Fannie May® Chocolate Club! 1 Lucky Winner. :)

Fannie May® Chocolate Club
Fannie May® Chocolate Club

We would like to introduce to you the Fannie May® Chocolate Club! :) We are throwing a Chocolate Party right here on our blog!

In about a paragraph or two, tell us what you love about chocolate – please limit to 1 million reasons 😉 – and how you would feel giving the Fannie May® Chocolate Club as a gift to a fellow chocolate lover! 
We will randomly select 1  lucky winner on 11/19/2010 at 10 a.m CST!


Winner Status:

 The Winner is “Lori Behr” (Post on November 12, 2010 at 6:06 pm) 

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39 Responses to Fannie May® Chocolate Club! 1 Lucky Winner. :)

  1. JD Burnsed II says:

    I would enjoy being able to save some money on chocolates for friends. Chocolate fixes my sweet tooth.

    • JoAnn Hardison says:

      I love how chocolate kisses my lips, sweetly and delicately. I love how chocolate provides the music to make my taste buds dance, kicking and splashing in the puddles from my salivary glands. I love how chocolate sparks a celebration of the euphoric neurotransmitters throughout my body.

      Giving a gift of the Fannie May Chocolate Club would make me feel warm and fuzzy with an inner glow of satisfaction, just like if I was enjoying it myself.

  2. Melissa F. says:

    I love how that little bit of chocolate can take you into another moment – a happier place if you’re down or top off the perfect day with a bit more perfection. I’d definitely give the FM chocolate club to a deserving friend or family member. My best friend is actually a new mom with loads of kids, a full-time job, and a spouse that is often out of town. She definitely needs those small moments of bliss :)

  3. Melissa says:

    My grandmother is an absolute chocoholic, so this would be a perfect gift for her. Without being near, if I want to give her a gift for a holiday I do have to send it anyway. I love that the items ship for all the holidays, though it would be nice to be able to specify additional dates as well. Perhaps I would send some on her birthday or her anniversary (Grandpa has passed away, but it is still a nice opportunity to let her know that we haven’t forgotten him. Also, it would be a little pick me up on what would otherwise be a sad day for her.)

    I’m a little confused though (honestly, it doesn’t take much), but is the price shown for just the first shipment or for the entire club? It seems too low for it to be the year rate, but a little high for just a tin of chocolates, especially if it doesn’t include shipping. Oops . . . I found it . . . it is just for one shipment.

    I think you need to be a little more specific in your sizes and quantities of chocolate. (Unless I just missed that too! LOL!)

    Also, I honestly like one rate for the year rather than a series of charges throughout the year. If I forget to put one in the book then it will throw off my accounts.

  4. Kristen Eby says:

    I’d love to give this to my dear aunt. We just moved back to our home in another state after 4 years of transferred duty and we lived only an hour from her. She is my closest relative outside of my immediate family. She was there to help us out with the kids and my pregnancies and flies out to see us if she can. I feel bad for her and the kids now that we are over 9 hours away from her. We even took her with us to Hersheypark for the kids’ first time. This would show her that we are thinking of her and miss her much. We love you Janice!

  5. Charlotte LeBlanc says:

    Why do I love chocolate? Well, overall, I like the taste. But, the satisfaction it gives my tastebuds is out of this world. It gives me that, oh this is so good feeling. Then comes, the I MUST HAVE MORE feeling. I like all the different flavors of chocolate, from milk, dark, and white, to swiss chocolate. Then when you add creme fillings, caramel, fruit, etc., it is like the icing on the cake. Did I mention cake? Chocolate cake is my favorite. So is chocolate pie. However, chocolate candies are the best. To sum it up, I am a chocolate freak. Did I say I LOVE CHOCOLATE??????

  6. Charlotte LeBlanc says:

    Did I also say I would share the Chocolate Club with my best friend who is also my significant other?

  7. Pamela Hansen says:

    Chocolate is my best friend it is always there when I need it to comfort and console me when things just arent right. Somedays I think chocolate is the only one who understands. To be able to give Fannie May Chocolates to my grandmas neighbor would be the best gift ever. Throughout the years she has been there for her helping do things that needed to be done from mowing to raking to just being there to talk. Chocolate is her best friend to so to share would be great.

  8. Lori Behr says:

    Fannie May chocolates just take me back to great memories of when I was a little girl shopping with my mom or Nana and if they had enough money we would go into the Fannie May candy shop,ahh the sweet smell was the first thing that hit you as you walked in the door! I loved looking at all the delicious chocolates in the glass cases as my mom or Nana would buy a few boxes, mom’s favorite are the butter creams and nana’s as well as my favorite were the Trinidad’s, yum the smooth chocolate centers and the delicious white chocolate and toasted coconut outside what a combo.Unfortunately in my 45 years I have seen 2 Fannie May stores come and go, how sad i really miss going in and buying your chocolates in person.

    • Fannie May Chocolates says:

      Hi Lori, Congratulations! You are the winner of the Fannie May Chocolate Club Prize! We will send you an email shortly asking for your address. Congrats!!!

      • Lori Behr says:

        Thank you so very much,I received your e-mail and I sent you my address.I cannot thank you enough!Happy Holidays!

  9. Linda Gray says:

    Fanny May brings back so many good memories of my childhood. My grandmother would tell me if I was good, she would give me a Fannie May Buttercream. No matter how bad I was being, I would stop and smile. She always gave in. I would love go give my friends so they, too, would know the joy and pleasure Fanny May brings.

  10. Karen Wold-Wallis says:

    I love the taste of Fannie May’s chocolates – the darker the better!! Since we don’t live close to a Fannie May store (when are you coming to San Diego??!!), I have to order my dark chocolate favorites online and have them shipped to me. It’s definitely the highlight of my day when I get to sit down and relax with a Dark May or a Coconut Cream. Tho it’s not the same dark chocolate, it’s a little bit lighter, my hubby’s favorite FM candy is the Raspberry Creams.

    If I was to send someone the gift of the FM Chocolate Club, I would send it to my friend Laura, who was the first person to introduce me to Fannie Mays! I like FMs much better than our local candy store, See’s Candies.

  11. Chocolate is a great indulgence for me especially after a long day when I need just a bite to melt away my stress. :)

    Some love wine, some like beer, I prefer chocolate!

    I feel this would be a great gift to give to someone, I know I’d love it. Especially since during the year, you might forget it’s coming and when it does — it’s a nice treat and surprise! :) The gift that keeps giving! And you get the opportunity to sample different types. Chocolate lovers unite !!!

  12. Janell Jones says:

    I, remember Fannie May Chocolate as a child my mom would buy them and are our favorites as a child . The cream’s so yummie, today my daughter and I, love the rich creamy filling’s in every bite.. Love them away’s your number 1 fan!!! :)

  13. Jill Kerns says:

    Fannie May has always been the favorite candy in our family. I now have 4 grands that I share my FM candy with (when we get it). There is not another candy anywhere that compares to the taste of FM. Thank you for a wonderful product. Thanks too for offering the contest.

  14. JLLopez1006 says:

    What I love about chocolate is when it is fine chocolate like Fannie May’s. I will not eat sub-par chocolate, but only one that I find to be really good. Chocolate is good because you can only eat a little bit, and be satisfied.

    I would be delighted to be able to give the Fannie May Chocolate Club to someone in my family, like my mom. She inspired the love that I have for Fannie May, and that is one of the few things that she likes to eat. I think the Chocolate Club is such a great idea, and I just wish I had the money to give the gift to myself. :)

  15. Deb Altadonna says:

    Chocolate makes everything better…It would be great to share the fannie may chocolates with all my friends and family

  16. Janet says:

    What I love about chocolate is how my taste buds feel as it melts in my mouth. When the chocolate is good, like Fannie May’s chocolate is, my taste buds sing in harmony. It’s such a wonderful feeling. As to how I would feel about giving the Fannie May Chocolate Club to a fellow chocolate lover, well, as long as that chocolate lover loves Fannie May chocolates as much as I do, I’d have no problem giving it to them as I’d know they’d enjoy it as much as I would.

  17. Linda Kraemer says:

    At the age of 15 I acquired a part-time job at Fannie Mays in Park Ridge, Illinois. I loved the people that I worked with and the wonderful chocolates. I had never tasted anything like it. We were not rich but I always thought we were because we enjoyed just being a happy family. My parents were real proud of me. I have treated our family now and the love of Fannie Mays will go down the generations.

  18. Irene Maldonado says:

    I love Fannie May Chocolate….I will not waste my taste or calories on just any chocolate. Through the years I have come to appreciate, introduce Fannie May Chocolates to my friends and family in Texas. Having lived and enjoyed Fannie May in Illinois from ’68 to 2002 ….I was so thrilled to find it on the net!!!! Been ordering ever since….gotta have it!!!!

  19. Rick B says:

    I love chocolate, especially white chocolate. Whenever I eat it, my mood always lightens up. If I had to give the Fannie May Chocolate Club to anyone, it would have to be my wife. She’s the only one I’m allowed to share chocolate with LOL!!

  20. Johnie C says:

    I’m entering this for a gift for my wife. I have never met a person with a love for milk chocolate like hers….until I realized her daughters have it to. For my wife, its the creamy, heavenly sweetness mixed with a little caramel that takes her from frazzled and ready to pull her hair out (or mine) to the wonderful, sweet and caring person that I met and married.

  21. Donna Mulholland says:

    There is nothing is more satisfying or comforting than fine chocolates from Fannie May. The simple pleasures of eating chocolate and sending my taste buds into an ecstasy all of it’s own is simply the best gift that I can give to myself anytime, anywhere.

    Any chocolate lover would be thrilled to receive a box of Fannie May Chocolates. Just the name “Fannie May” means ONLY the best chocolate for my family and friends. I love to give Fannie May chocolates and I love receiving them as well.

  22. There are so many wonderful reasons to love chocolate! The taste bring backs tones of childhood memories….Halloween, Christmas morning, Easter egg hunting…..It helps cheer me up after a hard day. It comes is so many varieties and can be used in so many ways! Also, I love it because of it’s antioxidant profile.

    My aunt is a total chocolate fiend and would love the club membership as a gift

  23. Jeanne Dombrowski says:

    We are told to strive to be the best and it is great to be able to give the gift of the best chocolate – Fannie May Confections – a tradition – an indulgence – a most welcomed gift. Yum!

  24. Emma Apple says:

    Some people are addicted to coffee, I’m addicted to dark chocolate. After a difficult day with 2 kids (one with Aspergers Syndrome) and a bed time battle, dark chocolate with a glass of milk is how I wind down. It’s bitter and sweet, good for you, doesn’t melt easily and is the perfect end to a day. If I feel like indulging, some milk chocolate or white chocolate is lovely, ideally, my indulgence would be Fannie May Vanilla Creams which I fell in love with this past summer when I got them as a gift.

    I would share the chocolate club with my good friend who is a successful Muslim food blogger, I know a true foodie would appreciate good chocolate.

  25. Janice says:

    how to put into words the sweet, smooth, decadent taste of chocolate that dances on my taste buds and slowly melts on my tongue, the sweetness tingling through every pore and lingering?

    Gifting a Fanny May Chocolate Club to a fellow chocolate lover would be fun because I know what it would be like to receive chocolate! 😉

  26. JOANNE OWENS says:

    Raspberry creme = mmmmmmmmmm
    Maple creme = mmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Coconut creme = mmmmmmmmmmmmm
    No more needs to be said about a perfect product such as yours. Silky semi-sweet chocolate cocoon filled with the creamiest of flavour laden deliciousness. I’m always just a little sad when the box has no more to offer.

  27. Anne M says:

    I dont think I personally have come across anyone who doesnt like chocolate! Thats why its the perfect gift to give someone. It shows you care about what the person obviously loves, and its like you are giving them permission to indulge just a bit on something for themselves. Chocolate makes everyone smile, of all ages! Its the perfect thing to give, receive, or even buy for yourself-everyone deserves to be spoiled sometimes! :)

  28. Barbara says:

    I love chocolate because of the smile it puts on the faces of those I give it to….no matter their age. I’ve never met a piece of chocolate I didn’t like! :) It’s the “happiness” treat. A little bite goes a long way and it’s the perfect ending to a meal or a long day. Chocolate is one of life’s little luxuries that everyone can enjoy. It also makes the perfect gift and is one of the few gifts that can be given on EVERY occasion…Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Hanukkah, as wedding favors, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, Sweetest Day, Secretaries Day, get well. Life is sweeter with chocolate!

    I’d feel proud, happy and thankful to give the Fannie Mae Chocolate Club to a fellow chocolate lover knowing I made their year a little sweeter. ♥

  29. Jonathan Ammons says:

    I have been a chocolate lover all my life. I like all flavors of chocolate. I like it plain or with nuts, fruit, cremes, a caramel. If it has chocolate on it or in it, I love it. As much as I love chocolate, it would make my heart warm to share all the goodness with a few fellow chocolate lovers. Then all of us can be doing the mmmmmmm together. We can all be saying ” this is so good” at the same time. The fun of eating good chocolates is sharing them.

  30. Cathy Bremer says:

    We used to live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago and always loved Fannie May. It was always the choice of candy for gifts. Our favorites were always a hard choice but Pixies, buttercreams, toffee and for sure the meltaways.

    Now we live in Colorado and order the candy over the internet. There are many candy stores out here, but we just don’t like them! My 97 year old Mother-in-law lives with us and she buys 10 boxes of meltaways when they go on sale. When we are back in Illinois, we stock up on our favorite candy. We were very scared when the threat of Fannie May going out of business as we don’t really like any other chocolate.

    As I sit here writing this, I look at our coffee table and there sits a box of meltaways!

  31. Denise Berube says:

    I vote you give the Chocolate Club to JoAnn Hardison – her comment was pure poetry and captures the essence of how us chocolate lovers feel about the substance. It is our drug of choice. Fannie May has the best dark bittersweet chocolate around. I love the dark chocolate vanilla creams.

    I suggest you hire JoAnn as the official promotions writer for Fannie May. I am in advertising and was not going to even enter after reading her entry. Then I thought about it some more and decided she deserved kudos for her comments. Hands down she deserves to be the winner.

  32. nancy hillegeist says:

    please pick me….my mom deserves this wonderful gift and she has been so supportive and i would like to present her with something special so she can enjoy herself…thank you so very much

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