room feeling very frustrated and stressed out. I went through the rest of the day in a pretty sour mood, but when I came home, I received a surprise package from my boyfriend. I excitedly opened it up, to find a box of yummy Fannie May assorted chocolates. It wasn’t even a special occasion (wasn’t my birthday, valentines or christmas). Knowing he was thinking about me certainly made my day and the chocolate was delicious!

  28. Diane says:

    As a child, a special Sunday afternoon with my grandparents might involve a trip to The Village shopping center in Gary. Still vividly recall walking into the brightly lit, squeeky clean Fannie May shop there and being at eye-level with heaven in a glass case!
    Grandma’s favorites were the dark-chocolate buttercreams. I didn’t appreciate dark chocolate yet, so she also included some milk chocolates in the pound box. At home, the box would take a place of honor on the mantle. We’d savor the chocolates, never rush through them.

    Grandma loved her little dog Heidi – but Fannie May was the one treat Heidi never got! Sure glad she loved me more!

  29. Sheila Korsmo says:

    The best memory that I have of Fannie May candies is: I always would buy my dad cashews and pixies for Christmas. There was a small drug store in our little town and cashews and pixies would be something that my dad loved and always looked forward to each dad has since passed away and everytime Christmas rolls around, I think of how I couldn’t wait to wrap my present and also couldn’t wait for my dad to open his gift ( he always would share).

  30. Kristen Eby says:

    My favorite memory is always of Easter morning. Waking up to the Easter Bunny’s treasure trove of Fannie May’s chocolates has always been a part of family tradition here. Diving through the chocolate in search of the perfect one to pop in your mouth and throwing in a couple more before Mom and Dad saw. It was the perfect start to a glorious Easter morning and one more thing to thank God for on such a special day.

  31. Vicki Park says:

    I always treated my girls to special treats from Fannie May at all of the holidays. My oldest discovered that the Truffle Petites were her favorites. She was absolutely crushed when all of the Fannie May stores closed and she would no longer be able to indulge. After years of absence, Fannie May showed up on the web with a very few offerings but slowly gave us back what we yearned for. My daughter was amazed and thrilled when she got her first shipment of her beloved Truffle Petites. Finally stores have opened again in St. Louis, Mo. with one only a few short miles from her married home. I am once again able to do my special treat shopping at the store and give them to my baby girl, even though she is now 34 she will ALWAYS be my baby girl. She has learned to pace herself and savor each and every bite. Heavenly! The smile on her face and the tell tale traces of chocolate on the corners of her mouth show me how happy Fannie May Truffle Petites make her. After all it’s the simple pleasures, right?

  32. Jessica Bates says:

    At Valentine’s my grandma Gerry would buy me my own box of assorted chocolates in a heart-shaped box. It was all for me. My favorite: the chocolate caramel. At Christmas, my godmother Mary would send me a box of the mint meltaways. My own children love the chocolate bars, as do I. A box of assorted milk chocolates is still my favorite Fannie May gift.

  33. Debbie says:

    From when I was a 5 year old little girl my Dad would get me a heart shaped box of pixies every year on valentines day and leave them on the table so I would find them at breakfast,he did this every year until he passed away,to this day whenever I have a pixie I think of the way my Dad would make me feel special.

  34. Kay says:

    My favorite memory of Fanny May is when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I craved Pixies. I had to have them EVERY night with a glass of ice cold milk. My husband and I joked that we were going to call our baby, Pixie!!! We had two new additions to our family that year…our daughter Karen, and our puppy “Pixie”. It’s been 52 years (Yes….I’m almost as old as Fanny herself) since then and I STILL have cravings for Pixies every once in a while…including at this very moment! They will always have a special place in my heart. Best wishes for at least another 90 years of success and happy lifelong customers. xox

  35. crystal allen says:

    I love Fannie May and have great holiday memories that involve chocolates and little cakes. I can remember my mom ordering Fannie May products as gifts for friends and family. I would see the box in the mail and open the package before she would get home. I just loved to see the goodies inside the box. If I was lucky, she would have ordered an extra for us to have at home too.

  36. Violet Couvillion says:

    Fannie May has always been my absolute favorite! That’s why my entire family will each be receiving a delectable box of these confectioner’s delights for the holiday season this year! Fannie May is in one word; perfection!!

  37. Barbara Newson says:

    Fannie May and holidays go hand in hand. Just the mention of the word, Trinidad, makes me smile. The vision of the stores with the big letters and white building was always a pleasing site. Long lines on Valentines Day and Christmas were always a tradition. While I waited in line I mentally configured what was going into my hand picked box of Chocolate. That’s one line I never minded waiting in.

  38. Tracy says:

    These remind me of an elderly neighbor who would give out boxes for the holidays, and since she has passed, Christmas has never been the same. The box tasted that much better because they were from someone so special to me and my family. She is missed but not forgotten, thanks for bringing me back such fond memories of a special lady who was a lot like a grandma to me!

  39. Kathy Rust says:

    I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and can’t recall my earliest Fannie May meltaway, but, by the time my family moved to Arizona in 1970, I definitely missed them. Anyone who travels to Chicago is required to bring some back to Arizona. This has been going on for 40 years now and will continue for a long time because my 6 year old grandson adores the meltaways just as much as I do. The tradition continues!

  40. Nancy Terry says:

    Growing up in the Chicago area we had a family friend who would stop by every Christmas and give us a 2 lb box of assorted Fannie May. As I grew older and realized I could get Fannie May whenever I wanted, I became a frequent customer. I had several apartments that were within walking distance of a Fannie May store – somehow I think I subconsciously chose the apartments based on proximity to my favorite chocolate. I live in California now, and sadly there are no Fannie May stores here. However I stock up whenever I’m home in IL, and I love the online store…there’s nothing like Fannie May chocolate!

  41. Dee Harned says:

    I first had Fannie May when I went to Chicago in 1992 to visit MBI. Needless to say – it is my favorite chocolate. I order it online for the holidays since I live in California! (and sometimes during the year as a special treat – just for me!). My favorites are the dark chocolate caramels! …..♫♪♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  42. Michele D says:

    Easter was the big Fannie May holiday in our house growing up in the 1970’s. The biggest score every year was the coveted chick stick! After that it was the chocolate-filled green buttercream egg -oh man, I could eat the whole thing in one sitting; sweet indulgence at its finest. I have continued the tradition with my own family, adding in trinidads and pixies as Easter basket must-haves. My own children were not impressed with the chick sticks, but I still look for them every year for myself!

  43. Sonya Allstun says:

    My memories of Fannie May I would have to say is that I have heard of these but have not ever had a chance to try them. I do love chocolate like most women and these do look like they would be great tasting especially the Pixies that are being given as a prize they have yummy caramel in them. There is nothing that taste any better then chocolate and caramel.

  44. Lucy says:

    I have so many Fannie Mae memories. When I worked in downtown Chicago, I loved taking a walk to the factory store and having an ice cream bar and a 1/4 lb. of Pixies for lunch. Ah, the days of being in my 20s, and eating whatever I wanted! Glorious!

    I always loved going into a Fannie Mae store and getting my mom a beautiful box of dark chocolate vanilla buttercreams. They are Mom’s favorite, and she always tore the box right open and started eating a piece. Now that I live out of town, I like to surprise Mom with a box of either buttercreams or Pixies, or even cashews. She loves all sorts of chocolate but we all know how special Fannie Mae is, and I love how I can order it online!

    I also love going into a Safeway grocery store and picking up the holiday candies. The little chocolates are a special treat for me! They remind me of home, and that is a wonderful place to be.

  45. Charlotte LeBlanc says:

    As a treat, my dad used to get pixies for us to share. I can remember how excited my sister and I would get when opening the box. We would all mmmmm with every bite. Then there was always the last one left in the box. Everybody wanted it, but we did not want to take the last one. We always gave the last one to Daddy.

    Now, I buy the nut assortments, which became my favorite. I use the create an assortment for that family member who has certain favorites from Fannie Mae, as gifts at Christmas. They look forward to them every year.

  46. Deb C. says:

    Every year my dad would buy my mom dark chocolate covered vanilla buttercreams – her favorites! Now that my dad has passed away, my sister and I still order those buttercreams for her on special occasions. A delicious treat!

  47. Lindsay Yurgilas says:

    I can remember being as young as 4 and 5 eating Pixies. My dad would ALWAYS buy them for my mom as her “treat” for dealing with all 4 of us children. Let me tell you to that I have two sisters and a brother and that all of us girls are a year apart, so needless to say, my mom LOVED her treats. Me and my other siblings would sneak in there and steal a piece at a time and no one knew the other siblings were doing the same thing. Needless to say, by the time my mom went to enjoy her treat after all of us kids went to bed, the box would be empty, except for the brown wrappers. It was such a great memory, but my mom would never say anything to us about her “missing” candy. However, she would always try and hide them in a better spot, but you couldn’t hide Pixies from us kids. We would find them EVERYTIME. The thing is that the closest store that sold Pixies was over three hours away at the time and there was no internet. Still love them to this day and so does everyone else.

  48. Lori C. says:

    I was not fortunate enough to grow up with Fannie May chocolates. However, several years ago my husband was working on a long-term project in southern Wisconsin where we were introduced to Fannie May candies. They were really good and everytime I see the Fannie May name now I associate with the good memories we made there.

  49. Jodi B. says:

    Our family has been enjoying Fannie May chocolates for years! We all have our favorites. I love the Pixies (and I’ve turned my boyfriend on to them too!) My Mom loves the Mint Meltaways. My dad and brother love the assortments so they get some variety. I remember specifically enjoying them most around the holidays. My grandmother used to buy us each our favorites as gifts. She always wrapped them in red paper so we always knew which gift was “Our Treat!” Fannie May always helped make Christmas extra special in our house!

  50. Bessie Burnsed says:

    I remember as a teenager at Christmas, my grandmother would always send me a box of Fannie Mae chocolates and my mom would get mad. I’m sure she wanted to pass them out herself but these babies were mine.

  51. stephanie ann says:

    When I was in high school, one of my teachers always had your chocolates in her desk. If you were on her good side, you could score a tasty treat.

  52. Jenni Ascher says:

    My favorite Fannie May memory is that growing up in CA, we didn’t have Fannie May, but my mom had grown up in IL and adored Fannie May. Every Easter, we got multiple boxes of the Fannie May easter eggs from my grandma, and all of us savored and enjoyed every sliver (literally, we’d slice it in slivers!) to make it last as long as possible. Now that I’m “grown up”, I can buy my own Fannie May whenever I desire to have shipped to me in Florida!

  53. Alyssa Shumate says:

    I remember traveling for a family reunion and finding out that the foods we brought had all gone bad due to low ice in our cooler, except for our Fannie Mae Chocolates. They stayed chilled at just the right temp and we enjoyed the heck out of them.

  54. Jim Baldus says:

    I just wanted to tell you about how much my mother loves these chocolates. You knew you were in good with her whenever you brought her some Fannie May. You could even skip school and she would not tell dad, had you brought her chocolate.

  55. Hillary Guillot says:

    I received some of these Fannie May chocolates from my boyfriend for my birthday. I loved them so much that I made all of my friends send me some more. I’m craving them now and need you to send them right away. I have a sweet tooth today.

  56. Stephen Burnsed says:

    Yes, I bought my girlfriend some chocolates for her birthday and because they were a gift to her, she did not want to share them, at all. I had to beg for a piece and she had me buy her another box, just for that one piece she gave me.

  57. Shannon Baldus says:

    I remember my great grandmother sitting in her kitchen and cutting her chocolates in half. This way she could see which ones she wanted and get them first. To this day, I cut my chocolate candies in half just for the memories.

  58. Nancy Hillegeist says:

    This is so exciting. I love Fannie May Chocolate. I grew up on Fanny May and there was always a box sitting in our living room for the guest to enjoy. You can choose me for your winner. Thanks

  59. Jody M says:

    Growing up in Mishawaka, Indiana, my best Fannie May memories are from Easter. Every Easter the Easter bunny brought me a huge chocolate Easter bunny, foil covered chocolate crayons, pink and yellow bunnies and chicks on sticks, foil covered eggs, and other assorted chocolate delights. I loved them so much that I would save some of them and never eat them. When I moved out to go to college, I found several chocolates from years past that were too cute to eat! When the local stores closed, I thought Fannie May was gone forever, but lo and behold I found them on the internet on the day after Easter a few years ago when I was trying to find out what really happened! Now every Easter my daughter finds Fannie May delights in her Easter basket!

  60. Karen Wold-Wallis says:

    I’m a second generation Southern Californian, so all my life I’d been raised a See’s Candies girl. I didn’t know that Fannie May Candy existed until the mid-late 80’s!! My husband worked for a computer company and did a lot of business travel, so since I don’t work outside the house, I got to accompany him on many of these trips (paying my own expenses of course). One of these trips was to Atlanta, Georgia and there was a woman in the class he was teaching there who lived locally and was a fellow chocoholic, like myself. She told him about Fannie May, said we HAD to try them, and she brought in some samples!!

    It was the first time I’d tasted Fannie May chocolates and discovered their really dark chocolate, which is my favorite! She brought me a Dark May and a Bitter Mint, as well as a couple of others, but they weren’t the really dark chocolate. Ever since that day, I stopped being a See’s Candies girl and became a Fannie May girl!

    If we have a chance to go to Chicago, or even have a lay-over in Chicago, we always make time to get a box there of the Dark Mays and Bitter Mints, as well as the Raspberry Creams, even tho that chocolate isn’t that dark. But even better than that, since I can “customize” my own pound boxes, I’m able to order from Fannie May and have them sent to my house!

    I really wish Fannie May had a store location in the San Diego area!!!

  61. Denise Spreitzer says:

    Growing up southwest of Chicago, I was rewarded with treats from Fannie May as a little girl. My grandmother managed a card shop in our local mall, which was just a few stores down from Fannie May. When I would go to the shop and help her out, she would walk me down to Fannie May for a special treat for helping her out. As I grew older, Fannie May became, and still remains, the best source for gift giving. I now live in Washington state, but treat myself and friends often. Each piece brings back wonderful memories!

  62. Kayla Skye says:

    Growing up I`v always been chunky so its obvious, I love chocolate, my one memory that I could never for get is going and sneaking into the living room early in the morning on Easter day and eating this big two foot long chocolate bunny. I thought I would die from all the sugary goodness, I would just love it if I could have this prize of chocolates to share with my family so I could have a new memory thanks to your delicious chocolates.


    Growing up in Chicago (the candy capital of the world!) Fannie May was almost a staple in my diet! We always had Fannie May candy for the holidays and when Aunt Mary came for a visit. She always brought my favorite, Peppermint Ice! My best memory was learning the markings of the hand dipped chocolates from my mom. She worked at one of the stores in downtown Chicago and that was how they knew the centers of each of the chocolates. I thought that the nougats were the hardest ones. I never got them right. But I could always tell a vanilla buttercream, a rum and chocolate covered cherry!

  64. Jennifer Savage says:

    My favorite Fannie May memory……Many years ago I worked at a very busy resort as the Front Office Manager and over several years of working there I got to know my customers quite well. I had one couple from Chicago who would visit the resort every summer and we got to be good friends. After they left the resort they had a Fannie May basket delivered to me. It was amazing!! Trinidads, Mint Meltaways and Pixies. Still to this day that Fannie May gift basket has to be one of my most favorite gifts ever. No other chocolate can compare!

  65. Connie Schumacher says:

    On the corner of Raldolph and Wabash in Chicago, Illinois was once located the most wonderful of all Fanny May Outlet Stores. When you walked into the store it smelled like heaven (Yes, heaven smells like chocolate.), the “sales ladies” gave you free samples of chocolates, which made every customer extra happy, and best of all, one could purchase those yummy candies at a reduced price. When I worked in the Loop, I would make a bee-line to the Fanny May Outlet Store on a weekly basis. In my book, it even beat out the old Marshall-Fields as a destination location, when I was in the city. :)

  66. Kathy says:

    I remember my introduction to Fannie May Chocolates. My Grandmother had bought me some for my birthday (I’m a serious chocoholic). I devoured the whole box…didn’t share with anyone. After that, getting Fannie May chocolates for my birthday and various holidays became a tradition. My grandmother passed away a few years ago, so my dad continued the tradition. And now, DH does it for me. I’m nice though, and will share with him. (well, as long as it’s not the Mint Meltaways. I never share those with anyone!)

  67. Nancy Johnson says:

    For 12 years I worked as an LPN in hospitals and at holidays, especially Christmas time there was always boxes of Fannie May candies at the nurses stations given to us by doctors and patients. My favorite was the 2 pound box of Colonial assortment. I knew what ever single one had inside! Though I feasted on several different ones as quite a few were my favorites.

  68. Leah B. says:

    Growing up in Chicago (SW side) in the post war ’50s in a household of nine people did not leave much room for luxuries. But every once in a while, my father would bring my beleaguered mom a 2 lb. box of Fannie Mae candy, probably the Colonial assortment. There were five of us kids, and she kindly and generously shared this treat with all of us. A two-piece limit each took most of her box. I learned all the varieties by sight. I remember once stealing into her bedroom and swiping an extra piece. I still feel the guilt from that event. I got my very own 2 lb. box when I was ten years old and in the hospital for emergency appendicitis surgery. I was so thrilled…until I found several pieces were disappearing nightly. We suspected the night nurses were helping themselves. True justice for me, I guess. Fannie Mae was always something really special in our house. I wish I could share some now with my mother. It is not to be. Perhaps Fannie Mae will be part of our “heaven.” Please bring back the Carmarsh!

  69. Kris Taranec says:

    As a little girl, Sunday afternoons were a special time with my dad. He’d take me to the park to play and then somewhere for a treat. Many times, that treat was the Fannie May Chocolate store! I would always get the same thing; Mint Meltaways. LOVE them! Then, he’d buy a box to bring home to my mom. Great memories!

  70. Molly says:

    My favorite Fannie May memories come from working at Fannie May! While it was crazy I loved Christmas time. Crazy busy from morning till night. We had so much fun with our regular customers and meeting new people. It was very rare for people to be grumpy…because how can you be grumpy when buying delicious chocolate? I also loved getting fresh Caramel BonBons in and watching people’s faces when they happened to come in on a day when we had them. SO many great memories!

  71. M.Delk says:

    My former boss used to order Fannie May Pixies for all of his family and clients during the holidays (it was a tradition). I had to organize the whole fiasco of shipments since it was cheaper for us to mail it out ourselves. I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about … until I tried my first Pixie and I was hooked.

    Now, every year I treat myself and my family to Pixies during the holidays. I order a pound for myself (off limits to everyone) and a 2 lb box for the family. No other candy can compare!

  72. Maria P. says:

    MANY years ago, there was a Fannie May shop a few blocks from my house. One of my best friends got a part-time job there (we were teenagers). Often times, after school, I would walk up to visit her while she was working. I would help her clean up and close the shop and she would give me a few mint-meltaways. I loved those chocolates – there’s nothing like them. To this day, each year, my husband makes sure there is a box of mint-meltaways under the tree for me.

  73. Angela Vado says:

    My favorite memories are of my Grandfather. He always brought home 20 lbs. of Fanny May. He would bring me fudge with nuts or the little suckers. Whenever I eat Fanny May I think of him. And he has made me a life time fan!

  74. Jen E says:

    Growing up, my mom would get a box of milk chocolate buttercreams for special occasions (e.g., anniversary, holiday) and she would (not very willingly) dole out one piece to each of us kids and made sure that we knew that the rest were hers. I remember the first time I found her stash. She kept them in the freezer, buried. Hmmm, I thought…she’d never know one was missing from what was left. So, I liberated one. When I realized that the ecstacy lasted slightly longer when frozen, I helped myself to another. And another. Needless to say, she definitely realized that most of her stash was missing when she went back to it! Now that I’m much older and nearly every time I travel to the Chicago area, I pop into a Fannie May and get myself my very own box of milk chocolate buttercreams. And when I’m feeling generous, I’ll dole some out to my mom. =)

  75. Sarah Hettinger says:

    A couple years ago my son’s school did a Fannie May fundraiser at the holidays. We loved helping the school out & ordering some of our favorite candies. Family & friends even loved it, doing some holiday gift shopping & getting their loved ones their favorites as well. And then, we celebrated the holidays with our favorite candies out for everyone to enjoy at our gatherings. Who doesn’t love a creamy mint meltaway or a to-die-for pixie?

  76. Margaret Branca says:

    My favorite memory of Fannie May was as a child my Grandma always had Fannie May for special occasions. Her favorites were Mint Meltaways. It was always a special treat to go to the Fannie May store with her to pick up her favorite candy because she would let us grandkids pick our favorites candy. I was introduced to Pixies, Buttercreams and Trinidads! Thanks for bringing back some great memories fo delicious candy and my wonderful grandma!

  77. Christine in CO says:

    Fannie May…what a fun tradition you were when I was growing up with relatives in Whiting, IN! The tradition for our holidays (Thanksgiving & Christmas) was that after dinner and later in the evening while visiting with family, “THE BOX” would appear…inside were the prettiest mint green meltaways ever. As a small child with a sweet tooth, I remember thinking how special we must all be to get one or two of the anticipated treasures. The rustling of the white candy paper that held each one – ever so gently – was a nice addition that made these treasured mints feel even more special. So glad I can still order you online (my grown up taste buds now favor the dark choc. butter creams), but when I head back to the Windy City, I always love the stores!!! Maybe consider one here in CO…we have other candy shoppes here, but NONE compare…in fact, I won’t even shop them. Your true fan (with MANY others here in CO) xo

  78. marianne brevik says:

    Fannie Mae is so important in many events of my life. The two most important memories were the birth of my children. By giving me Pixies on a weekly basis, this enabled my husband to live through two terrible hormonal adventures. Live on in infamy,Pixies!!

  79. my mom and dad always gave us Easter candy from Fannie May – we each got a box of our favorites – no fake wax candy for us! HA HA. Always a great memory! Plus we also got the big creme filled Easter egg that was beautifully decorated. :) I always got mint meltaways! :)

  80. Kelly Mills says:

    The best of the best and forget the rest…. I had my FIRST box of Fannie May chocolates last month in Chicago…. Wow!!! Enough said…

  81. I grew up getting Fannie May candies in my Easter basket. I knew the candy I got was better than what other kids got, and was convinced that the Easter bunny must like me a whole lot more.

  82. Janet B. says:

    I grew up in Chicago so Fanny May was my favorite candy practically from the cradle. I can remember every year before Valentines Day my brother, sister and I would ask mom for money. It was to buy her a Valentines present and I laugh now to think that she in essence paid for it herself , but back then we didn’t think about it and she didn’t care.

    Well, every year it was the same thing. We bought her a large Fanny May heart shaped box, covered in ribbons and lace. Inside were the yummy treats we just knew SHE loved. She would ooo and ahhh and then after one piece, the box would go into the fridge. Inevitably, about 2 weeks later, my mom, who wasn’t a big sweets eater, would go into the refrigerator to get some Fanny May. What did she find??

    A beautiful Pink or Red heart shaped box, covered in lace and ribbons, filled with…. one piece of candy.

    Over the days, my siblings and I slowly but surely would sneak in and eat the delicious chocolate pieces one by one and then leave the almost empty box. I’m not sure which of us would have had the nerve to eat that last piece if it had sat even longer. I don’t think I could have done it lol.

    I prefer my Fanny May being eaten in the open now and not ill gotten gains, but I still love the memory of my mom, who is gone now, pretending to be mad when she opened that box. :-)

  83. Kathy Gorski says:

    Biting the heads off the Fannie May chocolate bunnies every easter morning .

  84. Michelle Moore says:

    It’s Pixies that bring our family together. No matter what is going on in the house, if there is a box of Pixies arriving, we will all be in one room eating them! Now a days it takes something special to get the kids away from their activities, but Pixies seem to do the trick…. every time!

  85. Patti Alms says:

    Growing up, visiting the Fannie May store was a special treat. It was even more special to work right next door to the Fannie May store when I grew older. It was fun to stop and visit with the friendly ladies every morning….but even more special to purchase candy every Friday after getting paid. But the “nicest” memory of all, was when we expereinced a gas meter explosion in our store and the ladies from Fannie May came out on the street and brought us our “favorite” Fannie May candy as a comfort on that horrible afternoon as firefighters worked to save our store. To this very day, I consider Fannie May candy a comfort food and the Fannie May employees wonderful people!

  86. Karen Steph says:

    Growing up in northern IL — Fannie May was always the “best” chocolate to eat. I always knew fall time meant that Fannie May would have their big fudge sale which I stocked up on. Over the years, there were times when I’d have to drive back to IL to stock up on my Fannie May candy, but now I only have to drive a couple miles since they opened a store again here.

  87. Linda Sue Johnson says:

    My first memory of Fannie May candies is that it was always the gift of choice when my father bought my mother Valentine’s Day candy, or any other special event. It wasn’t until years later that I found out….the rest of the story!
    When my mother was young and moved to Chicago from Alabama, she moved in with her cousin. Her cousin immediately found my mother a boyfriend so they could double-date. My parents met in December. The next Valentine’s Day – their first – both girls were sick with the flu. But both boyfriends came over with flowers and candy, just like good boyfriends do. When both girls could not eat the candy, the boys proceeded to eat the whole box by themselves! My parents were married that April. My father has been buying Fannie May candy boxes every since as a reminder of their first Valentine’s Day…..and he was not allowed any candy unless she gave it to him!!!!!

  88. Tammie Chocklett says:

    I’ve never had Fannie May chocolates. I love chocolate and yours look delish!

  89. Annette Berry says:

    When I was turning 12 years old (back in the 1960s) I needed to have eyeglasses for the first time. That was a big expense for my family and I was told that it would be my birthday gift! On the big day in February, I was happy to receive a second gift, though: a Valentine’s Day box of Fannie May!! It was the first whole box of chocolates I ever received. I shared, but everyone had to ask me first. I know how to make good things last. :-)

  90. Heather Bridenstine says:

    My husband and I moved to Dekalb, Illinois so that he could attend school in 2001. We left behind all of our family and our son was only 9 months old at the time. It was very lonely. While my husband was at school, I would stroll our son around the small town and neighborhood. We discovered a Fanny May store around the corner on one of our strolls one day. It was love at first taste!! We have been hooked ever since, and our move was made a lot sweeter by your delicious treats!!

  91. Mary Ellis says:

    I’d have to say my Fannie May memories are from my high school days. I used to work for Fanny Farmer, which is now merged with Fannie May and had the same products. It was such a great job, and any time I eat Fannie May chocolates it reminds me of the carefree days of my youth.

  92. Crystal Dodson says:

    My favorite memory is my husband bringing some home one night 12 years ago and they were openened and i asked why and he said that he wanted to eat one on the drive home…Well when i opened the box to get one there was an engagement ring inside the box of pixies. They are both of our favorites. We will be married 10 years on December29th…This is and will always be my best memory of Fannie May candies….

  93. Kelly Hazelrigg says:

    I remember when Fannie May candies used to be at the Hickory Point Mall in Forsyth, Il next to Decatur, Il. My grandmother always brought boxes of candies for everybody during mostly for the holidays. No matter what the holiday we would get different flavors of Fannie May candies. Our favorite candies each holiday is for halloween it was pixies candy that is my father’s favorite. Christmas we would by your egg nog creams which is my mother’s favorite. Easter is was you chocolate eggs, and bunnies which is my favorite. Now, that my grandmother is no longer with us, we always try to keep up the tradition to everybody else in the family. Just like my grandmother would of done. Thank you for reading my memorie of Fannie May Candies.

  94. Linda Gray says:

    Growing up in Park Ridge, IL, I so fondly remember walking past the Picwik Theater at Christmas time with my Grandmother holding my hand so I wouldn’t slip in the snow. We would go get Pixies and Milk Chocolate Buttercreams. When she passed away several years ago, I was in her room going thru her dresser drawer. There in the last drawer was a little dish with the inscription “Fanny May”. Now when I order candy online, I always get out that dish and put a few candies on it. Such warm feelings.

  95. Barb Wilken says:

    My mom loved the Pixies or as she called them, Turtles. After I moved out, I would buy her a box every year for Mother’s Day. She’s always open them and give me one. She died in 1990 and I miss bringing them to her but at her funeral, I had a box of them, buried her with a box of Pixies in her hands. Everyone loved them so much, they kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to let them go. I did.

  96. Betty Conley says:

    When I was growing up in Chicago in the 40’s and 50’s, my father was a fireman and my mother was a clerk in a school, which was located near the Fannie May factory. They had a store in which they sold candy that was not good enough to be packaged and sold in boxes. Every payday my mother would buy a small bag to bring home for the family. Since the filling was usually poking out of the candy, we four kids were always able to get our favorites. I still remember how delicious it was to this day.

  97. Joseph Lee says:

    I have been a fan of Fannie May for many years. Everytime I made a trip to the mall I would always drop by the Fannie May store and pick me up some chocolate. My favorite was the roasted coconut cocolate square bars. They were the best and no one has had anything that was as good. When Fannie May had left the Saint Louis area around 2004, made sure I went into my local store and bought up all the roasted coconut chocolate square bars they had and I packaged that up and kept them in a deep freeze in the basement. About three years after that I had thought it was all long gone and I had forgotten that I had hidden some in different box in the deep freeze and when I opened it up and ate some of those hidden treasures it was amazing. I had been missing them so bad, I just wish Fannie May still offered them. Now that Fannie May is back in the Saint Louis area I just have the Pixies to survive on, which isn’t too bad of a compromise.

  98. ray dust says:

    I’ve been buying FM candies for 60 years and sadly had a bad experience at Crystal lake store that couldn’t fill my 3-two pd boxes. I wrote a letter to Chicago address on Oct 3 but never got a response to my amazement and explained the whole thing. This obviously didn’t bother anyone. I spend on the average $100. to $125. with about $1200 a yr as I live 375 mi from Chgo and buy for a few friends also. So WHAT HAPPENED TO MY RESPONSE THERE FANNIE MAY CANDIES??????..Maybe you new folks dont need the sales. I use to get this candy when the factory was on Diversey Ave in the way the chocolate covered cherries were more juicy before. I will tend to still buy the candy but sure not happy about my experience on Oct 3,2010

  99. Jennifer A. says:

    When I was a little girl, my grandmother would take me downtown to do a little afternoon shopping. She loved to shop! Neither of us had much money to spend, but we knew where to spend a little more to get a lot more quality…especially when it came to chocolate! We would always stop in Fannie May for a hand-picked mixed box of chocolate heaven. It was a special treat to spend time with her and to bond over such a delicious delight. Life was sweet.

  100. Adina says:

    We use to walk to Westgate in Toledo Ohio and my mom would let us go into the Fannie May store and each pick out a candy bar. It was the best chocolate ever. This was in the 70’s but I still talk about it with my friends from back there. We are now in Arizona, no Fannie May.

  101. Patty Mitchell says:

    I used to go to the snack shop with my grandfather. It was really a gift shop but my grandad called it the snack shack. He would always pick me out a big piece of chocolate and make me promise to never tell grandma. She always kept him from snacking before any given meal. I miss you grandpa. Do have chocolate waiting for me when I get to heaven.

  102. So Many Memories, So Much Chocolate….

    I grew up with Fannie May Chocolates. My mother and I used to take the bus to go shopping in Chicago, and one of my favorite times was when we were stop at the Fannie May shop at the corner of Belmont and Central with its white, clean, sterile environment, delicate, older ladies with hairnets on, and overwhelmingly wonderful smell. At the holidays, we would stop there to pick up delectable gifts to give family members. It was one of my favorite places to go.
    Every year, we would receive a Fannie May Chocolates catalog in the mail, which brought a sense of excitement, because my mother always sent my aunt a box of chocolates since she lived in another state.
    My mother does not hardly eat anything, but one gift that I could always buy her was a box of Fannie May chocolates, often the peanut Pixies. Once I got married, I also started buying them for my husband, too.
    When I heard that Fannie May was going to be closing down a few years back, I was shocked and could not believe it. I felt like a part of my childhood was being torn from me. I am very particular about candy, and Fannie May is one of the only ones that I eat and totally love. Needless to say, I was overjoyed when I found out that Fannie May would stay open under different ownership– new owners, same great candy and tradition.
    Now that I live in Wisconsin, I get a few pieces of candy whenever I can get to a mall that has a Fannie May Chocolates location. I also order holiday gift boxes of Fannie May chocolates from Market Day every year, and often include them as part of a homemade fruit, nut and candy gift basket that I put together for family members.
    Fannie May has played a big part in my life, providing many good memories and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate goodness. Long live Fannie May!

  103. J McGuire says:

    Growing up, my family hosted Christmas celebrations for our cousins, aunts and uncles. And every year, someone would bring my mom a hostess gift of Pixies, Colonel Assortment and/or Mint Meltaways. My brothers and I would “sneak” into these awesome chocolates and poke holes into the assortment mix until we found the ones we liked. We would also eat rows of the mints so they would remain “even” as if they werent taken…it always took a few days before mom caught on and hid them. Fannie May and Christmas go hand in hand…LOVE THEM!!!! It’s fun to see my kids go nuts over them now!

  104. Nancy Hillegeist says:

    I craved Fannie May chocolates all of my life. My mom used to buy me a box for my birthday when I was much younger. Well, my birthday is coming up and I’m calling my mom now. I want chocolate that rocks with taste. I want to be your lucky winner.

  105. Chanie Y. says:

    The first time I ever tasted Fannie May chocolate was when I was in sixth grade. My father was a teacher and I would sometimes sit in on his classes. One day he brought two rectangular white boxes with the words Fannie May printed on the covers and passed them around. There was an assortment of creams; in bittersweet, dark, semi-sweet, or milk coatings, with raspberry, strawberry, orange, lemon, and chocolate fillings. They were delicious and we had so much fun seeing what was inside each of them. Ever since then I’ve loved Fannie May and their chocolates. They are my absolute favorite and would buy them as a gift because I know anyone would love them. They are clearly set apart from everyone else with their discernible fine quality.

  106. Lori P. says:

    My sister started giving me Fannie May Pixies for Christmas around fifteen years ago, and they quickly became one of my absolute favorite gifts ever. She always gives a 2 lb. box to each member of my family because we all love them so much. My husband usually eats his entire box before Christmas Day is even over. I love the way the caramel just melts in my mouth! They are so delicious! Now when I think of Christmas and special occasions I think of Pixies.

  107. Val Z says:

    I learned about great chocolate from my mother. Coincidentally, that meant Fannie May.
    Pixies were my mom’s favorite Fannie May chocolates. As a child, I remember walking to our local Hallmark store to buy her Pixies for Mother’s Day & any other time I could afford it. She was always so willing to share.
    It was always a treat to visit a Fannie May store & order our favorite candies from the counter.
    When I moved away, I found it difficult to believe that other parts of the country didn’t have Fannie May. I would have friends bring it to me whenever they were visiting Chicago.
    I am thrilled with the advances in technology so I can order fine chocolate via the internet and I can now teach my children about Fannie May. Now whenever we have family gatherings, someone will inevitably bring some Mint Meltaways or Pixies.
    Thanks for helping me continue the tradition!

  108. I am from Chicago and have enjoyed Fannie May candies (buttercreams, mint meltaways, pixies, nuts, and most chocolates) throughout the years. I am 71yrs old now and believe it or not, still enjoy ordering the “tower” at Christmas. My husband, from Tennessee, never heard of Fanny May but fell “in love” with all of the chocolates, especially the pixies. We have many friends and relatives who LOVE Fanny May!
    Thank you for your exquisite treats. (Makes life is worth living!)

  109. Brenda Esselman says:

    Chocolate makes every occasion better. every day better. Now we know dark chocolate is healthy for our bodies like all chocolate is great for our happiness. I am making myself very hungry for Fannie May chocolates at this very moment.
    I am going to get several boxes for Christmas gifts. My Mom always had Fannie May on the Christmas table for everyone to enjoy.

  110. Brenda Esselman says:

    PS I am going to get a Fannie May chocolate club gift membership for the holiday’s. He will just love it

  111. Lora Huls says:

    Pixies! Need I say more?

  112. My first and fondest memory of the Mint meltaways was when I was in junior high and we moved and I had to change schools. My classmates bought me some going away presents and the mint meltaways were one of them. They are absolutely the best! They do literally melt in your mouth, so rich and creamy. I have not tried one thing that is even close to the quality of Fannie May candies. I now live in Arizona and I order online and my children are as fond of them as I am. Sometimes at Christmas time a few of the stores have the mint meltaways and pixies available in a small package.

  113. terri peterson says:

    I would love to share any box of Fanny May with a chocolate lovin’ friend. Her favorite is a box of Pixies, and the Trinidads are her second favorite. The fresh quality and great taste of Fanny May show why they are celebrating 90 yrs.

  114. Jessica E says:

    Fannie May is by far the best chocolate to me! I grew up getting it for every holiday! Missed it very much when it was gone for awhile there… My favorites are Trinidads and Pink Ladies and Pixies and Dixies and Mint Meltaways and Strawberries w/ the toasted coconut on them!!! I LOVE the toasted coconut!!! Wish I could get some of those yummo strawberries again! Do need to add that the Trinidads need to go back to the older recipe with MORE of the coconut, they do not taste the same as they use to taste!!! I still like them but loved them when they had more coconut!!!

  115. Brenda Esselman says:

    I have never had a better chocolate than Fannie May, and I have tried alot. When pared with scrumptious fresh ripe strawberries, it is pure estacy.

  116. nancy hillegeist says:

    please pick me i would love to present this to my mom…she has been so supportive in my life and always let me have the last chocolate and now i would like to share with her…thanks so much

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