Set Up a DIY Dirt Pudding Chocolate Bar for Easter

Looking for a creative dessert idea for your Easter festivities? If you love all things chocolate, you’ll love this DIY Dirt Pudding Bar idea from

Simply set up a bar with your favorite chocolate pieces, chocolate pudding and a variety of additional toppings for a unique idea that both children and adults will love!

More Candy Ideas for your DIY Dirt Pudding Bar


Pastel Mint Meltaways


Jelly Bird Eggs

easter-dirt-pudding-bar-candies-bunniesMilk Chocolate Bunnies

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Spiked St. Patrick’s Day Dessert: Mint Chocolate Guinness Brownies

Fans of our famous Mint Meltaways know there’s no pairing more perfect than chocolate and mint. took this classic combination and created a delicious dessert spiked with Guinness – the perfect treat for St. Patrick’s Day!


The best part? This recipe starts with a brownie mix for less mess and more flavor fun! What are your favorite treats to indulge in during St. Patrick’s Day? Share them with us in the comments!

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White Chocolate Cream Martini

Chocolate and love go hand in hand. And we’ll take our chocolate any way – in bars, with fruit inside, or as a delicious cocktail! Lucky for us, came up with a series of dessert cocktails inspired by the Chocolate Covered Strawberries in our Love and Romance assortment. Today we’re featuring one of our favorites: the White Chocolate Cream Martini!


Aren’t you just head over heels for this cocktail?! It’s stunning and sweet, making it the perfect way to end your romantic dinner for two on a sweet note.

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Think Outside the Chocolate Box: 5 Alternatives Chocolatey Gifts Ideas For Valentine’s Day

A box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day is great, but why not shake things up this year? If you have multiple valentines (your partner, mother, sibling, child, friend), surprise them each with something different on this day of love. Here are 5 chocolaty alternative gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that’s sure to sweeten their celebration.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries. There’s no fruit and chocolate pairing quite as irresistibly classic as a chocolate covered strawberry. Our collection features classic flavors like milk chocolate and dark chocolate, as well as a variety of unique concoctions such as champagne infused or sea salt caramel dipped – now isn’t love just grand?!

Chocolate-Dessert Apples. Strawberries aren’t the only fruits that are getting some love this Valentine’s Day. One of the most popular apple flavors happens to be Granny Smith. How can we make this juicy fruit even more popular? By covering it in chocolate! Enter our Fannie May Pixie Apple, inspired by – you guessed it – our famous Pixies!

fannie-may-fudge-facts-nutsFudge. When in doubt, send fudge! Sure to satisfy any recipient, this sweet confection is sure to make their Valentine’s Day extra sweet.

Re-occuring Chocolate Club. If they love chocolate -no, really love chocolate – they’ll go weak at the knees when you surprise them with a subscription to a recurring chocolate club! Just be sure you’ll be able to outdo yourself next year!

Surprise Them With Chocolate Cocktails. If you’re celebrating together, why not set the scene for a sweet Valentine’s Day by preparing a round of dessert cocktails?! Toast to February 14 in sweet style!

Start the Day On A Sweet Note With Dessert Coffee. Add some sweetness to their morning by surprising them with an assortment of dessert flavored coffee! Better yet? Pair that coffee with another one of the chocolaty treats for a gift that’ll send them head over heels.

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Knowledge Sure is Sweet: Fun Facts About Fudge

Since Fannie May opened its first retail store in 1920, it’s become an icon in the candy world. While it may have been the traditional candies that have helped Fannie May earn its place in confectionery history, it’s the timeless and irresistible recipe of Fannie May Fudge that helped keep it there.

To celebrate this timeless treat, we’ve put together some sweet facts about fudge!

On the history of fudge…

While it’s flavor is irrefutably delicious, the history of fudge isn’t quite so clear. In fact, there are several theories as to the history of this decadent delight. One of the most popular theories is as follow:
- While making caramels, a chocolatier accidentally “fudged” the recipe, allowing the caramels to recrystallize, and resulting in the first ever batch of fudge.

-Some of the first recorded evidence of the creation of fudge dates all the way back to 1866 written by Emelyn Battersby Hartridge. The letter describes a schoolmate’s cousin making and selling fudge for 40 cents a pound. She then obtained the recipe and made 30 pounds of it in the year 1888. The popularity of this sweet treat soared and the rest is history!

On the creation of fudge…

- Fudge can be made into a variety of different flavors. Throw some chocolate in there to make chocolate fudge. Prefer nuts? Those pair brilliantly as well.
- First lady Marnie Eisenhower was a big fudge enthusiast
- Fudge is very similar to fondant; it is just much drier
- The current world record for largest slab of fudge is held by Northwest Fudge Factory in Canada and ways 5,760 pounds. Preparation reportedly took one week.

Now… for some eye candy


Fannie May Classic Fudge


Fannie May Maple Nut Fudge


Fannie May Chocolate Nut Fudge

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Make Your Own Light Caramel Frappe

Is your resolution for a healthier 2015? We are firm believers in sticking to your resolutions, but that doesn’t make you can’t indulge in a treat every now and then – especially when that treat has an extra light twist!

Using Fannie May Pixie Coffee (which is flavored after our famous caramel + pecan Pixies), came up with the ultimate “lighter” caffeinated sip: A Light Caramel Frappe!


What’s your favorite way to put a lighter twist on your favorite sweet recipe? Share with us in the comments!

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Craving S’mores In the Winter? This Recipe Has You Covered

While we are firm believers in the fact that there’s no “wrong” time for s’mores, there are certainly times of the year when it’s easier to enjoy this sweet treat (cue summer time music).

Enter this amazing S’mores Trifle recipe from This dessert has everything the classic does – without requiring access to an open flame. Serve this at your next dinner party or just treat yourself after a long week. Garnish with your favorite Fannie May chocolate bar and voila! Get the full recipe here.

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How to Serve Your Desserts for Awards Night

It’s that time of year again… the time for red carpets, glamorous parties, and award night viewing parties! Take your event to the next level by adding an elegant touch to your decor – all it takes is a bit of creative and sweetness in the form of your dessert presentation!

We love the idea of creating unique dessert trays showcasing the sweets you’re serving up. From glass tiered trays to simple chalkboard trays, has tons of sweet & sophisticated ideas that are sure to win you an award for best in show. Get the full ideas here!

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Trending Now: Salted Desserts

Have you ever had a dessert that’s just the perfect blend of sweet with a salty twist at the end? If not, you are surely missing out! One of our favorite dessert trends this season is the sweet + salty trends, and we’re not the only ones!

While we at Fannie May have embraced this trend with our Sea Salt Sprinkled Caramels and Chocolate Covered Strawberries sprinkled with – you guessed it – salt, this must-try craze has swept the internet with bloggers embracing this delicious food trend. Head on over to for more salty + sweet recipes you’re sure to love!

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Strawberry Champagne Martini Recipe

Can you remember the first time you took a bite of a Fannie May Chocolate Covered Strawberry? took this flavor experience to the next level by creating a series of cocktail recipes inspired by the chocolate covered strawberries from the Love & Romance assortment. First up — a sweet & bubbly Strawberry Champagne Martini!

Inspired by the pink champagne-infused chocolate and gold sugar strawberries found in the Love & Romance chocolate covered strawberry assortment, this martini recipe is light, sweet, tart, and the perfect pairing for a sweet starter or paired with Valentine’s Day dessert. Get the recipe here!


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