Chocolate Covered Strawberry Party. :) 2 Lucky Winners!

Fannie May Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Fannie May Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Welcome to the Fannie May Chocolate Covered Strawberry Party! Yay!

As everyone knows, chocolate covered strawberries are a big gift for Valentine’s Day. So for this party we wanted to ask you about two things.

Our Chocolate Covered Strawberries are not only big in size but they are hand dipped in REAL chocolate the day they are shipped.
So in about a paragraph or two, tell us about how important these 2 things are in your decision to buy chocolate covered strawberries. Also, please tell us about how much the Fannie May name affects your opinion on the quality of the Chocolate Covered Strawberries.


Also, please feel free to us if you feel there is anything missing from our Chocolate Covered Strawberries page on our website.


We will select 2 random winners!
Winner Status:
Surprise “1st Poster” Winner:  Bessie Burnsed (Post #1 on January 19, 2011 at 11:32 am)
Winner #1: sharon newman (Post #4 on January 19, 2011 at 11:48 am)
Winner #2: Sue OKray (Post #42 on January 26, 2011 at 10:14 am)
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54 Responses to Chocolate Covered Strawberry Party. :) 2 Lucky Winners!

  1. Bessie Burnsed says:

    Size and chocolate taste are most important. The Fannie Mae name is top notch…means real quality. Been around a long time.

  2. Melissa says:

    I love chocolate! These look delicious!

    When buying chocolate covered strawberries, the freshness of both the strawberries as well as the freshness of the chocolate are both important. If either isn’t quite right, then the gift just doesn’t taste good. It is very important that the product be dipped the day of shipping. It is also important that it ship via an expedited method so that the strawberries don’t sit in a truck and freeze or melt (depending on the weather). I usually buy my strawberries in person so that I can verify the quality, but I would be willing to try these since I’ve had good experiences with fannie may in the past.

  3. Anne M says:

    The size of the berry makes a big difference when you have chocolate covered strawberries. You want them large enough to be able to take a bite, and not have them disappear with just that one bite…and they should be dipped in real chocolate on the day they are shipped, and not before. That way you get the freshest taste possible. For Fannie May to distribute and sell chocolate covered strawberries, I know that the strawberries will taste delicious! Plus, I wont have to even question the quality–with Fannie May, you know what to expect, and you won’t be disappointed! :)

  4. we love chocolate covered strawberries so much i am now requesting them instead of birthday cake even my 2 boys are rethinking that chocolate cake since the chocolate is so wonderful on your strawberries who needs cake we just want more chocolate covered strawberries we eat them till there gone or we are stuffed but they usually are gone first sherry newman

  5. Patty Mitchell says:

    I am in love with Fannie May chocolates and I sure do love strawberries. I have had one once and fell in Love… I think that I’m going to be in Heaven If you send them to me.

  6. Mia Carey says:

    When it comes to Chocolate Covered Strawberries…..the bigger the better!!! I love how Fannie May hand dips them they day they are shipped…you know they haven’t been sitting around on the shelf. And because they are hand dipped, they LOOK BEAUTIFUL & make you proud to give as a gift to that special someone!
    I’ve always had WONDERFUL experiences when I buy Fannie May products. I believe they are very quality chocolates~they taste GREAT, look scrumptious & their customer service reps are HELPFUL!

  7. Jolene Hess says:

    Fannie May is a candy I grew up with in Northwest Indiana and very well could have been the first chocolate I ever had. My grandmother used to buy me those little chocolate suckers that were wrapped in foil when I was young at our local Fanny May store. When I think of Fanny May, I think of candy of fine quality…I have never had a bad piece. Now when you combine that luxurious Fanny May chocolate with the taste of luscious, fresh strawberries what could be closer to heaven…the bigger the strawberry, the bigger the surface to put the chocolate on!

  8. Megan M says:

    Size always matters, at least when it comes to chocolate covered strawberries. Fannie May definately knows how to keep the customers happy and coming back because by dipping them the day they are shipped, makes sure the customer gets them at their peak of freshness. Unlike the big, overprice chocolate speciality shops that won’t tell you when they were made. Only to bite into one when the beautiful strawberry is brown and shriveling underneath the chocolate. Freshly handmade chocolate and excellent customer service, in person or online, are my number one and number two reasons that I always will be a Fannie May customer.

  9. Jay W says:

    Size & use of real chocolate is important to me for chocolate dipped strawberries. I want a big luscious (and sweet & juicy) strawberry dipped in real chocolate. However, it’s not just size- I have had very large choc dipped strawberries before (from different company), and the strawberries were greenish & very tart. Not good at all.

    Whenever I see the Fannie May name, I think high quality items. I’ve never had Fannie May chocolate dipped strawberries, but because of your reputation and my past experience with the company, I expect they’d be phenomenal.

  10. Hillary Guillot says:

    Oh whom does not love a chocolate party? I absolutely LOVE Strawberries that are dipped into the best chocolate in the world, Fannie May’s. The Fannie May name is tops in Chocolate. I used to get them from my grandmother for getting good grades.

  11. Yen Nguyen says:

    What matters to me when purchasing or receiving chocolate covered strawberries is the taste. Does the strawberries taste fresh and juicy? Does the chocolate taste decadent and creamy? It has to taste sweet and delicious. The size does matter. The plumper it is, the more tastier it is. No one wants teeny tiny ones that are gone in a bite. People want to enjoy and savor every single bite. I’m craving some now. haha.

  12. FM Chocolate covering big, juicy strawberries, that is orgasmic to the mouth. FM Chocolate is the best of the best. Moving away from Illinois to Arizona, my biggest regret is no FM stores anywhere. Even Albertson’s doesn’t carry it. The rest of the world doesn’t know what it is missing. Fresh strawberries and covered in FM chocolate should be served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  13. Mia Carey says:

    *Also, please feel free to us if you feel there is anything missing from our Chocolate Covered Strawberries page on our website.

    ~I wished that Fannie May offered the bow-tie design on the chocolate covered strawberries.
    I can’t think of anything else to add to the website at this time other than according to the comments people were remarking on how sweet, succulent and phenomenal the strawberries are. (Chocolate Covered Succulent Strawberries)

  14. Shannon Baldus says:

    sweet Strawberries, this is right up my alley. I eat chocolate and I eat strawberries… they are a match made in heaven. I do want some giant bite sized treats to share with my family. Fannie May…you are the best chocolates in the world.

  15. Alyssa Shumate says:

    I do like Fannie May chocolates and dipping strawberries with your chocolate is too good. I think getting them for Valentines day would be a wonderful idea. I will be waiting at the door. Bring them to me and I will be happy as can be.

  16. JD Burnsed II says:

    I have had chocolate dipped strawberries in the past. They were not that great. However, I’ve heard of your chocolates for years and I’m quite sure that this will be the best tasting chocolate dipped strawberries in the world.

  17. stephanie ann says:

    A match made in heaven. Chocolate and Strawberries. whoooooo hoooooo tasty treat for me and my son. Fannie May, you are the best chocolates in the world. That is a known fact.

  18. Jonathan Ammons says:

    The size of the strawberry and the dipping in real chocolate the day they are shipped would mean they would be fresh. It would also mean that you would have a perfect blend of strawberry and chocolate because the chocolate would not cover the taste of the big strawberry that often happens with other brands. Being from Fannie Mae would make the difference of my buying chocolate dipped strawberries for Valentine’s Day, because they are a quality company that make sure their product is fresh when it reaches the customer.

  19. Susie Mckay says:

    Can I try out these great chocolate dipped strawberries. I’ve always wanted to try one because I like the two just never had them together. Fannie May is widely known as the great chocolate factory.

  20. Lisa Grassetti says:

    I just love chocolate and sweets, Strawberries and chocolate are like peanut butter and jelly or bread and butter :)
    I like my chocolate to be real if you are going to have the luxury of eating chocolate
    covered strawberries then they better be big and juicy with real chocolate. If not
    your wasting a good thing. The size being big is good so you can hold onto the strawberry and take not one bite but a couple and enjoy the taste! To me those delicious strawberries you have in your picture you can tell they are made with love. The strawberry itself looks nice and ripe so you know it will be sweet. And they are big enough to savor each and every bite. Thanks for the chance to win some.

  21. Gretchen Dust says:

    You could go to any store to get chocolate covered strawberries but why would you? Make the effort to get online or head out to your local Fannie May store and get the BEST! When Fannie May started out in the 1920’s they had wonderful hand dipped chocolates so to carry on that tradition through the years to offer plump, fresh hand dipped strawberries to be enjoyed within a day is nothing less than stellar. Joining a lifelong love affair of strawberries together with velvety smooth, rich tasting Fannie May chocolate…to me there is no other way to experience true love. Thank you Fannie May for staying true to the chocolate that we have come to love and cherish through the years!

  22. Kimberly Staton says:

    I have found that your chocolates are wonderful tasting and I’m sure that they will be excellent dipped with Strawberries. I hope that should I win that I dont eat them all up myself. I hope to share with the family. Fannie May, I thank you for this opportunity to explore your chocolates.

  23. Charlotte LeBlanc says:

    The fact that these large, sweet, strawberries are dipped the day they are shipped guarantees freshness. The fact that the strawberries are large would guarantee the combined taste of chocolate and strawberry is balanced. The fact that they are coming from Fannie Mae is a guarantee that I am receiving the highest quality there is. When you really want to make an impression on someone for Valentine’s Day, always send quality. Fannie Mae is known for it’s quality products. Therefore, I would send Fannie Mae everytime.

  24. Karen Wold-Wallis says:

    I love strawberries, particularly really sweet ones! And I really like the Fannie May bittersweet dark chocolate, we have See’s Candies here and they aren’t nearly as good!

    If you want to know what’s missing from the website, I would say an option of having the chocolate covered strawberries done with the bittersweet dark chocolate, instead of the white or milk chocolate. White isn’t really chocolate and it and milk chocolate are much too sweet, so they take away from the sweetness of the strawberry.

    If the chocolate were the bittersweet chocolate, I think it would let the natural sweetness of the strawberry shine through and be the star of the confection!!

  25. Kayla Skye says:

    I’ve been dying for some good chocolates to satisfy my sweet tooth. These strawberries dipped in Fannie May chocolate would be very satisfying to me. I’ve heard of them before and cant believe how big and tasty they are. Hope to be your winner.

  26. Stephen Burnsed says:

    I am very interested in trying out the strawberries that you are giving as a prize to two of your lucky followers. I do like the both and Fannie May has got to be the best chocolates around town. How many come in the prize?

  27. Nancy Hillegeist says:

    These are the bomb. hook me up with a sweet and fruity treat. I’m your biggest Fannie May fan… I could share these tasty treats at my new job with my new friends. I might just get a raise.. Hook a Texas girl up.

  28. Barbara says:

    I received chocolate-dipped strawberries for Christmas from an edible fruit company. They looked gorgeous, I absolutely love chocolate-dipped strawberries and could hardly wait to try one. I bit into the first one and it was mush, liquid squirted out of it and the chocolate was definitely not “real”. The rest were the same. The fact that you ship yours the same day as dipped, is VERY important to me after this experience and should be to anyone who is thinking of ordering chocolate-dipped strawberries. I’ve never had Fannie Mae chocolate-dipped strawberries but I have had your chocolate and it is delicious. I think the taste of the chocolate is equally as important as the taste of the strawberries. I think the strawberries should be generous in size especially if they are a gift. I love how yours are not only dipped but then drizzled with chocolate, they are miniature works of art. I would feel confident in ordering these from you. I think anyone receiving them would feel special…I know I would! Thank you!

  29. Erica Best says:

    The Most important thing to about chocolate covered strawberries are that they are fresh and the chocolate goes well with the strawberry. I really love big sweet berries that makes a big different.

  30. Marlene R. says:

    Hand dipped fresh fruit the day that they are shipped is a big deal. Picked freshed and shipped fresh is a real winner when you are looking for quality. In this day when companies are competing to see who can get you the freshest high quality items in the shortest amount of time, Fannie May has won hands down. I love the size and taste of these Strawberries. They play so well off the truly remarkable taste of Fannie’s fine chocolate. It’s quality and freshness that is always key in looking for a treat from this wonderful company.

  31. Lori Williams says:

    WOW….there is nothing better than a big sweet strawberry dipped in some delicious, smooth and creamy REAL chocolate, whether milk chocolate or dark chocolate!! I have to say that Fannie May has always been one of my favorite chocolate makers. I remember my dad buying my mom boxes of chocolates on her birthday and on Valentines Day. It was so special because she always shared with me. She would open the box and we would just stare at the chocolates, and then she would let me pick the first one!! My mother has gone on to glory, and I love this memory of her and Fannie May!! When I look for strawberry cover chocolates, the bigger the strawberry the better. And of course, to be freshly hand dipped in one of the finest REAL chocolates the day that the strawberries are shipped out…..well, that just affirms to me how much Fannie Mae cares for their customers and that they want only the best and freshest to be enjoyed. I don’t think that there is a better chocolate maker than Fannie Mae, and I would not want any other chocolate covered strawberry!! You’re the best, Fannie Mae!!

  32. Hailey Mann says:

    they could be teeny strawberries as long as they are real chocolate and dipped and shipped fresh. That is the key. No soggy strawberries wanted here. LOL. The name is also important. I grew up on Fannie May chocolates and when the Store in Troy closed I now make a road trip to my closest Michigan store for special ocasions. So for me its about the name. Knowing that if I order them and ship to someone I know the quality that they are getting.

  33. Michael Gallo says:

    Real chocolate and fresh strawberries go together like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers! The strawberries should be large, sweet, red, firm, ripe, have fresh green stems attached, and have almost a heart shape. Dipping technique is important, as there are numerous steps which could cause the final product to look less than professional. When hand dipping, most but not all of the strawberry should be coated. When pulled from the chocolate, there should be a quick twirl and shake, to ensure an even and thorough coating, followed by gently positioning the delicacy to dry so that the green stem side angles up attractively. Though not difficult for a person, these subtle nuances cannot be performed as consistently by a machine.

    The end result is more than a treat. Hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries are a wonderful, fragile, perishable, romantic gift that parallels in many ways the affection and passion that underlie the reason they are given and cherished.

  34. Margaret Porter says:

    The strawberries have to be big and juicy. The chocolate has to be generous and freshly dipped the day they are ordered. Im sure Fannie Mae does both of these. Ive tried your chocolates but never your strawberries. Im sure they are most excellent. What a great gift idea!

  35. Shannon Longcore says:

    I haven’t had the luxury of trying Fannie May’s chocolate covered strawberries yet. I would say that for a fantastic product, it needs to taste as good as it looks, and be extremely fresh. Strawberries can be beautiful but have no taste, so I hope Fannie May has huge and deliciously flavored berries. We all know their chocolate is sublime, so that doesn’t worry me at all. I would hope it’s a big thick coating of chocolate. I hope I get to sample yours some day!

  36. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Fannie Mae means that it will be the highest quality!The size of the strawberries is very important to me as well as the freshness and real chocolate is a must!
    Thank you for a wonderful,tasty contest from this true chocolate lover!Fannie Mae is
    the leader in superior customer service and excellent products :)

  37. I’ve always loved Fannie May chocolates so the name alone inspires me to want to try the chocolate covered strawberries. They’ve always shown great customer service and good quality! Size of the berries is important to me because they look so appealing, juicy and delicious. To have real chocolate is so important also because chocolate is bliss and good chocolate is nirvana. For a chocolate lover, it truly matters to have high quality chocolate that tastes wonderful.

    And, the picture, well that is drool-worthy! Thank you for such a great chance :)

  38. Janice says:

    size, freshness, sweetness, juiciness – anything less would be… lacking.
    Size – the bigger, the more appealing.
    Freshness – that’s mandatory.
    Sweetness – its own sweetness to help balance out the chocolate.
    Juiciness – really helps bring depth to its sweetness.

    The Fannie May name comes with its reputation of quality so there’s comfort in knowing their products come with the quality that you’ve paid for.

  39. Laurel Franklin says:

    Hi, I hope I’m not too late. I’m very interested in trying out these great big “Fannie May” dipped chocolate covered strawberries. I love fruit and chocolate together. I think that valentines day is a great day to recieve them. I love Fannie May

  40. Sue OKray says:

    Last year hubby sent me Choc Covered Strawberries from another company. While they were beautiful and I was so excited to bite in to one after the first bite was not happy. The taste had a medicinal flavor to it like the strawberry was sprayed with something to make it stay fresh. The chocolate was not Fannie May that’s for sure – Fannie Mae has high quality chocolate and this was not.

    I would love to be able to try your chocolate covered strawberries! My Aunt worked at a Fanny Farmer/Fannie May store and as a child I loved to go visit her and have my parents purchase your wonderful candies.

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win something so delicious!

  41. Niki Ozan says:

    I am so excited to make it into this contest. I absolutely love chocolate dipped strawberries and so does my baby girl. The size is big and therefore the taste must be even bigger. I’ve just moved into a new home and a nice surprise for Valentines day would make my home even brighter. I really like the name Fannie May. I promise to enjoy each and every one.

  42. nancy salsberg says:

    Oh my gosh! My mouth is watering just thinking of the delectable combination of perfect red ripe strawberries covered in the world’s best tasting FannieMay Chocolate. In my opinion, there is no better chocolate. I am (“cough cough”) fiftyish years old and as far back as I could remember as a small child my mother always bought this brand of chocolate as a special treat for every holiday. When our local store closed many years ago, I thought Fanny May was gone from my life forever, that is until the internet soared in popularity. I can now order a special treat from Fannie May online and have it shipped to my house. Yeah! Having these special treats would be like taking a trip back in time to my childhood.

  43. Cmitch920 says:

    I have been eating Fannie May chocolate since I was a child. No holiday was complete without Mint Meltaways. I have had chocolate covered strawberries from other chocolatiers and they do not compare to Fannie May’s chocolate. Small strawberries are just a tease, the combination of large, fresh strawberries dipped in Fannie May chocolate is a taste sensation that is out of this world. We have just moved back to IL, so I would be thrilled to be a winner in this contest and have the opportunity to experience the taste of a Fannie May chocolate-covered strawberry after so many years away. Thank you for giving me the chance!

  44. Mary Milian says:

    The strawberries dipped in chocolate is a wonderful concept, combining healthy lucious fruit with the divine sweet of chocolate. It makes my indulging of it seem guilt-free. In the new year, everyone resolves to lose weight and it is right about February that the resolve weakens– so what better way to give into a choclate urge then with Fannie Mae’s delicious chocolate covered strawberries. The fact that the strawberries are large and juicy makes the treat so worthwhile to savor; it creates the balance of fruit and chocolate perfectly. Add to that, they are hand dipped in chocolate– this keeps the fruit bruise-free and intact; allowing the frut juice to come out only when I bite into them…mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm! Wish I had them now!
    The name Fannie Mae is synomous with the highest quality. Growing up in Chicago, the biggest treat associated with any holiday– Thanksgiving, Christmas , Easter,– was a gift of Fannie Mae candyfrom my Uncle Bill. That was sooooo special, because that candy was extraordinary tasting and truly delicious. That was over 40 years ago and is still true today. I am so glad the Fannie Mae tradition of quality continues. God Bless your company!!!!

  45. Patricia Marshall says:

    I will borrow from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess: “Strawberries, well they’re so fresh and fine, and they’re just off of the vine. Strawberries, Strawberries” cried the 19th century street cart vendor in the streets of old Charlestown S.C. If Gershwin had tasted the wonderful chocolates of Fannie May, I am sure he would have included them in his lyrics…i.e. “Fannie May chocolate strawberries – they are the best kind and all mind.”
    Wish I had the ability to send the music to go with this….would make it all that much better.

  46. Maggie Willocks says:

    Living in Florida at this time of year, you get spoiled with really good strawberries. There are even strawberry festivals where they serve mounds of wonderful sweet strawberries with whipped cream and shortcake. But they always seem to lack something…especially for a chocoholic like me. They usually are missing the Fannie Mae chocolate on them! Big strawberries are great, they need to be big or the sweetness just doesn’t explode properly in your mouth. And they need to be big to compete with the chocolate. I love that they are dipped the day they are shipped, just adds to the fresh taste.

  47. Pamela Gilliland says:

    If you ever wished for a scratch and sniff computer screen, now would be the time! These look absolutely delicious. My grandmother who lived in Chicago for years and years and then moved to the Bootheel of MO would receive Fannie May from family members as a treat. She would give us one piece of candy at a time and that was the most wonderful treat. It was hard not to find her hiding places and not steal her candy! Would love to have been able to share these with her, but would eat them now in her honor!

  48. Marcel Hoke-Harvey says:

    Chocolate covered strawberries are sinfully good. The size should be large enough that it lasts more than one bite, and the chocolate should be sweet enough but not so sweet that it takes away from the natural sweetness of a ripe, red, fresh strawberry.
    I don’t get the treat of Fannie May Chocolates very often, as I moved from IL to AZ years ago, but I definately miss stopping in on a Friday before reporting for work at the Champaign Public Library to pick up a box of Mint Meltaways, or Trinidads or dark butter creams…or all three! Just thinking about it makes me miss IL, and the good old days of college.

  49. The two most important things to me when buying chocolate covered strawberries are the freshness of the berries and the quality of the chocolate. A strawberry that’s anything be very fresh is just repulsive. Who wants a mushy, old strawberry? They need to be plump and juicy and taste strongly of the fruit. And what would a chocolate covered strawberry be without great chocolate? Poor quality chocolate is waxy, and not right for fresh fruit. Fortunately, Fannie May makes some of the best chocolate around.

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