How to: Set Up a Grown-Up Holiday Hot Chocolate Bar

When the weather gets cooler I automatically want to cozy up with a big cup of hot cocoa. This year we’re hosting a hot cocoa party that includes a hot chocolate bar complete with all the trimmings!

Setting up a hot cocoa bar is pretty easy and very yummy! Gather up your mugs (you could always encourage guests to bring their favorite holiday mug if you wanted), a few different flavors of hot cocoa mix like the Fannie May hot cocoa trio. Offer a variety of different toppings or add-ins you think your guest would enjoy.


Spice It Up

The delicious hot chocolate from Fannie May was the base of all our cups of cheer. For toppings we offered peppermint, marshmallows, caramels, chocolate, white and caramel chips. We created a “Spice It Up” printable to give our guests some ideas on how they could fancy up their cocoa. We displayed our Spice it Up printable it in an inexpensive frame that we sprayed gold.


Spike It

Hot cocoa keeps us warm, but if you’re still chilly add a splash of alcohol to your hot cocoa will really keep you toasty. We offered a “Spike It” station where adults could add things like peppermint vodka, cinnamon liqueur or amaretto to their hot cocoa.

For an extra sweet touch we tied our cup of cheer printables to our mugs.


Sweet Treats to Eat

I offered our guests pirouettes and Fannie May Mini Melt Aways to enjoy while sipping their cocoa and displayed them in my favorite Santa mug and plate set.

These little appetizers paired really well with our hot cocoa and gave guests something small to munch on while sipping their cocoa and chatting.


Table Decorations

Our hot cocoa bar needed some holiday décor. We didn’t want to make it too crowded or cluttered but we needed something to add to the festivities.

In keeping with our gold diy theme this year we spray painted mini trees with gold spray paint. We also decorated our hot cocoa bar with small nutcrackers that we picked up at the dollar store.

adult-hot-chocolate-bar7 adult-hot-chocolate-bar6

Take Home Recipe Card Printables

adult-hot-chocolate-bar8 adult-hot-chocolate-bar9
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Mint Meltaway Martini

Peppermint is one of the iconic tastes of the holiday season. But when it’s mixed with smooth chocolate? Now, that’s just a match made in dessert heaven.

Chocolate and mint are no strangers to each other. In fact, we’ve devoted an entire roundup to how much we love the two dessert combos together. Mint chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate peppermint bars and of course, Fannie May Mint Meltaways. The candy treat is the perfect amount of rich chocolate and mint into one little bite. Can you stop at just one? Didn’t think so.

For the holidays, Fannie May released their own holiday version of the mint meltaway. The traditional green and brown candies are coated in white chocolate, and covered in red and green sprinkles. How cute are they? The tasty candy treat inspired me to put my mixology hat on (if you’re curious, my mixology hat is a bowler hat, although fedoras and newsboy caps are also acceptable), and got to mixing. The result is a smooth, creamy cocktail that’s as beautiful as it is delicious – just like the mint meltaway itself!


Although the holiday mint meltaway is white, I wanted to pay homage to the classic year-round meltaway, which is why I went for a green cocktail. I used white chocolate liqueur (which isn’t that easy to find, so you may have to check a few liquor stores), and green creme de menthe. The resulting color was a lot lighter (and more bluish?) than I was expecting, so feel free to add some green food coloring to get a more rich green color. The splash of half-and-half gave it more of a rich taste while diluting some of the booze.

This drink can be served at a Christmas cocktail party, or for dessert. Or if you are just looking for a delicious treat to whip up together while baking cookies or listening to Christmas carols! Be sure to keep the actual mint meltaways close by; they make the perfect cocktail garnish or in-between-sip treat.



  • 10 ounces white chocolate liqueur
  • 10 ounces creme de menthe (I used the green version)
  • 4 ounces half-and-half
  • Whipped cream, for garnish
  • Red and green sprinkles, for garnish
  • Fannie May Mint Meltaways, for garnish


Combine all of your ingredients into a big cocktail shaker with ice. Add green food coloring, if you’d like a more vibrant green color. Shake, shake, shake!

Pour the cocktail into 4 separate cocktail glasses or martini glasses. Top with whipped cream, sprinkles and Fannie May Mint Meltaways.

Makes: 4 cocktails

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Dads Like Dessert Too! 5 Twists on Dessert for Father’s Day

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and what better way to sweet dad’s Father’s Day than with desserts?! Here are 4 of our favorite Fannie May desserts with a sweet twist.. and one surprise treat you can make at home to really wow dear old dad.

Upgraded Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Traditional chocolate covered strawberries may be mom’s favorite, but kick them up a notch with some seriously crunchy toppings and they become a treat even dad can’t resist.

Fannie May Artisan Chocolates

Dad has never experienced chocolates quite like the ones found in our artisan collection. Each piece of handcrafted chocolate found in this 12 piece assortment is a different flavor, each equally irresistible – from bourbon vanilla to lemonade.

Hot Fudge Truffles

There are few who can resist the allure of hot fudge.. that’s why we turned this fan favorite into truffle form with our Hot Fudge Truffles!

Coconut Spice Brittle

One of the hottest dessert trends is spicy & sweet, so we packed irresistible peanut brittle sweet coconut with a spicy kick.

Chocolate Covered Bacon


Last but not least.. something sweet & savory you can make on your own – Chocolate Covered Bacon! Make a batch for brunch or throw in a festive box for the perfect gift for a treat that’ll make other dads jealous!

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95th Anniversary Sweepstakes Rules

Fannie May is celebrating 95 years of creating hand crafted chocolates! In honor of this sweet milestone, join us for 95 days of chocolate giveaways! Read the official rules below, and enter the sweepstakes here.




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Fannie May Celebrates a Sweet Milestone: 95 Years

Did you know that the very first Fannie May Retail Store was opened in the year 1920 in Chicago? That makes 2015 Fannie May’s 95th anniversary! In honor of this sweet milestone, we’re celebrating by sharing some Fannie May fun facts.


The Origin of Fannie May

  • The founder of Fannie May, H. Teller Archibald, had an old-fashioned vision for the company from the start
  • The name, “Fannie May,” was chosen to give it that old-timey felling
  • The concept of the store was meant to take customers back to a time of small shops with a kindly chocolatier hand-dipping chocolate in the back.

The History of Fannie May

  • The first store was opened by H. Teller Archibald in 1920 at 11 N. LaSalle St. in Chicago
  • By 1935, there were nearly four dozen retail stores in Illinois and several neighboring states.
  • During WWII, while other companies chose to change their recipes when ingredients were scarce, Fannie May stuck with its exact recipes, making only what it could which often meant closing shops early because no more candy was available
  • In 1991, Fannie May began offering sugar-free candy
  • In 1992, Fannie May introduced their elegant truffle line

Fannie May’s Most Well-Known Candy: The Pixie

  • The Pixie was created in 1946, just after WWII
  • Pixies are smooth, buttery caramel over fresh, crunchy pecans, covered in a rich milk chocolate.
  • During the holidays, the milk chocolate Pixies receive a festive makeover with festive red & green stripes.

Looking for more classic Fannie May Fun? Check out the limited-edition collection of 95th Anniversary products for a taste back in time.

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Patriotic Party Idea: Set up a Red, White & Blue Ice Cream Bar

The time of summer celebrations is upon us! Whether you’re celebrating Memorial Day or 4th of July, give a nod to red, white and blue with a patriotic dessert spread. The party pros at Celebrations shared this must-try idea for a Patriotic Ice Cream bar that is not only festive and fun, but also very easy to set-up. Watch the video below and get the full idea at

Featured Products:

Dessert Sauces

Strawberry Shortcake Bark

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Upgrade Your Spring Party with Pastels

Looking for the perfect color palette for your spring party? How about pastels?! This stunning yet subdued palette is on-trend and simple to recreate. In fact, we love this color theme so much that we released special pastel Mint Meltaways to celebrate! Our friends at share some simple ways to add a pop of pastel to your next spring soiree. Watch the video below and get the full ideas here.

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April is National Pecan Month! 7 Delicious Ways to Celebrate

It’s no secret we at Fannie May love pecans. Irresistibly crunchy and delicious, it’s no wonder we stuff each of our signature Pixies with a healthy amount of that pecan perfection.

In honor of these nutty month, here are 6 of our favorite flavorful ways to celebrate!

Start with Something Savory


Every grand celebration starts with a mouth-watering appetizer to get that appetite going. We love this colorful Goat Cheese and Pecan Appetizer recipe from – it’s as delicious as it is stunning!


If you’re looking for something a bit heartier, these Pecan Fried Goat Cheese Poppers should do the trick. Hungry yet?

Now Onto the Pecan-Packed Sweets…


Your favorite Granny Smith Apple just got a makeover! Sweet, juicy and full of crunch, this Caramel Pecan-Covered Apple is sure to satisfy.


Who doesn’t love cheesecake? Our Pixie Cheesecake is the perfect blend of traditional cheesecake flavor with luscious caramel, rich chocolate, and of course – pecans! Indulge in a slice (or two) in honor of this sweet month.


You’ve never had chocolate covered strawberries like these before! Each of these Pixie berries come dipped in caramel-infused milk chocolate and sprinkled with pecans – the perfect way to celebrate National Pecan Month.


Of course our traditional and timeless Fannie May Pixies had to make this list. There’s a reason this sweet treat has withstanded the test of time – it’s simply irresistible!

Pair Your Sweets with this Nutty Sip


The ultimate finale for an assortment of pecan-inspired treats? Our pecan-caramel coffee, perfectly ground and ready for roasting.

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Hop to it: 5 Bunny Themed Treats for Easter

Celebrate Easter with festive sweet treats inspired by the holiday’s unsung hero: the Easter Bunny!

Hoppin’ Dirt Cups

Wow guests at your Easter celebration with a fun spin on dessert with a DIY Dirt Pudding Bar! The adorable marshmallow bunnies take this treat to the next level.


Classic Chocolate Bunnies

Of course, there’s always room for a classic Easter treat in the mix, like our solid chocolate bunnies. Choose from milk, dark or white and hop in on the flavor fun!


Chocolate Bunny Pops

These chocolate bunny pops on a stick are the ultimate Easter treat. Not only are they perfect for Easter gifts and baskets, but they can be turned into easy centerpieces with a few simple steps; all you need is a vase, some jelly beans, and of course – the bunny pops. Get the full idea here!


Bite-Sized Bunnies

Love the idea of classic chocolate bunnies but looking for something a bit more bite-sized? You’ll love these individually foil-wrapped milk chocolate bunnies.


You can even put them in a several bowls scattered throughout your spread for a hoppin’ fun touch to your décor!

Bunny Milk Bottles

Looking for the perfect drink to complement your bunny treats? How about a refreshing glass of milk served out of adorable bunny milk bottles? Get the how-to here.


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Set Up a DIY Dirt Pudding Chocolate Bar for Easter

Looking for a creative dessert idea for your Easter festivities? If you love all things chocolate, you’ll love this DIY Dirt Pudding Bar idea from


Simply set up a bar with your favorite chocolate pieces, chocolate pudding and a variety of additional toppings for a unique idea that both children and adults will love!

More Candy Ideas for your DIY Dirt Pudding Bar


Pastel Mint Meltaways


Jelly Bird Eggs

easter-dirt-pudding-bar-candies-bunniesMilk Chocolate Bunnies

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