Hippity-Hoppity Chocolate Bunny Giveaway

Fannie May Chocolate Bunny

Fannie May Chocolate Bunny Giveaway

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One Response to Hippity-Hoppity Chocolate Bunny Giveaway

  1. Cynthia Wright says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I grew up with Fannie May chocolates. Some of my earliest memories living in Chicago are squealing with delight at the pink bunny I received every Easter. Fannie May chocolates were consistently delicious, and I always knew I could count on them as a favorite gift for family and friends. Up until now.

    Today I received a box of hand-picked Fannie May chocolates. Some of my favorites were in the box, and I dug in to sample a couple. To my surprise and disappointment, what used to be quality chocolates were replaced with cheap imitations that were way too sweet (corn syrup instead of sugar, I suspect), and each piece was worse with every bite. How could Fannie May deceive its loyal customers this way? I will mourn the Fannie May of my childhood, as there is no longer real Fannie May chocolate. Fannie May, you finally did it. Over the years, you quietly replaced your high-quality ingredients with cheaper ones, thinking no one would notice. Well, I did. Shame on you. Go back to your original recipes, or go out of business.

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