The Sweetest Ways to Celebrate National Peanut Day

Did you know that peanuts are the #1 snack nut consumed in the United States? That’s why it comes as no surprise that this bite-sized treat has its own national holiday!

National Peanut Day 2014 is Saturday, September 13, so we’re celebrating with some of our favorite peanut-packed products.

sweetest-ways-to-celebrate-national-peanut-day-brittlePeanut Brittle

Bite into a crispy crunchy treat bursting with buttery goodness and packed with peanuts with our must-try Fannie May Peanut Brittle! Enjoy it as is or break into bite-sized pieces and blend with yogurt, ice cream, or with your favorite dessert recipes.



Craving that peanut flavor but looking for an option that’s less crunchy and more creamy? Harry London’s peanut butter filled Buckeyes are the answer! The best part? These sweet treats are covered in decadent milk chocolate so you can get your dessert fix while celebrating National Peanut Day!


Peanut Caramels

Classically crunchy peanuts swimming in caramel and covered in chocolate makes for one sweet celebration. You can find these special Peanut Caramels in most of our Chocolate Assortments so treat yourself today!

sweetest-ways-to-celebrate-national-peanut-day-caramel-appleNuts about Caramel Apples

Pause for a moment and take in the beauty of’s Nuts about Caramel Apples. Tart Granny Smith apples dipped in caramel and sprinkled in fresh peanuts make for the ultimate treat for your National Peanut Day celebrations!

sweetest-ways-to-celebrate-national-peanut-day-cheryls-cookiesHoney Roasted Peanut Cookies

Famous Cheryl’s cookies bursting with savory peanuts slowly roasted in honey makes for one flavor-packed treat sure to make your taste buds sing. Make it a sophisticated affair by serving a batch of these must-try Honey Roasted Peanut Cookies alongside a tray of coffee and tea!

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#HowICelebrate the Little Things…with Chocolate

From finishing the last pages of that thousand page book to completing that difficult project at work, there’s always a reason to celebrate! But just how do you celebrate the little things? Is it by posting a status on social media marking your accomplishment? Or perhaps you celebrate by treating yourself to a long soak in a bubble bath.

We at Fannie May like to mark those special yet simple occasions in the sweetest way…with chocolate! Here are some of our favorite ways to indulge in Fannie May – because it’s the everyday things that are worth celebrating!

Share how YOU reward yourself/celebrate the everyday and enter to win FREE CHOCOLATE! Full details here.


“With a glass of wine after a long day.” – Meg O.


“As the sweetest ending to an otherwise plain lunch.” – Heidi S.


“After productive softball practice with my team members.” – Jessica B.


“There’s nothing quite like nibbling on a decadent piece of rich chocolate while nodding along to your favorite song.” – Ryan F.


“Alongside a steaming cup of tea with fresh mint.” – Ashley P.


“While getting lost in a thrilling novel.” – Neil M.


“As a midday snack during work.” – Leah C.


“While taking in some fresh air alongside my family.” – Estela P.


“While working on the next great American novel.” – Michelle Y.

How do you reward yourself & celebrate the everyday? Tell us in the comments section of this blog post! Four (4) winners will be picked at random to receive a box of Fannie May Confectionary squares.

Optional, but we hope you’ll participate: Make the day sweeter by sharing how YOU reward yourself and celebrate the everyday on Instagram & Twitter! Use Hashtag #HowICelebrate to join in on the fun!

One SWEET Giveaway Rules:

How to Enter
Comment on this post by September 4, 2014, 11:59PM EST telling us how you celebrate the everyday little things AND your Fannie May confectionary squares flavor of choice.

Available flavors:
Milk Chocolate Squares
White Confectionery Squares
70% Dark Chocolate Squares
Raspberry Dark Chocolate Squares
Orange Dark Chocolate Squares
Espresso Dark Chocolate Squares

How to Win
Fannie May will choose four (4) submissions (comments on the blog post) at random. Submissions must be received by September 4, 2014, 11:59PM EST. Winner will be contacted via the provided email address.

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Sweeten Your Celebration with a DIY S’mores Bar

Did you know that National S’mores Day 2014 is on August 10?! We’re celebrating this sweet summer holiday with the most festive snack of the season: s’mores!

In fact, there’s no warm-weather celebration that doesn’t call for s’mores – from summer barbecues to late night bonfires, so take your s’mores experience above and beyond with a DIY s’mores bar! Here’s the how-to for this sweet idea:

How to Set up the Ultimate S’mores Bar:

If you’re planning on having a variety of ingredients and toppings, be sure to label them using DIY signs or flag toppers! That way, guests know just what kind of cracker they are pairing with their chocolate selection.

S’mores Bar Ingredients

Marshmallows to be toasted

The Structure: Crackers
Graham Crackers
Flavored Graham Crackers (such as cinnamon)

The Molding: Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Squares
White Chocolate Squares
Milk Chocolate Squares
Espresso Dark Chocolate Squares
Orange Dark Chocolate Squares
Raspberry Dark Chocolate Squares
Peanut Butter Cups

The Heart: Marshmallows
Large, jet puffed marshmallows

The Decorations: Additional Toppings & Fillings
Dessert Sauce (Strawberry, Caramel, or Hot Fudge)
Peanut Butter
Hazelnut spread
Cookie butter
Crumbled nuts
Mint leaves
Fruit jam

diy-smores-bar-campfire-skewersS’mores Bar Supplies
Disposable dessert plates
Campfire sticks*

*rather than simply using regular bamboo skewers, add a personal touch to your layout with customized campfire sticks! has the how-to for this DIY idea.

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Think Outside the Candy Box: 8 Creative Ways to Use Milk Chocolate

While we at Fannie May strongly believe in celebrating each and every day with a little bit of sweetness, there are some extra special occasions that just call for chocolate! National Milk Chocolate Day 2014 is July 28, and in honor of this oh-so-sweet holiday, we’re celebrating with these creative ideas for using milk chocolate.

Sweet Ways to Use Milk Chocolate:

chocolate-dessert-cocktailGrated and used to rim cocktail glasses. Wet the outside rim of a glass with fresh fruit or berry juice. Then, sprinkle the grated chocolate onto the wet area to create an extra sweet effect like did with their Chocolate Dessert Cocktail.

Melted, and drizzled over your favorite appetizers. Chocolate drizzled mahi mahi bites? Now that sure sounds like a mouthful of elegance and flavor! Sample different appetizer + chocolate combinations and serve your favorites.

On a kabob with fruits. Build your own kabob with delicious summer fruits and melons, adding a chocolate square to the pattern every 3-4 places or so.

Paired with an assortment of cheeses. The irresistible combination of salty and sweet just screams sophistication! Make an activity out of this flavor experience; create your own assorted cheese bar (with labels) and pair with a chocolate tasting sampler or flight.

To decorate foods and dishes. Take a plastic bag, cut a small hole in one of the corners, and fill with melted chocolate. Then, slowly use the bagged chocolate to create unique designs on your foods and serve ware. Alternatively, you can dip new, unused stamps into melted chocolate and stamp a sweet pattern onto your plates or flat foods.


Coated over your favorite fruits and desserts. From grapes to cake pops, by simply dipping your favorite dessert into melted chocolate, you’ve turned your sweet into a brand new creation! Our favorite combination? Chocolate covered strawberries.

Make Chocolate Vodka. Take a vodka bottle and pour a bit out (into a water bottle or similar) to make room for the chocolate. Add in chocolate pieces or morsels into the vodka bottle. Let sit for 2-3 weeks until the chocolate is fully dissolved; now you have your own homemade chocolate vodka!

Drop into batter for a sweet surprise! Once your cupcake or muffin batter is distributed in the tin, plop a chunk of milk chocolate in the middle; those eating it will be treated to a delicious burst of chocolaty decadence!

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Sweet, Sweet Summer: What to Bring for Dessert to Summer Parties

Dessert Sauce TrioWith the summer season in full swing, your calendar is most likely filling up with barbecues, pool parties, and summer birthday bashes! Keep those invites coming by earning the title of best guest by showing up with one of these mouth-watering summer desserts.

Dessert Sauce Trio
Summer parties scream for ice cream, and our decadent dessert sauce trio is the perfect complement to any ice cream cone or sundae. Show up with sprinkles and a jar of cherries to instantly become the most popular guest at the party!

Cheesecake is the one dessert that you can always count on to be a crowd pleaser. Fannie May’s specialty cheesecakes are infused with the flavors of our famous candies. Pick up our must-try Pixie Cheesecake and Trinidad Cheesecakes for a treat party go-ers will ooh and aah over!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Strawberries are the unofficial fruit of summer, so combine 2 fan-favorites and bring a box of our famous chocolate covered strawberries to the table.

FM Summer Artisan Collection
You’ll instantly become the host’s favorite when you show up with a box of summer sweets from the Fannie May + Norman Love Artisan chocolate collection! With flavors from roasted pineapple to berry yogurt, this unique assortment is sure to be a hit.

Mint Meltaways
Looking for the perfect dessert for a summertime dinner party? Present a box of savory chocolates infused with cooling mint with a gift from our Mint Meltaways collection.

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5 Sweet Ways to Make Your Home Smell like Chocolate

Whether planning a romantic night in or prepping the home for out-of-town guests, adding a touch of chocolate scent to the room is a great way to make any home a welcome abode of wonder.

How to Make a Room Smell Like Chocolate:

Chocolate Truffles

Light a chocolate scented candle. Pick up a chocolate scented candle from your local candle or craft store and light it about an hour before expecting guests. For a larger space, it is recommended that you spread 2-3 of them around the room for a more impactful scent.

Add a few drops of chocolate essential oils into your humidifier. If there is a slot for oils in your humidifier, add just a few drops. If there is no separate area for added scents and oils, simply mix a few drops into the water. Start with just a few drops (depending on the size of your tank), giving the aroma about an hour or so to circulate before adding more.

Bake chocolate desserts. Perhaps the sweetest way to add a chocolate scent to your home, surprise your special someone with a burst of chocolaty goodness by filling the air with the aroma of a freshly baked batch of chocolate chip cookies or brownies.

Melt chocolate bar over the stove. Do this about half an hour before your special someone is expected home. On the lowest heat setting, throw a handful of chocolate bits on to a greased pan or pot, making sure to stir slowly. Top with more chocolate gradually until the smell fills your hallways.

Spray a chocolate scented air freshener. While not always easy to find, there are various dessert and chocolate scented air fresheners available for purchase at your local supermarket or drugstore. Pick one up and keep it hidden for special occasions when you want to add some sweetness to the air!

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Raise a Toast to Today: Reasons to Have a Chocolate Cocktail

Three cheers for chocolate – chocolate cocktails, that is! While mixing up new cocktail recipes for the newly introduced chocolate truffle liqueur, Crave, it really got us thinking..when’s the best time to have a chocolate cocktail? Not surprisingly, the list came easy – because any reason is a reason to celebrate!

Here are 10 every day reasons to say cheers with a chocolate cocktail:

10 Reasons to Have a Chocolate Cocktial

After a successful shopping trip. Trying on all of those clothes can get tiring, a fruitful excursion to the mall certainly deserves a toast!

You finally completed that long project at work. The end of nights spent on-call and extra early mornings? We’ll toast to that!

The kids finished all of their chores without having to be asked. All of that parenting has finally paid it’s time to celebrate!

Your to-do list has finally reached the bottom. A whole night with no tasks nagging at you? Light a candle and treat yourself!

Your favorite show is back on air. It’s been one lonely winter, but now it’s finally time to reunite with your favorite characters… over a drink or two.

Your plans for tonight were cancelled. Now you can kick back, relax, and wind down a cocktail in one hand and a book or the remote in the other.

You finally fit into your jeans from high school. All of that hard work at the gym has finally paid off..time to celebrate!

Your Pinterest-inspired project actually came out looking like the photo. You’re on your way to becoming the DIY queen!

Your favorite band or musical artist is touring in your area. Order tickets, relive your youth, and celebrate with a decadent dessert cocktail!

#JustBecause. The sun is shining, the family is healthy, and life is beautiful…any reason is reason enough!

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5 No-fail Graduation Gifts to Satisfy Any Grad

Shopping for the perfect graduation gifts can be stressful. Do you give them something serious or something fun? Do you just gift them with money or surprise them with something they can put to use? Should you make it sentimental or simple? With so many options to choose from, choosing the perfect gift can quickly become a chore. Skip the unnecessary headache and choose a classic and sophisticated graduation gift that will satisfy any grad: chocolate! Here are some of our favorite chocolate graduation gift ideas.

Sophisticated and Sweet Graduation Gift Ideas:

Harry London Mint Chocolate Money Gift

Put their money with their mouth is with our Harry “London Mint” bundle – a decorative gift  box adorned with Franklin’s famous $100 dollar smile and filled with milk chocolate candies with a mint cream center.

Does your graduate’s heart belong to chocolate? If so, why not surprise them with a subscription to the Fannie May Chocolate Lover’s Club? For 5 months of the year they’ll receive a sweet surprise delivered straight from your heart and into their mailbox – a graduation gift they are sure to love!

Fannie May Chocolate Covered StrawberriesJuicy, plump strawberries dipped in decadent chocolate makes every occasion extra special. Our chocolate covered strawberry collection is filled delicious flavors and options, all equally delicious and festive.

Surprise your grad with a gift they’ll want to show off and enjoy like a festive box filled with TWO POUNDS of decadent chocolate treats. This chocolate gift is not for the faint at heart, as it is overwhelmingly delicious and rich, so choose your grad’s favorite confection and order today!

Fannie May Artisan Chocolates
If your special grad is a chocolate connoisseur, surprise them with a tasting experience with a gift from the Fannie May Artisan Collection! These handcrafted chocolates created by famous chocolatier Norman Love will take their senses to a whole new level; we guarantee your grad has never tasted anything quite so decadent and delicious!

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How to Wow Mom with Chocolate

Mother's Day Chocolate Covered StrawberriesGrowing up, Mom woke us up every morning to the smell of fresh breakfast while making sure we were prepared for the day’s hurdles. While at college, Mom sent care packages full of healthy foods to make sure we weren’t completely living off of pizza and cookies. After moving out and starting our own family, Mom called every day to share advice and wisdom while planning new ways to surprise and spoil the grandkids.

Now that it’s Mom’s special day, wow her with gifts and sentiments she truly deserves for being the amazing Mom, woman, and friend she is and always was. What better way to spread the love than by showering her with her favorite sweet treat in the world? If you haven’t guessed, we’re talking about chocolate! While a two-pound chocolate tower oozing with decadence is always fool-proof, this year take your gifting above and beyond by pairing your traditional chocolate gifts with one of these not-so-traditional chocolate Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Creative and Sweet Chocolate Ideas:

Fill the Air with Chocolate Flair
Ensure the home smells like intoxicating chocolate when Mom steps through the door. Some ideas for making your home smell like chocolate include baking a chocolaty treat, lighting a chocolate scented candle, or adding some chocolate essential oil to a humidifier or potpourri.

Take Her to a Chocolate Making Class
Research local chocolatiers and dessert hotspots for chocolate making classes! Or, if you’re in the Ohio Area, why not swing by the Fannie May Factory for a free tour of our chocolate paradise followed up a free chocolate tasting?!

Say “Cheers” with a Chocolate CocktailChocolate Truffle Cocktail
Mom could certainly use a break, so invite her to kick back, relax, and indulge in a decadent chocolate cocktail. Our recently-introduced chocolate truffle liqueur Crave, is a great starter, and we’ve even provided 2 mouth-watering cocktail recipes Mom is sure to love.

A Sweet Spa Experience
Chocolate gifts come in all shapes, sizes! Take her spa experience above and beyond by adding chocolate into the mix. Research local spas that offer these services or look for DIY recipes from the web. Choose from treatments such as chocolate pedicures, chocolate facials, and even chocolate massages!

Chocolate Tasting for Two
Invite Mom to indulge her sweet tooth in a unique chocolate tasting experience. Set up a buffet-style table with small bites and pieces of different chocolates and truffles. Our Artisan Collection includes a variety of tasting flights and unique chocolate assortments for more flavor fun. Be sure to label each variety with small note cards so she can take note of her favorites. If you really want to make this a celebratory activity, why not provide a few wine pairings to choose from as well?

Fondue Fun for Dessert
End the Mother’s Day fun with a mouth-watering fountain of melted chocolate. Set up a chocolate fondue area with skewers as well different fruits and desserts for dipping.

Chocolate Covered Fruit = More Fun
Surprise Mom with her favorite fruit or berry, expertly dipped in decadent milk, white, or dark chocolate. Any choice from our collection of chocolate covered strawberries is sure to put a big smile on Mom’s face.

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Chocolate Wedding Favor Ideas

Fannie May Assorted Chocolate Wedding FavorsYou’ve dreamed up the perfect wedding to reflect you and your significant other’s unique personalities, so make sure your party doesn’t fall flat when it comes to the wedding favor. The take-home gift is essentially one of the most important parts of any party, so make yours as sweet as possible by sending guests home with the treat that none can resist: chocolate!

Personalized Chocolate Wedding Favors

Accentuate your theme by personalizing your favors! If you’re looking for creative chocolate wedding favor idea that will fit your budget, you’ll love our Fannie May wedding chocolate bars! Select the perfect chocolate bar assortment by color or flavor; sure to complement your color scheme and satisfy the taste buds of even the pickiest guests.

Fannie May Chocolate Wedding Favors Place Setting

  • Milk Chocolate in Ruby Red
  • Caramel in Citrine Gold
  • Mint Cookie in Emerald Green
  • Crisped Rice in Amethyst Purple
  • Almond in Sapphire Blue
  • Peanut Butter in Topaz Yellow
  • Dark Chocolate in Onyx Black

Show off your beautiful favors by wrapping with a ribbon and planting at each place setting for a decorative accent and party favor in one. Make it a truly unique wedding favor by wrapping in paper printed with your names and the date.

Wedding Candy Buffet Favors

If you want to take the chocolate fun at your wedding to the next level, consider ending on a sweet note with help from our wedding candy buffet guide! By providing festive take-home containers, you can turn a regular dessert bar into a sweet activity and party favor in one.

Alternatively, you can lay out pre-filled favors, packed with irresistible confections guests are sure to love.Fannie May’s wedding specialists can help you put together the perfect 2,3, or 4 piece favor with your choice of nearly 100 different chocolates and combinations.

Fannie May Wrapped Chocolate Wedding Favors


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