Chocolate Covered Strawberry Party (Part 2). 2 Lucky Winners!

Fannie May Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Fannie May Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Welcome to Part 2 of the Fannie May Chocolate Covered Strawberry Party!

As everyone knows, chocolate covered strawberries are a big gift for Valentine’s Day. So for Part 2 of this party we wanted to ask you more about the emotions tied to a gift like Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

So in about a paragraph or two, tell us if you feel chocolate covered strawberries as a gift conveys the right sentiment you are aiming for.  We know this is a much more subjective question, so feel free to branch off in other directions in your comments! The reason for the question is Valentine’s is a very special holiday and we really want to always make sure our Chocolate Valentine’s Day gifts express the sentiments and emotions that you are looking for as a customer.  Because in the end, it’s an occasion in your life that we want to be a part of..a special moment. That is why your thoughts are precious to us. We literally print EACH AND EVERY COMMENT and review them in meetings.   
By the way, our Chocolate Covered Strawberries are not only big in size but they are hand dipped in REAL chocolate the day they are shipped!


We will select 2 random winners!
Winner Status:
Surprise “1st Post” Winner: Melissa (Post #1 on February 1, 2011 at 1:36 pm)
Winner #1: Tracy Armstrong (Post #11 on February 1, 2011 at 10:55 pm)
Winner #2: Nikki Ozan (Post #23 on February 2, 2011 at 4:02 pm)
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34 Responses to Chocolate Covered Strawberry Party (Part 2). 2 Lucky Winners!

  1. Melissa says:

    Strawberries definitely leave the right sentiment. They are sweet and romantic – just perfect for Valentine’s day!

    • Melissa says:

      Oops! Sorry, I pressed enter too soon!

      The chocolate is perfect for the chocoholic in your family. The strawberries show that you care about their health and well being. They are juicy and sweet. Perfect for feeding to each other.

      You can also give them to other members of the family (other than romantic partners). Because they are a unique and special gift that people don’t receive very often. Just getting them at all shows that you are really cared about.

  2. Shannon Longcore says:

    If I were to get chocolate covered strawberries from my husband of 15 years, I would be knocked off my feet. We’re to the point where he maybe will pick up a bouquet of flowers at the grocery store on the way home for Valentine’s Day. If he made the effort to plan ahead, and get something so delicious and romantic and special as these, I would be very impressed. I would just hope he gets a big enough box to share with our 3 kids, too! Now to drop some hints!

  3. Randi says:

    I plan on giving my twin boys Fannie May for holidays and special occasions like my mom did for me and my sister. Chocolate covered strawberries would be perfect for them, mostly a healthy piece of fruit with a little (or a lot) of delicious chocolate. I very fondly recall getting foil wrapped hearts from my mom for Valentine’s Day, santas for Christmas, and bunnies for Easter, and am looking forward to sharing this tradition with my boys.

  4. Val Z says:

    Personally, I think chocolate is the best gift for any & all occasions. Correction–make that Fannie May chocolate is perfect for any occasion! You combine luscious chocolate with fresh strawberries and you have perfection.
    Since I live where there is a dearth of good chocolate and I have to ship in my Fannie Mays, it means even more to me to receive Fannie May. My family & I will get together and share our stashes, reminisce about eating Fannie May back in Chicago. It’s always a happy occasion when we can share regardless of the actual occasion.
    I love sharing my special chocolates with my boys and sharing stories of when we would get them and which were their grandparents favorites too.

  5. Barbara says:

    I think chocolate-covered strawberries say that you care a lot about the recipient and I think they are perfect gift for Valentine’s Day for just about anyone….a spouse, a Mom, a sister, a child, a friend. As long as the recipient likes strawberries and chocolate, they will feel very loved receiving them. I have received chocolate-covered strawberries from a friend and although I knew they cared about me, I was very touched that they cared THAT much. They are perfect for Valentine’s Day because they have just enough sweetness, a bit of chocolate, and are the perfect color for the holiday. I definitely think they convey the sentiment and I would feel loved to receive them for Valentine’s Day.

  6. Donald Hayes says:

    I have given chocolate-covered strawberries on a number of occasions, and they never fail to impress. As a man, looking to send a romantic gift that goes beyond the stereotypical roses or box of chocolates, it’s important to me that my wife know that I make the extra effort to find something truly special to illustrate what she means to me. Her favorites are dipped in dark chocolate, but I usually buy a variety in white, milk and dark…so that she can share with the other women in her office, which scores even more “husband points” for me.

  7. Karen Wold-Wallis says:

    The chocolate-covered strawberries that I think are cute are the ones that are dipped to look like they’re wearing tuxedos! I still prefer DARK chocolate on strawberries, since the “white” chocolate isn’t chocolate at all, the milk chocolate is too sweet, so you don’t really get a full strawberry flavor. The dark chocolate would be best and would really be a great taste treat!

    I know I would certainly be happy to receive some DARK chocolate-covered strawberries in my mailbox or anywhere else! 😀

  8. Patty Mitchell says:

    If I were to receive this gift, I would get all goose bumpy because it feels like a love thing. Who gives food but a lover. And, I LOVE them

  9. Shannon Baldus says:

    I am sure that anyone receiving Strawberries that have been dipped in Fanny May chocolate would have that special felling hit them heavy in the heart and head. It would be like “Wow” I, was given this. All for me. Yes, It’s emotional.

  10. Kayla Skye says:

    I would be afraid that I would eat the whole box before I could share them. But I wont. I’m sure they will be big, fat and juicy and chocolaty. So I will. No I wont. But I will want to.

  11. Tracy Armstrong says:

    Strawberries have always been a spectacular Valentine treat. Their natural red heart shape makes them the perfect symbol for the day. For die-hard chocoholics like me, covering strawberries in the world’s best chocolate (Fannie May, of course!), makes something great even better! But for those who are watching their weight or sugar, large chocolate covered strawberries are also a wise and healthful choice. A great natural sweet covered with just the perfect amount of decadence to make it something special.

    Chocolate covered strawberries send a special message because so much more care has to go into making them. The berries have to be large, firm, sweet and fresh. The chocolate has to be just the right consistency to cover the berry perfectly. And they can’t sit on a shelf for a week or two. They are like beautiful roses – they need to be enjoyed at their peak. With visual appeal, sentiment and Fannie May chocolate covering them, nothing could say, “I love you” better than strawberries!

    On a personal note to the Fannie May company, I’d like to share something with you.

    Fannie May has been part of my family’s life since my mom worked in the Chicago stores in the 1940’s. No matter where she later lived, she often had a small stash hidden somewhere in the house. Years ago, Fannie May would only ship during the cold months, so Mom would order a lot and keep it frozen to eat through the year. And it was doled out to us kids as a rare treat or reward for special occasions. Dad almost always bought Mom some for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Mom was famous for her love of Fannie May chocolates.

    My sweet mom passed away a couple of months ago at the age of 83. In the last weeks of her life, friends from all over the country sent her Fannie May chocolates as a special treat. My dad even tucked a prettily wrapped little Mint Meltaway into her casket with other remembrances when she passed. THAT’s how much she loved it! :)

    Fannie May will always remind me of my beloved mother. It was her favorite and it is our family’s favorite. And now, I often keep a little stash of it in my own house to dole out to my kids on special occasions. Fannie May will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you for all the pleasure you gave my wonderful mom for so many years! And for doing the same for me now!


    • Cmitch920 says:

      It was my mother’s favorite also. She passed away 5 1/2 yrs ago, but the memories created sharing Fannie May chocolates will never fade.

  12. JD Burnsed II says:

    I’m all for winning some great chocolate covered strawberries. Food is from the heart.

  13. Lisa Grassetti says:

    I think emotions are definitely tied in for me with Chocolate Covered Strawberries. To me they are romantic, cute, delicious, juicy, yummy chocolate covered big strawberries with some champagne can sure set my mood for romance. It has worked for me in the past and would work again :) When I think of romance I think of that. Even after 19 years of marriage if my hubby brought me some Chocolate covered Strawberries for Valentine’s Day it would be as romantic as it was many years ago. Now I hope he does lol We go to a Casino in NJ and there is a Chocolate place that makes them and when we walked by it he stopped and bought me one when I said oh yummy chocolate strawberries. He is a good man. I am sure they are not as tasty as yours Fannie May ones though.

  14. Charlotte LeBlanc says:

    The fact that I would receive Chocolate covered Strawberries from Fannie May shows me that he cared enough to send the very best. The right sentiment would be conveyed. We both love them, and could share them together to make our Valentine’s Day special. I would rather get Fannie May than flowers.

  15. I guess I posted why I love these strawberries in the wrong place the first time around.

    The two most important things to me when buying chocolate covered strawberries are the freshness of the berries and the quality of the chocolate. A strawberry that’s anything be very fresh is just repulsive. Who wants a mushy, old strawberry? They need to be plump and juicy and taste strongly of the fruit. And what would a chocolate covered strawberry be without great chocolate? Poor quality chocolate is waxy, and not right for fresh fruit. Fortunately, Fannie May makes some of the best chocolate around.

  16. Cmitch920 says:

    Chocolate covered strawberries scream Romance for me. My husband has purchased them for me in the past, but never the lusciously large ones from Fannie May. We just recently moved back where we can get them so maybe I’ll get lucky and have them for Valentine’s Day. They are a very special treat, something I’ve only had rarely and not Fannie May. I can only imagine how wonderful the Fannie May chocolate dipped strawberries must be.

  17. Carol Meyers says:

    If I were to receive Fannie Mays Strawberries it would show that the person who sent them really cares about me. Reason being is that you have the best chocolate I have had, barr none. Recently purchased a 2 pound box for Christmas for my family, picked out the ones we really love, however I did sneak a couple of my favorites to relax with after the holidays. Fannie May chocolates have always been something special to myself and to my family.

  18. Erica Best says:

    If I got chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day. I would know that the person who got them for me really love a cared for me. I would be something i for remember for a long time and it would be different then just going to buy flowers anyone can do that but when u get chocolate covered strawberries it show that u are really loved and that person really want to show how they feel. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. Alyssa Shumate says:

    Chocolate covered strawberries tug at the heart. It’s just a feeling you get when you get something special. Like when you receive a diamond or flowers. It’s just that special.

  20. Nancy Hillegeist says:

    Valentines day and Chocolate alone are a match in Vday heaven. Strawberries are just the icing on the cake.

  21. Stephen Burnsed says:

    It is true. Its heart touching to a girl when she receives chocolate and strawberries. I’m gonna tug at my girls heart with a diamond.

  22. Hillary Guillot says:

    I would know that somebody cared for me If they brought me some of these chocolate covered strawberries. They mean ” I really think about you”

  23. Nikki Ozan says:

    I have never received anything let alone chocolate covered strawberries. I would feel pretty special If I did. I would love them and in this cute heart shaped box is great.

  24. Susie Mckay says:

    Wht can I say. I just love them and would love to get them in the mail. They will make me fat and I dont care. Just bring them to me

  25. Leslie pallisard says:

    They’re dipping Chocolate Strawberries and Cherries too….
    For Valentine’s Day treats for your Sweetie and you!!
    So many, many choices at the Fannie May Store….
    Fancy nuts, Chocolate Hearts and Truffles gallore.
    The Pixies, Trinidads and Meltaways Bars are also in
    Coffee, Ice Creams, and Cakes you’ll adore.
    Yet, there is nothing better than hand dipped Strawberries
    to leave a Lovers heart yearning for more!
    So, If you have a special Love to share your heart
    Be sure to shop Fannie May Candies to prove you are smart.
    I’ve had many others and all I will say….
    Enjoy Fannie May Chocolates Everyday!!
    Have an wonderfully Sweet Valentine’s Day!!

  26. Darrel Deshotel says:

    When I was married I would give gifts but never gave chocolate covered strawberries. I look back now and see that if I had just bought her some then we might still be together. NOT …. Lol

  27. Colton Duncan says:

    I have never had these and until I do, could never send them to somebody. If you send them to me and I actually get to try them out, then I would know If they were worth the value. The price and taste and size all matters.

  28. Kimberly Staton says:

    I would just love my husband to death should he ever send me some of these wonderful Fanny May Chocolate covered strawberries. They are what makes the heart stronger.

  29. Mindi Roberts says:

    I think that Fannie May Chocolates are perfect for anyone and every occasion. There is just that special something about your chocolate that gives you that hhhmmmm feeling. I savor each piece ( I even hide my favorites, shhh don’t tell!) I told my husband that the ONLY thing that I want for Vday is FANNY MAY! We live in Wyoming so that special treat would be very appreciated out this way!

  30. dee harris says:

    I think your chocolate covered strawberries are perfect for Valentines day. It is a special treat that any couple should be happy to indulge in on this very special day/night. The hint of red peeking out from the robe of chocolate is a great turn on for men. Men love red and get turned on by it. The chocolate drenched over the strawberry is enough to relax any woman. When you put the two together you get a turned on man and a relaxed woman. There is nothing more perfect for this special day than this sensual combination. Fannie May this one is a hit and I hope someone has placed an order to be delivered to me. I love your catalogue.

  31. Jonathan Ammons says:

    When I give my valentine Fannie May, she knows I love her because I have sent the very best.
    She knows she is special because she received her favorite gift from Fannie May who are better than the rest.
    She will know my gift came from the heart because my love for her was there right from the start.

  32. Karen Willeford says:

    Hello, new follower here. I think that It would be a God send to receive Chocolate Covered Strawberries. They look very large and tasty. My mouth is watering and I think it’s a special gift to anyone. You don’t give just anybody chocolate covered strawberries…I think they must be special to be the one to receive them. I’m

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